Always starting, never finishing

We interrupt this blog for a breaking weather story…

View from my desk

Just now, me to Huz: “I see snow.”

Huz: “NO. No snow. It was 50 degrees earlier today. The weather report says clear for the next few days.”

Me: “See? Little white things falling from the sky. Snow.”

Huz: “No. There will be no snow. There is no snow now. There will be no more snow until next winter.”

Me: “I see snow.”

Huz: “We were just out walking the dog. There was no snow.”

Me: (pointing out window) “Honey? See, look–snow. Right there. Falling from the sky.”

Huz: “That’s not snow.”

Me: “Then the sky has a bad case of dandruff.”

(several moments go by, in which the little white things outside become bigger white things and bring lots of their friends along for the party)

Me: “Honey?”

Huz: (groans) “OK, that’s snow. But there will be no snow shovels involved this time.”

(Welcome to Canada. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging. And just as a point of clarity, the above pic was taken a month ago when there was still snow on the ground. Today, no snow on the ground…yet.)

I know it’s completely normal, but my recent case of startitis is beginning to bug even me a bit. I just can’t seem to stop. I’ve got a few knitting projects close to completion, so close that it seems almost willful of me not to finish them. I’ve got a few projects where I’ve cast on a few rows and then gotten distracted by something fuzzier/prettier/mo’ bettah.

(See? No photos because most have gone Back To The Frog Pond and have thus become Stash again. I love it when that happens. More Stash and I didn’t even have to pull out the credit card. Yay!)

Then I have a whole host of projects in the vast middle category of Unfinished Objects: at least two cardigans, one hat, two lace shawls,


Gail Nightsong by Jane Araujo (MaweLucky on Ravelry)

two pairs of mittens, and … some socks.

denmark socks

Denmark from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush

I am a bit afraid to count the unfinished sock objects.

OK, I just did, and I can only find four (unfinished) pairs…but why does it seem like there might be more, lurking in tote bags, hiding in chairside drawers?

I’m a little paranoid now. I have this sudden urge to go tearing the house apart…except that probably, really, actually…I don’t want to know.

So I’ve got a lot of projects going at once, and it’s starting to bug me.

But it’s also rather fun. There’s the lace shawl that I can only work on when I have peace and quiet (yeah, right…so that is why THAT one isn’t finished yet); there’s the Fair Isle cardigan where gauge seems to be a frame of mind, because it changes every darn time I sit down to work on it; there’s the thrummed mittens which are buckets of fun to knit, but are nonetheless languishing in a bag; there’s the bulky shocking pink hat that has been ripped out twice for not obeying my will properly; there’s the pretty cabled hoodie for Sis that I love working on but takes Too Much Thought to work on regularly, and so on.

The cuffs of Liz's CPH

The cuffs of Liz’s Green Hoodie

Interesting. When I write it all out like that, I see the common thread. All of those projects take mind powah to work on. Mind powah is a commodity in low supply around my house, particularly in the vicinity of my brain.

Most knitters in this situation would cast on for a Studip Projeck–an all-garter-stitch baby blankie, or a pair of socks without a stitch pattern, just all knitting round and round and round.

Perhaps I have not mentioned that garter stitch not only bores me to tears, it threatens to send me to the funny farm.

Perhaps I have neglected to mention that stockinette stitch will be my downfall someday–some long stretch of the back of a cardi, perhaps, or an unavoidable sleeve will send me right over the edge into truss-me-up-and-feed-me-baby-food land.

So I am always on the hunt for The Perfect Semi-Mindless Pattern–one with just a leeeettle stitch pattern action going on, enough to keep my mind from committing psychic suicide, but not so much that I actually have to use my BRAIN to keep it going.

I think I am beginning to see why the extreme startitis. I just keep starting projects over and over, hoping to hit on the right combination of soothing and stimulating.

I’m in the knitter’s psychic equivalent of that horrible state of illness where you’re too sick to leave the house, but not sick enough to sleep all the time.

Which is how Sock Project Number Four came into being last night:

Another. Pair. Of. Socks.

Another. Pair. Of. Socks.

I’m incorrigble. But at least I am consistent.

It’s been a day. I’m going to go………………spin. 🙂

(You thought I was going to say knit some socks, didn’t you?)

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Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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1 Response to Always starting, never finishing

  1. balmagowry says:

    Hey! I *thought* that spaceflower looked familiar!

    Here’s a tip: they all look kinda like that until you block them.


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