Grandma Rose died this morning at 10 AM Alabama time.

Grandma Rose, Nov 08 (and me)

Grandma Rose, Nov 08 (and me)

We knew it was coming, but it’s still hard. Nicholas and I are wandering around in shock, all the plans for the day chased out of our heads.

But Grandma Rose wouldn’t want me to have this whole post be about her-“I’m just not that interesting,” she’d say. She’d want me to talk about babies, because “babies are the future.”

I’ve decided to knit Star Light, Star Bright for Delaney, Rose’s first great-grandchild and my niece. It’s a lace blanket covered with stars from an old issue of Interweave Knits; the pattern is now free online. I don’t have a good photo of it yet, so that will have to wait–but then I don’t have the yarn yet either, so the whole project is on hold for now. Yarn is on order, so it won’t be long…

Until then, I am working on the Vintage Baby Frock for my other niece-to-be, due in August. I’ve actually made some progress, despite two rip-out sessions (if I would bother to COUNT the stitches instead of sing along with American Idol, then we might get somewhere, people).

Avery Frock, beginnings

Avery Frock, beginnings

The troll insisted on getting into the picture. Really he did. I think he wanted to show off his mighty fine ducky costume before we pack him away.

I tried to get a better picture to show you the awesome colors in the yarn…

Awesome colors

Awesome colors

But alas and alack, no go. I really need to get some better lighting setups.

Anyway, the colors are like the best raspberry-orange sherbet you have ever had. Shades of rose and pink, with touches of the orange only found in sherbet and rose bushes. In fact, this colorway reminds me of a rose I love called the Peace Rose…I think. Now I will have to go look that up and find a photo for you.

Notice the yarn containment net? It’s working beautifully. The yarn comes out that long skinny tunnel and life is good. Love It.

I’m spinning today because spinning seems to be the only thing I can really wrap my mind around, in light of Rose’s passing.

Alpaca on a Bossie

Alpaca on a Bossie

That’s royal purple alpaca sent to me by SarahW of Ravelry…from the UK, peeps. What a sweetie! And the Bosworth spindle is a gift from a secret pal, also on Rav. I think it’s a Featherweight and I’m trying to find out what kind of wood it is. But I LURVES this spindle and it only inflames my spindle lust further.

The spinning is soothing. It’s helping me to kind of just get my thoughts and feelings all nicely drafted and twisted and strongly spun together.

I was going to share a nifty cast-on with you today that I used in the Frock, but not today….words are failing me now and I just need to go and be silent … and spin …for a while.

Hug those you love. Tell someone how special they are to you. Do these things TODAY.

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  1. zaftigwendy says:

    Going to hug my kids (well, the two that are home at the moment) right now!

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