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Random Bits ‘N Smidgens

1. The house has been sold, to a young couple who seem very nice. I wish them much joy. 2. We have to be out of the house by August 31. We have been looking, but we haven’t found a … Continue reading

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Life has been full of unexpected kindnesses lately. What I show you below may seem like mere gifts (mere? what a lousy word in this context), but each gift was sent at the perfect time–in each case, a time when … Continue reading

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Jeni’s, Some Great Knitters, and Me

I am chagrined. I do not have a photo of Jeni’s Ice Cream, not the place, not the delectable food itself, not of the lovely folks who work there. But Jeni’s Ice Cream…you will always be in my heart. Thanks … Continue reading

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Busy week

It is not my highest destiny to clean the house on a daily basis. I have come to this conclusion thoughtfully, with much meditation and careful consideration of my skills, talents, and abilities. Also much vaccuuming, floor sweeping, and rearranging … Continue reading

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Delaney, the Blankie, and more progress

Admittedly, those first pics of Delaney made her look like a Baby Burrito, and you really couldn’t see much. Her parents got on the videophone to show her off and I did some screen grabs and so let’s see if … Continue reading

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