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Kissin’ Frogs

The Frog Twins would like to say this: Sometimes ya gotta kiss a lotta frogs before you find just the right frog for you. Translation? After quite an enjoyable afternoon on Toronto’s freeway system *cough* *cough* I came home without … Continue reading

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Doin’ That Crazy Thang

Knitters, spinners, weavers, quilters–we all seem to have something in common: We have lust in our hearts. Yea, verily, we do, my sistren and brethren. We see that lovely merino, we feast our eyes on a stack of hand-printed fat … Continue reading

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Good News!

We got a house! That’s the only photo I have of it for now, taken from the realty website. It’s cute as a button, has a fenced backyard for the Budster Pup, and Nicholas and I knew it was The … Continue reading

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Knitting Content? What’s That?

I’ve been so consumed with the Tour de Fleece and house-hunting that I have neglected to post anything resembling knitting content here for a while. Let’s remedy that, shall we? Progress has been made on the little Vintage Frock for … Continue reading

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The formal announcement went out yesterday: I have stepped aside as editor of It was a difficult decision for me to make, but in the end, I am very happy with the changes this will bring about in my … Continue reading

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