So what has Sandi been knitting?


Wow. Worst Photo Ever. I’ll try to get a better one today, but the light is winter-pale here, just like me 🙂

The pattern is the Holly and Ivy Scarf by Abbie Tilden, aka Abbieprime on Ravelry.

The yarn is Jennifer’s FlockSock yarn, colourway Evergreen (scroll to bottom for this particular colour), by Jennifer Vancalcar of Holiday Yarns (gwynivar on Ravelry).

The beads are Swarovski crystals. (Let me count the ways in which I love Swarovski crystals.)

The original pattern calls for embroidered French knots where I have placed beads, but c’mon. It’s me. I can’t do a French knot worth a darn–but I can add beads to anything, anywhere, in a heartbeat.

I used the crochet hook method to add the beads in order to ensure that the beads were exactly centered on the stitch they correspond to.

OK, here is an updated pic:

This winter lighting stuff is really tough to deal with. I think I might have to break down and get a special set-up of some sort for blog photos of knitting and such. I got spoiled by having that photo studio in the Interweave basement in Colorado!

Maybe I’ll do a photo tutorial on how to add the beads with a crochet hook a bit later.

Meanwhile, I love that scarf. I hope I can have it done in time for my upcoming trip to Chicago to see my family. We’re driving to avoid the holiday nightmare that is international travel at Christmastime; the drive is 9 hours versus a 13-hour travel day at best when flying, so we think driving is a no-brainer. Except for the snow and ice. Ah well. Life must have her little jokes on us.

Just for the record? I am not amused.

I don’t know exactly when we are leaving for our trip to the States, as Nicholas has informed me that he is surprising me with a stay at a bed & breakfast “somewhere between here and where your parents live.”

That’s what Nicholas considers a “hint.” My folks live about 1100 miles away. That’s a lot of bed & breakfasts. I don’t even know if the B&B stay is after we see my folks or before.

However, I do know that he asked me for a list of yarn shops and friends I wanted to visit along the way. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! What a thoughtful husband.

Today’s random photo:

Those aren’t my spindles, so I don’t know what any of them are except for the Lily in the center. The knitting is my Flower Power Shrug, and I included it today because it is beaded. The Flower Power Shrug, along with five other shrugs, is a free pattern on Knitting Daily:

So there you are. One free pattern, one glorious holiday scarf with sparklies (oooooh, shiny) and a random pretty spindle photo.

Not exactly the height of blogdom, but there you are.


Kathy and Steve Elkins of WEBS need our love and support right now. Go read this blog entry and if you have ever listened to their podcast, or bought yarn in their store, consider leaving a comment to let them know their internet family is thinking of them. They’ve done so much for the yarn community, it’s time to give back in whatever way we can.

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