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random thursday

First, a poll: Creativity is encouraged. I have a reason for asking. You’ll see. Next: A New Rav Group I have finally been convinced to host a Ravelry group for folks who follow my blogs, my writings, knit my patterns, … Continue reading

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It’s still not easy being green

Welcome! Today, I am honoured to be included as your penultimate stop on the Knitting Green Blog Tour. Grab some llama fluff and make yourself comfortable. In case the coffee has not hit yet and you don’t know what you’ve … Continue reading

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a young artist at work

This past Memorial Day weekend, I got to watch a young up-and-coming dyer practice her skills: Meet Nora. She’s seven years old, and she’s been dyeing yarn for a few years now, starting out with food-safe dyes in the kitchen, … Continue reading

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portrait of a festival

A sheep & wool festival, for the fibre-crazed amongst us, can be an almost overwhelming day or two of candy for the senses. You get home, and you feel as though you’ve been away at a really satisfying Thanksgiving celebration, … Continue reading

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summer roadtrip

Enter Summer in Ontario, stage left: Introducing: Le Monster Berry. Yup, that’s real. Not a photoshop berry, a juicy, fragrant strawberry, extra giganto-sized. Ontario has some of the richest farmland in all of Canada. The fresh vegetables and fruits here … Continue reading

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