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the last post on the last day of 2010

Dude, it is hard to get inspired to write two posts in one day, one here and one over on What’s On Sandi’s Needles? But since I get paid to do That Other Blog, I do try and update it … Continue reading


day 30, twelfth month

Today I outdid myself, chore-wise. 2 loads of laundry, and dishes. Then for some reason, I ventured down to the basement. My basement. Let me tell show you it. Why, yes, it is BRIGHT YELLOW throughout. Kinda wakes you up … Continue reading


29th day, twelfth month

It’s hard to know what to title a post when I don’t really know what the post is going to be about yet. I find that the best posts, or the best bits of posts, are those which are unplanned. … Continue reading


the 28th day-in-a-row of blogging

I’ve now written a blog post every day for four weeks solid. If you had told me a month back that I would be able to do this, I would not have believed you. Maybe it’s like anything else: You … Continue reading



(I’m going to drop the accurate-but-dull date headings. It’s the day after yesterday! Whoo!) I have a terrible weaving craving right about now. Fortunately, about a month back I had ordered yarn to weave a tote bag from Woven Treasures: … Continue reading


box(ing) day

The day after Christmas in Canada is called Boxing Day. No one is really sure what the Boxing bit refers to, but most are fairly certain that it does not mean that Canadians coast-t0-coast settle in for a day of … Continue reading


christmas day

Merry meet! I hope your day has been peaceful and full of joy. Our Christmas Eve dinner was outstanding. Nicholas made salmon molé, smoky black beans, and veggies. The cats were extremely interested in our dinner plates, because they think … Continue reading