december eighth

It’s the End of the Warp As We Know It…

And why, yes, I do feel fine. 🙂

Hee. Small music joke there.

This morning, I don’t know what the cats slipped into my coffee, but I rocked the house.

Scarves! Two long and one so short I’m not really sure it’s a scarf (the black one), fresh-cut off the loom.

Feeling particularly daring, I grabbed a load of dark laundry and threw the scarves into the washer. There was a moment there as the agitator started where I had a bit of a panic, wondering if I had just ruined a couple of weeks’ worth of weaving, but nope. Washing and drying and ironing makes woven stuff SHINE:

The short one is really darn short, so maybe it wants to be something not-a-scarf. Part of a sewn vest, perhaps?

The fabric is so soft and beautiful that I hereby ORDER and COMMAND any of you without a small loom to go find one on craigslist or ebay or wherever it is that you find such things in your area, for you must go forth and WEAVE.

Project details: Sinful Scarves

Loom: Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle, 12-dent reed.

Width in reed: 8.75″

Width with draw-in: about 7″ average (varied)

Length as measured whilst weaving (under tension): Scarf #1, 70″ (not incl. fringe); Scarf #2, 68″; Short piece, 43″.

After washing/drying/pressing:

  • Scarf 1: 65″ long (not incl. fringe) by 6.75″ wide.
  • Scarf 2: 63″ long by 6.5″ wide.
  • Short Piece: 38″ long by 6″ wide.

3 skeins sock yarn from Shameless Twist in the Magpie Moon colourways Lust (red), Gluttony (black), and Wrath (grey multicoloured). Merino/nylon blend, about 1200-1300 yards total.

  • Lust: Weft for the first two longer scarves. No yarn left over.
  • Gluttony: 40 warp ends (ten stripes of 4 each), plus weft for the third shorter piece. About twenty yards left over.
  • Wrath: 70 warp ends (nine stripes of six each, plus one stripe each side of six, plus two selvedge ends). About half a skein left over.

Warp: 6 yards, 110 ends (but it’s only 108 ends wide, as the selvedge warp ends are doubled). Very little loom waste (less than 10″). 12 ends per inch in reed.

Warping method: Back to front using single-peg winding.

Weft: 13-15 ppi, before finishing. Used stick shuttle as beater, not heddle.

Finishing: First two scarves hemstitched with double Italian hemstitching on the loom. Last piece stay-stitched on machine. Fringe cut to about 1.25″ on first two pieces, unknotted. Machine-wash warm, tumble dry 30 minutes, steam iron on wool setting.

Make sure your work is properly inspected

Box Report

In the spirit of rocking the house, I went through 2 boxes from my studio. I found some weaving yarn (hooray!), my long-lost cotton spindle, and a whack of fibre which I foresee becoming drumcarder food in the not-too-distant future.

The IKEA trip is tentatively scheduled for Friday. (Let’s not get too excited. I am sure it will be the first of many.)


Am I the only one who has a wee fear of Boxen? I’ve moved so much in my adult life that sometimes the next move came before the boxen from the last move had been opened. When I finally moved from Colorado to Canada 2+ years ago, Nicholas and I made a vow to open every single box and go through it before putting it on the moving truck to cross the border. It felt good; but it was also painful: Every now and then, I’d open a box with a “time-bomb” in it–some memory, some bit of clothing, something I’d written in an earlier, less happy time. Ouch. So now, I feel as though the bins and boxes taking up space in my studio are more enemy than friend. What will I have to face? What will I have to let go of? What if I am not ready to let go of something yet, but I can’t find a place for it in my new space?

I can be brave. After all, I’m not alone in this.

I have Tim to egg me on.

Today’s Random Good

So cute!

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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11 Responses to december eighth

  1. Suzanne says:

    Time bomb is a good phrase! You’re Not Alone on that one. I have a few boxes left that contain time bombs and I know it, so they sit. Hopefully over the holidays I’ll take a few minutes and safely deactivate them.

    I’m currently putting off learning about weaving, too, but it gets more and more appealing as time moves ever onward!


  2. naomi says:

    Beautiful scarves you’ve got, there.

    And, no, it’s not just you. Though part of my reluctance to sort through stuff now is a lack of space in which to sort.

    And I’m glad you have such a conscientious inspector/supervisor.


  3. Diane says:

    I, too, fear the boxen. Then again, there was a time when I moved every 4 months (like clockwork). I could go from a furnished apartment to completely packed in <4h. And by packed, I mean packed and loaded into the Plymouth Horizon hatchback of DOOM!

    Love the scarves sweetie. Looks like you got over your bad self and now you're set.


  4. Carole says:

    I say that the short scarf is a table/piano runner. In fact, it’s so beautiful, a whole room could be decorated around it. Soft, wonderful things don’t necessarily have to be clothing, do they?


  5. InJuneau says:

    Oh dear, bowen time bombs…we have to deal with those this year. I dread the effort.

    I think the short one would make a lovely dresser runner or some such thing. I have two dresser scarves that were woven on my second ever warp years ago (the firstest warp resulted in the pillow covers on the couch).


  6. InJuneau says:

    oops, boxen…


  7. nestra says:

    While the process may be painful; imagine how freeing it will be to have those boxes (and the fear of what may be in them) gone. You will have more room physically and emotionally.


  8. Mandy says:

    I think that short scarf would be perfect for a child.


  9. gwynivar says:

    My dear, the ‘short’ scarf isn’t a scarf… it’s a table runner for the centerpiece.


  10. Lab Cat says:

    Go through timebomb boxes can be nerve wracking, but also very cathartic.


  11. sarah says:

    I’m with nestra: you’re not the person who packed those boxes. The past is the past and you’re a different Sandi, living now and for the future. Open the boxes, look at the memories, think of what you learned from them – and let them go.


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