december ninth

The Short Bit

Tuesday‘s listing of the Projects Without End seems to have helped me break through some sort of wall. Yesterday I finished the Scarves of the Endless Warp; today I made progress on two more things. Progress feels WONDERFUL after so many weeks of feeling stuck.

I'm not stuck...I'm thinking

I want to tell you that your suggestions on what to do with the Short Black Piece were very good. Just in case not everyone reads the comments, I’ll summarize your various ideas:

  1. Use the short piece as a table runner;
  2. Make the short piece into a child’s scarf;
  3. Add a button/buttonhole or a “keyhole” so the scarf fastens around one’s neck;
  4. Give the scarf a twist and sew the ends together to make a mobius scarf.

All of those ideas were splendid, thank you; I started mulling over what the scarf wanted to be when it grew up…

…until Nicholas came home, saw the three items hanging in the kitchen, and immediately asked if he could have the black one for his very own. He wrapped it around his neck, and the result was adorableness:

So. There you have it. Decision made. Glad we have that taken care of.

The Secret Project

As I mentioned, one of the items I am knitting is for Someone Who Reads This Blog. This means I cannot post pictures of it in progress, but I can, of course, give updates which both tease and annoy.

I can also post altered pictures so you can see, but can't see at the same time

The yarn, as I mentioned, does not match. In other words, there are two colours: Let’s cleverly refer to them as One and Two. Colour One is meant to show off Colour Two and Vicey Versailles. However, Colour One doesn’t show off anything, except, perhaps, my lack of skill with colour. I swatched and it only took four rows for me to see that this paticular combination of pattern and colour was a total loser.

Yes, that is the sound of frogs you hear in the background.

The puzzling bit is that Colour One is a solid; Colour Two is a multi-hued hand paint that contains, I swear by all that is sheepy, the EXACT shade of Colour One. So, silly me, I thought they would go together.

As I discovered by Yet More Adventures In Swatching: They DO go together, they just didn’t Go Together in the particular pattern I had chosen.

Second swatch, different pattern: Worked like a charm. Don’t ask me, I am not a colour person. I just know that now, after casting on for a new thing, I am about ten percent done with The Project. Hoooo-ray!

Liz’s Hoodie

Swatching is good for one’s sense of order and discipline; however: Enough is enough. Simple is better. I have chosen a cable, and I am halfway done with one sleeve now.

Studio Update

Another day, another box. This one contained beads and wireworking supplies. I’m going to need a different sort of storage for the beads than for my yarn. And then there’s the fabrics, the polymer clay materials and tools, and what I call the mixed-media supplies, the things I create altars and small Artworks out of, with glue and paint and bits of This and grommets of That.

It’s almost as though I need a craft lab, a working lending library of supplies and tools, with worktables for things like beads that the cats will need to be kept out of…and that brings to mind another thought.

Dusty really wants to help me in the studio

With the insightful help of a friend, I discovered something today, something that should have been obvious before, but wasn’t. I don’t like working in the studio itself very much, because it is wicked-arse cold in winter, and stupifyingly hot in summer. No insulation, second floor, and for some reason the heat and A/C don’t work in there. Well, well, well. No wonder I haven’t been able to make a decent workspace in there. Must re-think my preconceptions about how I am going to use that room, then. It’s a pretty space, and maybe I can add heat or whatever…but what do I WANT?

Ah, yes. The eternal question: What do I want?

OH PLEASE. I want all kinds of things. I have no idea what I want. How about I have my people call your people?

How cold is it?

Canada. December. Single-digits (F). Cold enough to put a cat on every vent and I can prove it:

Vent 1: Dusty

Vent 2: Zoe

Vent 3: Tim (with fave toy close by)

And our snow-loving dog is curled up in front of the wood stove.

Today’s Random Good

from my pins


About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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11 Responses to december ninth

  1. Torrilin says:

    That last photo just made me stop and stare. Soooooo bright and pretty 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    Sandi, perhaps the studio is simply the place that you store your creative inspiration and all the assorted bits and bobs necessary. that’s what my little room is. I bring out what I am working on into the family area and then take it back into the room to get it away from the cats. My looms are out in the great room – but all the yarns and tools stay in my little room until I need them.

  3. Lynn says:

    I love the cats-on-vents. Love! Although I will suggest that perhaps the craft room would be warmer if there were no cats on the vents? But wait, you don’t allow the cats in the craft room, right? So, maybe the cats just soak up all the heat from everywhere in the house through just three vents. You know, because they are Cats, Hemi-Demi-Semi-Gods/Goddesses in Disguise.

  4. stitchesandwords says:

    Looks like progress on all, or anyhow many, fronts. I haz a happee to see that 🙂

    Also, nine solid days of blooging: well done, keep going!

  5. Naomi says:

    Love the Random Good. And the evidence of feline vent-sitting.

    Any chance you could put a space heater in the craft room?

  6. GeniaKnitz says:

    Love your blog.
    And your cats! If Dusty disappears, do not come looking in my house. No, no, no

  7. NancyN says:

    Love what you decided for the hoodie for Liz. So simple and the hearts are now the focal point. Good job (IMHO)

  8. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for posting the stained glass picture; it’s breathtaking. Glad you’re making progress on the projects and found a home for the short scarf. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but I find it helpful when faced with overwhelming projects to tell myself, “Don’t think. Don’t think too much. Just start.” Wrap this package; don’t think about the gajillion left to wrap. Chop this vegetable; don’t think about the next four steps in the recipe. Maybe that will help with the boxes?

  9. donna lee says:

    I haz cats on vents, too. Where else are they supposed to sit (except maybe on the clean laundry, fresh out of the dryer)? It’s not Canada here but it’s sure cold.

  10. InJuneau says:

    I LOVE that N. decided the short scarf was perfect for him. It looks great on him too!

  11. Tamara says:

    I LOVE Pinterest! I’ve been wanting a more satisfactory (read “visual”) way to keep my bookmarks of things inspiring/yummy/gorgeous (like that fantabulous pic of the stained glass spiral).

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