december twelfth

In which the IKEA man takes over the world…or at least just our house

A trip to IKEA, if one purchases something, isn’t just an afternoon: It can turn into a multi-day adventure. Because of course, you can’t just merely SHOP, you must get the stuff home, and then, once it is home, you must Follow The Instructions.

You know that little IKEA man in the instructions? He’s so cute.

Yeah, him. N. and I spent the day with him today, putting together a desk. (Note that I said “a desk,” not “the desks.” There is still one more desk left to assemble. Thus, the hell continues tomorrow.)

We began with great optimism and hope. We’re making our lives better through real furniture! Yay!

We dutifully counted and laid out all the screws and bolts and whatever-they-ares.

And eventually, after a few hours of this-goes-there

and hey-hon-give-me-four-of-those-white-things, we ended up with a desk.

We only had to take things apart twice, once because I had gotten the size of the screws wrong (small versus extra small; clearly, the IKEA man is unforgiving if you get the size of the screws wrong), and once because we had the front and the back of something confused. I mean. The instructions are so clear. How could anyone be confused?

It turns out that there is a whole Internet subculture about that little IKEA man and his oh-so-muddling instructions. Who knew?

IKEA man: How to make meth

Or, when IKEA Man turns his scientific powers to good to make a hadron collider.

Or, IKEA Man using his powers for not-so-good:

There are IKEA LOLcats.

There’s an IKEA fandom site. (Complete with forums. Not kidding.)

And on and on. Google it, and don’t forget to look through Google Images.

My favourite, however, were these photos by Carl Kleiner, photos taken for an IKEA cookbook.





Gah. Look at me. I’m so deep into the IKEA mindset that all I can do is show you pictures of how my day went.

#1098775 (1)

#1098777 (1)

#1098776 (2)

The furniture has been moved around, the house has been vacuumed, and we’re all exhausted. (I promise I’ll try to do more than post photos tomorrow.)

Today’s Random Good

A company that doesn’t take itself too seriously; a company that knows the best marketing is HUMAN marketing.

IKEA ad campaign...

...and a German IKEA ad

Laughter is a serious good.

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5 Responses to december twelfth

  1. Naomi says:

    Heee, I like the OOPS.

    And the pics of your housemates.

  2. Purlista says:

    I laughed out loud today. Thanks for that. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post too. So glad you’re blogging daily – I look forward to every new post, even though I don’t say much..

  3. Liz says:

    rearrangement of the furniture is such a traumatic experience for the supervisory horde. You’ll be old hands at furniture assembly before long, and then you probably won’t need to do more than glance at the diagrams 😉

  4. Carole says:

    I LOVE Ikea!!! And, yes, putting those pieces together really is an all-day venture. But keep the result in mind. What a BEAUTIFUL desk!! Love and hugs!

  5. gwynivar says:

    I think I made that German one once…

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