christmas eve

’twas the day before christmas…

After I got out of the shower this morning, I heard the sounds of Kitchen Doings downstairs. Gathering the troops together–it is always a parade wherever I go in this house; this time the parade was two cats in the lead, then myself, then Dog–we went downstairs to discover Nicholas laying out the supplies for a day of cookie-baking. I’d seen so many photos of deliciously decorated treats on the Twitter that I didn’t want to be left out of the fun.

Tim didn’t want to be left out, either, of course.

Today, I’m going to blog-as-I-go, pausing to blog for a bit, then going back to my day…then coming back to blog again.

11:30 AM

Coffee has been made and slowly consumed. Breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and nuts has been eaten, with Tim helpfully licking my bowl clean.

The first round of Ravelry posts has been read; Twitter has been checked. Dressed and more or less ready to cope, it’s time for cookie baking.

We mixed up a batch of sugar cookies, and put that in the fridge to chill. Then came a double batch of gingerbread cookies; those went in the fridge, too.

Things were going just ducky until we were rolling out the first batch of sugar cookies. One simple statement–”I’ll get the coloured sprinkles”–led to an hour or more of tearing the cupboards apart in search of coloured sugar, coloured candies, food colouring, anything we could put on the poor cookies to holiday them up.

The results of our search?

The Evil that is Smarties

One, tiny, itty bitty fun-sized box of Smarties, which here is Canada is not the same candy as Smarties in the U.S. In the U.S., Smarties are sort of a sweet/tart flat disc candy, sold in rolls. Here, they are a coated chocolate candy resembling M&M’s…only somehow more evil.

After a half-hour of trying not to have to go to the store, we went to the store. We did try valiantly not to, however. We found a box of Easter-egg colouring packets, food-safe goop which we attempted to mix with sugar to make our own coloured sprinkles.

Note jaunty red Smartie in pride of place

Pastel Christmas Trees. Nice, but not really my style.

The store was not as bad as we expected it to be. However, I did discover that zombies have infiltrated our fair town. One of them, an older woman, was rolling her cart in the same direction as we were. I stopped to get out of the traffic stream for a moment, and she turned and looked directly at me, eye contact, focussed gaze, the whole thing. Then she whipped her cart around and came straight at me. STRAIGHT. AT. ME…glaring at me the entire time. Inside my head (at least I hope it was only inside my head) I meeped: “A zombie! Run!” and I got out of her way just in time.

That granny was going to ram me with her cart. Her perfectly empty cart, in the middle of the crowded store, in the middle of Christmas Eve shopping madness.

The ramming, plus the empty cart, told me she was a zombie. I mean. Zombies don’t need to grocery shop. They want to put YOU in their carts, see.

I:45 PM

The first batch of sugar cookies, suitably sprinkled, is in the oven. Nicholas is playing laser-pointer tag with the kitties; the dog is chasing whatever the cats are chasing. It’s painfully obvious that the dog isn’t terribly clear on this part of the game.

Poor Buddy. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s a Katrina survivor, lost a leg as a result of injuries sustained in the flooding…and he’s, well…he’s what you might call a Special Needs Dog. We’re not sure how much Special he really Needs, because this is the first dog we’ve had and we don’t know what’s normal.

However, I read this blog entry by our favourite funny person Allie the other day, and I could not believe what I was reading.

Her simple-minded dog and Buddy were separated at birth.

My Dog

Allie's Dog

So Nicholas and I tried one of the dog intelligence tests she talks about, the one where you put a blanket over the dog and see how long it takes them to get out from under it.

Buddy walked around the room with it covering his head and body, bumping into things, for about 30 seconds. Then, he bowed his head, as though he thought he was being punished. And he stayed that way, completely motionless, head covered and bowed, for a full minute…before he sank down to a crouch on the floor. Still Under The Blanket.

Nicholas and I just stared at each other, our mouths in big O’s of shock…O’s as in, OMG. Our beloved dog is dumb as a rock.


3:24 PM

All cookies are baked and cooling.

Gingerbread reindeer, stars, maple leaves, and fairies

We haven’t decorated them yet, but dude, I am a wussly padawan at this holiday baking stuff, and my feet and legs are tired. Taking a blogging break; Nicholas is kindly preparing some crackers and cheese to tide us over until dinner.

I’m amusing myself by checking the NORAD Santa Tracker. This NORAD holiday tradition ought to have been yesterday’s Random Good, so that you all could have seen it in time to follow it for more than just a little while. It’s fascinating, a completely lovely use of modern technology to make children (young and old) feel wonder at the size of our world, and to feel amazement at the magic of the story of Saint Nicholas.

4:51 PM

The local Anglican pastor just delivered some goodies. We’re not Anglican; we’ve never been to a church service. But the church is across the street, and she’s been here for tea, and she has short brown hair with a wide pink streak in it, so she’s our kind of folk. She wants me to show her how to spin someday.

Oh, and Santa, according to NORAD, is delivering presents in Sudan just now. Go Santa!

5:38 PM

The post is written; the pictures are placed. Nicholas is in the kitchen making salmon molé for dinner with care. I’m thinking I’d like to knit, or spin, for a while before dinner. We’ll eat, and then watch the Star Wars marathon (or part of it, anyways). Last year, we watched the Star Trek Movie Marathon and it was a blast…

Peace, and Joy, and so very much Gratitude and Love to you all, my internet family. Thank you for letting me spend this Wintertide with you, each day.

Today’s Random Goodies

Sandi’s Christmas Advice, or How To Enjoy Everything When Everyone Around You Is Insane (click on pics to embiggen):

Hold a tiny person in your lap for a bit

Let out the Jolly. (click if you can't see what I mean)

Let someone with a lot of hair on his face kiss you. Just once.

Dress up in your fanciest bestest clothes.

Eat something tasty. (Maybe several somethings.)

Surround yourself with what you love

Open your eyes...and maybe you really will see Santa after all

Take a nap if you can

And for heaven's sake...don't forget to open the flue!

Joy to you all, this night, and every night.

P.S. Technically, I said I would write every day during Advent. Advent ends tonight at midnight. I’ve decided to keep going with the daily blogging for a while, maybe until Twelfth Night. I hope you don’t mind.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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13 Responses to christmas eve

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Sandi,

    Merry Christmas! I’m going to share this with Neal–he’ll enjoy your zombie encounter.


  2. Lu says:

    Happy Christmas Sandi,
    I hope you and the gang have a lovely, warm and peaceful holiday. I also hope 2011 rocks! Lu

  3. karen says:

    MMMMM How I miss Smarties! M&M’s just don’t quite do it. I certainly do not miss ZOMBIES in the grocery store on Christmas Eve though…
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Jerri says:

    I have enjoyed the daily blogs and I hope you continue.

  5. Janise says:

    Ooohh! Wonderful – daily blogs aren’t going to end just because Christmas is here!! It’s a wonderful Christmas present for all of us just to have had the daily blogs for December but we’ll certain enjoy them as long as they last.

  6. molly says:

    don’t mind at all! and don’t worry about your little dog-person being a sandwich short of a picnic…he’s got lots of love to give – and that’s waaaaay more important than smarts!
    merry christmas!
    and thank you for all the posts

  7. Lynn says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Nicholas (and alllll the animals)! I’m here at my parents, eating Christmas cookies, knitting a sock, and reading Rav on-line – I love this modern age!

  8. stitchesandwords says:

    … and to all a good night 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh what fun it is… Sandi, I feel like part of your family. Thank you for sharing.
    PS My dog is smarter than I am. It is a lot more work!

  10. Pat says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Am loving your blog! My DH sometimes beats me to finding your posts. He enjoys them as much as I do. The pictures are great but the ones on todays post beat all. My favorite is “llama kisses”. We RV’ed for 10 years, working for our sites. One of the best jobs was care taking llamas (started with 3/ended with 5), 11 goats and 29 chickens. My favorie llama was Snowflake. She frequently gave kisses and nuzzled your neck/face. She would blow on you to get your attention if she thought you were ignoring her. The picture reminds me how much I miss her! Thanks for reminding me of the pleasant memory.
    I have an espinner because I have a huge amount of her fiber that I will learn to spin and then knit into ??????.
    Keep up the blogs, PLEASE. Wish you still did Knitting Daily.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Naomi says:

    Mind?!? Why on earth would we mind?

    I wouldn’t want to miss my aunt’s annual crepe cake, but your salmon mole is intriguing.

  12. GinkgoKnits says:

    I once gave my childhood dog an IQ test. He scored “ocassionally clever” which was a perfect description. He was as sweet and gentle as he was furry so he didn’t need to be smart. My current/second dog is very clever but that seems to prevent him from being as happy-go-lucky. None of this matters much as they’re all deserving of a loving home.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  13. Becky says:

    I’ll be glad to see more blog entries.

    Merry Christmas to you and N. and the furkids!

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