monday, with bow ties

Let’s just start with the hat.

That’s yours truly, obviously, and I’m wearing a woolly hat. INDOORS.

Any questions?

(-28C with windchill this morning when we left the house. One walks outside one’s door, and one loses one’s power of intelligible speech. Gaaa.  GaaaaAAAAaaaaa. GAAAAAAAAAAA.)

Clothes Do Not Make The Doctor…but they sure help

Nicholas occasionally gets asked to give a talk on his research at various institutions all over the U.S. and Canada. (But not in Hawai’i…why not? Hawai’i, what gives? We feel slighted here.) I refer to these jaunts as his “Dr. Big Brain Gigs.”

This week, he is off to California to U.C. Merced, where the high is a blazing 60F. This temperature report led to mulling over wardrobe choices, for the young Dr. C wishes to look as snazzy as his research findings. Over the years, we’ve bought a selection of Nice Shirts; there have been Artsy Neckties and Jazzy Belts procured.

This Christmas, after several hours of a Doctor Who marathon, I purchased a purple and green paisley bow tie for Dr. N. (“Bow ties are COOL!” proclaims the newest telly Doctor, played by Matt Smith, who reportedly had to convince the entire wardrobe department and production staff of this fact until they broke down and let him wear one onscreen. The braces (“suspenders”) were also his idea, and are also proclaimed “cool” in one script. End Doctor Who trivia.)

Matt Smith as Doctor Who

This led to a couple of hours on Sunday of YouTube instruction in how to tie a bow tie, with Nicholas turning to me every ten minutes with “How does THIS look? Still wonky on that side?” or “OK, now look. This is better…right? Tell me it’s better.” (The video is all the more awesome due to the gent’s lovely Southern accent.)

About halfway through yesterday, I asked about Pants. You know, those garments that cover the lower half of one’s body? Yep. Those. Nicholas gaped at me, then went upstairs and came back dressed in snazzy shirt, slightly askew bow tie, and dress pants.

He looks at me. I look at the pants. He looks at the pants. I look at him. He looks back at me.

The pants are two sizes too small, and end somewhere around his ankle bones.

Nicholas’s last growth spurt was twenty years ago. I think that’s also when he last gained weight. The pants have shrunk. Somehow.

Regardless: He could not wear those shrinky-dinked pants to a fancy Dr. Big Brain Gig.

It is ten minutes to two PM on Sunday. Nicholas’s flight to California leaves Monday AM. The mall is 30 minutes away. It closes at 5 PM.

45 minutes later, we are in The Bay, looking at dress pants. 45 minutes after THAT, we are walking out of The Bay with two pairs of lovely pants in a bag.

On the way out, I carefully say, “Got everything else you need?” Him: “Yep.” Me: “Belt?” Him: “Yup.” Me: “Shirts?” Him: “Yup. Plus, I have my cool bow tie.”

There will be Hair Product in use during the Dr. Big Brain Gig

By that time, we were at the car, so we headed for home so he could pack and I could hem the pants.

We eat dinner, I get out my sewing stuff and ask him to put on his dress shoes so I can judge the length properly. “Dress shoes?” says my cute Doctor.

Thirty minutes later, the house has been searched and the dress shoes are most definitely absent without leave.

It is now ten minutes to nine PM on Sunday; exactly twelve hours before the flight leaves.

He looks at me. I look at him. We both look at each other and say, “No. No. No. NO” a few times, just to get the denial out of our systems.

He looks at the Walmart website to see how late they are open, because that’s the only store in town with even a hope of dress shoes on Sunday night. Walmart is open till 10 PM.

By 10 PM, we are home with a pair of shiny Walmart dress shoes. Not to mention a roll of iron-on hemming tape. We are up past eleven hemming and ironing and packing, oh my.

I’m not even going to go into the 2.5-hour round-trip to the airport this morning. The airport which is 20 minutes away on a slow day. The snowstorm on the way there. The closed freeway where they didn’t tell anyone it was closed until we all arrived at the freeway onramps.

Oh, yes, and the minus 28 degrees C windchill temps the whole time.

He missed his flight. (He was able to get a later flight. Yay!)

But all of that pales in the light of this one fact: The dude can totally rock that darn paisley bow tie.

Week Three of Deep Winter Gladness Giveaways!

Since my Sunday and most of today has been eaten by the trip goblins, I am a little behind in my giveaway preparations. However, I do have this to go to some lucky denizen of the depths of January:

Meg Swansen’s Knitting: 30 Designs for Hand Knitting. (Lest you think you are depriving me of such a wonderful book: Somehow I have ended up with two copies. I’ll keep the one Zoe chewed on, how’s THAT for generosity?)

This is a pretty amazing book, even if you never knit a single one of the wonderful sweaters in it. Meg covers a little family history, several cast-on methods, corrugated ribbing, several bind-offs, steeks, hems, several I-cord techniques, buttonholes…it’s really Meg’s primer on sweater-knitting, with the sweaters thrown in as examples of various different styles and techniques.

Yoke sweaters. Cardigans. All-over stranded colourwork. Vests. Cables. Stockings with Form-fitted Arches.

I just looked this up, and it’s going for $71 in some places. Crazy town, but worth every penny.

This could be yours, straight from the Wiseheart Library, with all the wacky knitting juju your heart can hold. Just leave a comment on THIS post no later than midnight Thursday, Jan. 20. I’ll do the random number thing and announce the winner on Friday, Jan. 21. (Complete guidelines here, but post your entry comment on THIS post, Mon. Jan. 17.)

Will the Deep Winter Fairy have a second goodie to give away as she has had in prior weeks? What do YOU think? (My stash is deep. My stash is wide. Just sayin’.)

Random Good

Facial expressions without price:


Photo of HHDL waving to the audience before his teachings in ... on Twitpic

Bonus: Random Weird

Can’t make this stuff up, people.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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113 Responses to monday, with bow ties

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh, no!! I’m the first commenter! Everyone KNOWS the first commenter never wins!

    Pout, pout

    Anyway–glad the shopping turned out well and that Sir N will enjoy his time in the warm weather!

  2. Kathy says:

    So happy you are home safely and Sir N off to his gig.

    As I’ve said before, I so look forward to your posts. They are the most wonderful “one of a kind”, as is their author. And, of course, I want in this drawing too!!

  3. Andrea Lawson says:

    Glad to hear he was able to get on a plane, even if it was not the one he meant to be on! Hope he and his rockin’ bow tie knock ’em dead!

  4. janet says:

    Oh man. That book – I just cut my first steek tonight, and it’s Meg Swansen’s fault.

    And yes, Dr. N can rock the paisley bow tie.

  5. Kassia says:

    You are so generous to your blog readers!! Love it! 🙂

  6. Dianne says:

    Glad you got the wardrobe sorted and beat the snow. We’re expecting a cyclone to hit any time soon (in the middle of summer) down here in the south. Where did you say the sun was shining.

  7. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    I’d love to have this book if only for the steeking instructions. I’ve yet to work up the courage to steek, but perhaps with Meg Swanson backing me up…

    BTW#1 We’re pretty laid back fashionwise here in the Bay Area, so that bow tie probably would have worked with jeans and loafers. But let’s not tell anybody, ok?

    BTW#2 I do not want to see that dude coming at me (or my stash) with knitting needles!

  8. april says:

    i love this post! i feel like i have been in your shoes trying to pack everything one needs for a big trip somewhere and of course, at the last minute you remember a very important item you have to have, but are out of time. and when you have to pack for kids the forgotten items double and triple. oh well, life goes on. i think he rocks that bow tie, too!

    i would love to dive in your stash! I’m just sayin’

  9. We missed the snow, missed this flood, the sun is out and it is 52° F. This is OREGON! You seem to have stolen our winter! I want it back!

  10. Barbara says:

    Sandi, he completely rocks the bow tie.

  11. Julie says:

    I love your hat – very pretty colors. Of course that has nothing to do with my LOVING all things green, nah. All that cold is coming our way eventually… ice storm tomorrow. I’ll take the cold and the snow over the ice, any day. Let’s keep reminding ourselved every day is one day closer to spring!

    So I am not the only one with a book biting cat. Zoe’s biting made me laugh. Back in my college days I had borrowed my prof’s manual to check my work and was horrified to discover that while my back was turned Sully had bitten through the entire manual in several places. When returning it my prof laughed and said he thought he might have given it to me that way since he had a crazy cat.

    You are amazingly generous. Also, loved your random weird today. Wonder what he planned to do with those stolen needles?

  12. Jennifer says:

    It’s cold here in Ottawa too. As we told a couple of friends new to Canada from Africa – this is about as bad as it gets. Stay warm!

  13. nestra says:

    I have the book but I just wanted to say that he can indeed rock the paisley tie!

  14. Ba says:

    Ooooh, I would love to have that book! And your hubby looks Teh Handsome!

    I really do enjoy reading all of you posts. Many thanks for the Deep Winter Fairy….

  15. Mireille says:

    Sir N does look snazzy in the bow tie, but my primary comment is about your eyewear. I love your glasses!
    Sorry about the horrifying wind, way worse than regular cold.

  16. Nancy N says:

    oh my I was just looking at that book on the internets yesterday. Love the bow tie look too!

  17. Sara GL says:

    Oh, my, I would really love to win this book! Thanks for offering all these giveaways to amuse your readers. AND thanks for your great entries – they never fail to amuse, cause unending laughter, tears, or smiles etc. What a gift for writing you have…

  18. Carrie says:

    Love it! This sounds like an episode of my life!! I’m knitting fearlessly these days — a pair of half-stranded toe up socks — in purple and orange!

  19. Valerie in San Diego says:

    Nicholas totally rocks the bow tie. You get extra points for Doctor Who refs. You knows we loves us some Dr Who!

  20. Naomi says:

    It’s a nice hat, at least…

  21. Rosemary says:

    Yay for bow ties, pants that fit, and dress shoes. Boo for missed flights and sub-zero temperatures.

    My DH keeps coming home with interesting holes in the legs of his dress pants (worn nearly every day), which necessitate painful trips to the mall to replace the damaged pants. According to him, I’m prejudiced against holes. I just don’t want him looking sloppy in front of other lawyers.

  22. Barbara Almen says:

    The book looks wonderful. You are most generous!

  23. I would LOVE to win the book. Really really love it. I’ll even take the pre-chewed version, because my kitty will get to it eventually anyway.

    Your post struck a chord (as usual), as I have had the same escapades with my beloved husband more than once. In fact, Saturday I frog-marched him to the store to get a sports coat he “doesn’t need” as Thursday we played the “does this look OK?” game with a jacket that was easily 4 sizes too big.

    Enjoy your several days of being a single gal again. We’ll take care of N while he’s here on the sunshiny coast.

  24. Julliana says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway. I’d love to win. Thanks for your blog…I love it!

  25. maureenC says:

    I just started a sweater in the round, and will be doing my very first steek very soon. And I just love the current Dr. Who.

  26. Pat says:

    Hi Sandi,
    Hats inside – been there done that! Warmer weather will come! Love Sir N’s bow tie – especially the color and design. Looks great on him. As I scrolled down your post and saw “llama”, I thought oh good – more llama pictures. Just not the type that I thought I would see. 🙂
    Used to own that book but we RV’d for 10 years and there was no room for most of my books. Gave it to a knitter friend who had drooled over it .
    Stay warm and take care. Enjoyed your blog.

  27. Laura says:

    Love the bow tie.

    I wish you cozy fires and warm pets on your lap (or near you, if your lap is full of knitting). Hope you find ways to stay warm.

  28. molly says:

    lama/llama – lovely, peaceful, joyful faces both of them…
    if this cold weather hangs on (and here’s hoping it doesn’t) maybe the next step is fingerless gloves in the house…
    and i once took all five kids on a bus trip to visit my parents, only to arrive and discover that i had NO CLOTHES WHATSOEVER for the youngest…no wonder he’s turned out the way he has! heh heh

  29. Cynthia Falk says:

    I have the book but I love your blog so i will leave a comment!

  30. KrisS says:

    Sandi, whatever tips your Doctor takes from Matt Smith, please remind him: Fezzes are NOT cool.

  31. Barbara G. says:

    You are a very good spouse! And Sir N. looks very professional for a Dr. Big Brain event!
    You may be surprised to know that today in Northern Nevada (which should still be covered in snow) broke a record for heat: 65F!! But, I am still knitting hats and mitts, the snow will come back I’m sure!
    Your hat is beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for keeping the blog on going, I love reading it every day that you post! Thanks!

  32. Rachel says:

    Sir N totally rocks the bow tie — and you rock the hat.

    I know those trips to the mall. and re-trips to the mall.

    I finally made a packing checklist so I could mark off everything as I got ready for a trip.

    As for the book…. steeks scare me silly. Maybe with that book at hand I might manage. Someday. But anything Meg Swansen writes is sure to be something I will learn from.

    Love the Random Goods!

  33. GailR says:

    Sir Dr. N looks great with the tie – and the cat and the Dali Lama do look similar.
    As for the book – oh I would so love a copy.

  34. tallfran says:

    Hope Sir N. wows them in Merced! Don’t get too cold while he’s away; I know you and Buddy and the kitties and the rest of the critters will miss him like crazy.

    I’d love to add the book to my library! And I was so intrepid as to actually knit on my Estonian lace project at my LYS knit night this evening, which can be (and was) pretty rowdy.

  35. Genie says:

    Look forward every day to reading about what’s happening in your world. Would love to have Meg’s book. Knitting Without Tears by her mom made me a fearless knitter many years ago.

  36. Vicki says:

    Oh my…….I hate those too exciting days when you just don’t want THAT kind of excitement!.

    Umm, I see nothing unusual about wearing a hat in the house…I wear all kinds of things in the house (and lots of them) because I get cold easily. At least it is a beautiful hat to wear!

    Snow…anyone who wants it can have our snow.(and our cold). I’m way over being delighted to see it though luckily our snow is finally melting. It has only been here for 10 days now…a bit long for snow in Atlanta, Georgia!
    . I hope the Big Brain event is going well and you are enjoying yourself.

  37. Chris says:

    Sounds hectic! Love your hat.

  38. georg says:

    I’m glad you remembered the shoes. Jazz would have arrived sans shoes, and not remembered until he got there. His last gig like that, I had to run out for soap. And then he made me watch him pack. Silly man. He’s perfectly capable!

  39. Jekka says:

    Sir N is definitely rocking the bow tie. My SO last wore one for our wedding, and I was waiting nervously while he and his sister tried to remember how to tie it (it was definitely the right choice with his dress kilt).

  40. Wendy says:

    Oh, the Deep Winter Fairy comes up with such wonderful goodies!

    I commend you on your fortitude in getting hubby dressed – 2 trips out in such cold weather is nothing to sneeze at. (Pun intended.) And the freeway was closed down but flights still left? I think I would have stayed home. But then he wouldn’t have gotten to wear the bow-tie. I totally understand that.

  41. Suzie says:

    As everyone says, he definitely looks great in the paisley bow tie. I also love your stories of packing – they remind me of my own struggles getting various family members where they need to be with the appropriate gear. You and Sir. N. both rock!

  42. Karen says:

    One thing I do not miss about the GTA….Traffic jams!! This really has nothing to do with knitting…unless you are the one not driving and have brought your knitting with you, ahhh 2 hours of nothing to do but knit.

    Enjoyed your post brought back memories, of getting husband dressed for meetings.

  43. MsVicki says:

    You’re rockin’ the look with that hat, himself is rockin’ the snazzy bowtie… what a smashing young couple you are!

  44. Niki Steckler says:

    Sandi, I’ve been reading every word of yours I could find for quite a while now, but am more shy about posting comments. Your generous Deep Winter Kindness offering tipped me over the brink and here I am posting…

    And, while I’m here, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve been sharing over the past weeks about your experience of writing. I thought about your postings as I ebbed and flowed in writing down my reflections to share with my students online. I loved your unpacking of how the process works for you, and reflection on what you’ve learned from your experiment with daily blogging. Something about how you’ve described your experience made me think you might enjoy one of my favorite books, Herminia Ibarra’s “Working Identity,” which talks about how experimenting with new possibilities leads to desired transitions more surely than trying to figure it all out inside your head before you act.

    And I think that’s one of the many things that keeps me coming back to your writings– you put into words the experience of your experiments with knitting, with humor and wisdom and grace, and I (alongside thousands of others) get the experience of a kindred spirit knitting and experimenting alongside me. Thank you thank you thank you!

  45. GinkgoKnits says:

    I’d love a copy of Meg’s book. I’m currently having a bit of a knitting storage crisis as I got so many knitting books for Christmas that they no longer fit on the only empty shelf in the house. No room for more bookcases so I’m going to have to cull the fiction. Such a wonderful problem to have!

  46. Donna Cooper says:

    Wow, is it ever cold there. I’m in Georgia, and we had snow last week and the whole state stopped working. We don’t know how to handle that stuff in the south. Too bad you didn’t go with Sir N on his trip. You could have thawed out. Would love to have Meg’s book. Anything she does is great.

  47. Marilyn S says:

    Dear Deep Winter Fairy,
    I’ve always wanted to own one of Meg’s books.

    P.S. I loved the video about tying a bow tie. That accent was cool. 😉

  48. justsocks says:

    Wow, that’s really cold, -28°C…

    I’m glad you two managed to get N. to fly out more or less in time – and fully clothed 🙂

  49. Margo says:

    How fortunate Walmart was open and had the shoes as well. I wouldn’t have been so lucky. Walmart open-yes, shoes-no.

  50. Rosknit says:

    I would even like to have the chewed copy of Meg’s book! enjoyed reading about the outfitting of Sir N.

  51. Shirley says:

    Funny post to us but I am sure not to you and Sir N in your effort to get all of the clothing he needed for his trip. Your driving trip with ramps closed sounds like us last week during one of our worst ice storms. Stay safe!

  52. Dawn in NL says:

    Hi Sandi,

    That book looks like it would banish the winter woes. Good find for the Deep Winter Fairy.

    I agree Sir N’s bow tie is cool! As always I loved your post.

    Dawn in NL

  53. Annie Bee says:

    Sir N certainly DOES rock the heck out of that bow tie. But please, Sandi, don’t tell my father — he’s been sporting a black bow tie with little pink piggies all over it for about 20 years now, whenever he thinks an occasion calls for dressiness. We have so far prevented him from wearing it to funerals and the like, but if he ever learns that bow ties have the potential for cool… I shudder to think what might happen.

  54. stitchesandwords says:

    Sir N.’s got both MS’s bow tie, and a little of DT’s hair going there. Completely awesome Doctor homage, and he looks very sharp 🙂

  55. Amy P says:

    Loving the bow tie. Bow ties *are* cool! 😀

  56. Pat says:

    Re: Bonus randomness: How do you find that stuff? I love it! Throw the book at the bum, stealing someone’s knitting! Excessive cruelty. Just don’t throw that knitting book at him.

    I understand the craziness of helping get a man out the door. Great job! Great tie!
    Stay warm.

  57. BarbR says:

    Love to hear I am not the only one last minute good clothes problems.

  58. humblebee says:

    I would love to win a copy of the Meg Swansen book – v. generous!

  59. lazykaty says:

    lovely with the bow-tie. And I would love the book, too.

  60. NancyN says:

    Love the blog, love the bow tie, love Tim’s expression, and love the chance to win that fabulous book!

  61. Audrey says:

    love the bow tie video! looks like magic.

  62. CR says:

    Poor guy. I would have given him some needles if he wanted them that badly.

    My husband is totally into bow ties. I’ve made him a couple and he has bought a few too. He wears one almost every day to work! And… he is a DrWho fan too. I am pretty sure he will not get into fez wearing, though (fingers crossed anyway!).

    Fantastic giveaway prize BTW! Thank you! (I would take the chewed one, no questions asked!)

  63. Kate says:

    Sadly — for every man who can rock the bowtie, there are many more who can’t and shouldn’t…lol, my DH has a little collection that he tries on whistfully every so often (and a similar collection of hats…). Hope the Big Brain event went well.

  64. Simone says:

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your stash–as well as your knitting knowledge and wonderful personality!

  65. Deb says:

    Love your blog. Hope Dr. Nick made it home safe. Would love the book and thank you for the generosity.

  66. Castiron says:

    Bow ties are totally cool.

    And this story reminds me of how much I miss the packing list program that was on my old Palm; I still haven’t found an iOS program that works as well and as simply.

  67. InJuneau says:

    Finally, you Canadians have take back your weather; thank you. Weeks (or at least it seemed like weeks) of sub-freezing with 80MPH gusts and -30 with windchill is too much. Now we have snow and warming, which may not be much better for the garage.

    Anyway…love the hat, and I’m thankful that my DH doesn’t have to dress up for anything; it might not be that bad at our house if he did, but it would be as traumatic I suspect.

  68. Dorothy says:

    That IS a rockin’ pasiley bow tie! Glad you got home safe and sound.

    The book looks like the perfect thing to mull over when you feel like being ABOUT knitting, without actually knitting!

  69. Lynne says:

    Sir N rocks with or without the bowtie (although it does add another layer of cool).

    And you deserve mega credit too, for making sure he shows up at his gig appropriately attired (sometimes these Big Brains have trouble with the small stuff – I laughed out loud when I read “dress shoes?” and knew exactly what was going through your mind!)

  70. Linda Hagen says:

    I would love it! And I even have a kitty who can give it matching chew marks? Alright, its an big overweight cat, but she can still chew.
    And I love all things EZ and Meg

  71. MelanieF says:

    You’re right – Sir N definitely rocks the bow tie.

    Now dish on the hat patten – I love it!

  72. LizzyA says:

    Did I mention in my last comment that my knitting resolution this year is to knit a FairIsle something?? Boy, would this book be helpful.

    Around our house it’s t-shirts and jeans with sneakers. We would be in big trouble if we needed anything else. (He does have a Jerry Garcia tie but it would look kinda silly with a t-shirt) I hate to tell you but in California he could get away with t-shirt and jeans…just sayin…

  73. RichelleCK says:

    Oh, now this one? This one I would love to win!!! Desperately love it! I really need Meg to help me with my corrugated ribbing!!! She would, too, considering how lovely she was at Sock Summit! 🙂

  74. RichelleCK says:

    Oh, dang! I also meant to ask about that hat pattern. Which one is it?

  75. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for having the giveaway! Regarding the stolen knitting needles article: I bet he was starting a new sweater and just knit a gauge swatch. To his dismay, he was going to have to go up a size and he didn’t bring any other needles! He sees the needles he needs in a locked car. Madness ensues…

  76. marianne hurley says:

    Too funny – as part of a couple who do not live/work in the dress clothing world, boy can I relate to this! We have experienced similar last, last, last minute panics at almost every dress occasion in our 41 years together….. There just aren’t that many dress occasions in our lives so we tend to forget about those clothing items. Really made me laugh, never really thought about other folks living through similar sagas. Thanks for sharing

  77. Wyldchai says:

    Glad to hear he’s rockin’ the bowtie for his BigBrain gig. Also glad that the weather did not defeat his flight. That book looks amazing. Shoot, you might end up with the winner asking to have the cat chewed copy! After all, Zoe is a moderately famous cat 🙂 My cats would find it hilarious if I got a copy of a book that had been “pawtographed” by another feline.

  78. Debbie B says:

    That was a wonderful story! I almost lost my soda at one point but as the story, I too had a happy ending! Guys can be amazing at times, but he sounds like a real keeper! I would love to win the book! please, please?

  79. Tina M. says:

    The new doctor is breaking my heart I tell you, and not in a good way. *le sigh*

    Sounds like you guys had “A Day”. I don’t envy you the harrowing drive one bit.

  80. Faith says:

    Hee! I was just tapped to knit a Dr. Who scarf — looks like a million hours of garter stitch for me. (If I were a better person, I’d teach the woman to knit.) 🙂

  81. Donna says:

    Thanks for another great post. You look adorable in that hat, Sir Dr. N is surely rockin’ that bowtie, and it’s always great to see llamas and lamas, the Giveaway Llama and the Dalai Lama being my favorites. Lots of good comments as well; I always try to read them all. I really loved the one about 41 years of “dress occasion” panic as my husband and I go through it too. It’s somehow comforting to know we’re not the only ones! And of course I adore all things EZ and Meg and would love to have this book. Many thanks to you and the Deep Winter Kindness Fairy for helping us through these short dark days.

  82. I really like the hat! Is that entrelac? I can’t tell for sure… I don’t envy your temps at all… I guess I have it good here in the SF Bay Area… and I thought 47 degrees F was freezing the other day! ;P

  83. Sylvia Dresser says:

    Love the Bow Tie! Fantastic story about male clothing, the same thing could easily be played out in this house, except that we live near more shops that might be open later …

  84. Christine says:

    Love the Bow Tie, wish I was going somewhere warmer. I feel we had the same sort of thing the other year when my husband had to travel for work.

  85. Ashley says:

    Epic travel story. I’m thoroughly impressed that you seem to have made it through with your temper intact! We did a little of that last-minute dress clothes shopping this weekend, on a whirlwind trip to New York City – Chris had forgotten his fancy shoes! The last-minute shopping gods must have been smiling on both of us last weekend.

  86. Becky Ganzhorn says:

    My o my, so much snaz in one guy… & what a shopping riot… so, I hope his trip back is uneventful, and that in the meantime, you don’t have to venture out into the sub zero face cracking cold. I am a huge fan of Meg Swanson, so would LOVE to have her book to savor & study, and honestly, coming from you would make it perfect. Good luck to me!

  87. mary ann says:

    I’m a first time reader of your blog(and also a new knitter) so maybe beginers’ luck will help with the contest! Enjoyed what you wrote and will be a frequent visitor. I like your writing style about knitting and life in general.

  88. Susan L. says:

    Been needing to feed the wood stove here quite a bit. Start the mornings out at 15 below zero outside. Loved the story about getting ready for the trip.
    Keep warm!

  89. Sarah says:

    i hate that feeling when you turn onto the motorway entry slip road and are greeted by standstill traffic. With no hope of escape. Poor Sandi.

  90. Natalie says:

    Ha! You just reminded me of a trip on public transit in Sacramento (we live in Ottawa) to get a dress shirt the day before a wedding. Good times.

  91. Karma says:

    Wow! That’s seriously cold!! Stay warm!

    Would love to have the Meg book. Thanks for doing the Deep Winter Kindness thing!

  92. Sue says:

    LOL!I thought stuff like that only happened at my house. Dressing to present is hard, different universities have different dress codes and I never feel like I have quite nailed it – clearly I need a bow tie. Doh!

  93. jezikhana says:

    The hat is lovely, the bow tie is amazing. I need to get one for Mr. Jezi I think. I bet he’d rock a bow tie too.

    Thank you for the kindess!

  94. Pat says:

    It’s been a long day and the only knitting that I’ve done is at traffic lights (they are 6- 10 stitches long and I don’t knit fast). The cat and llama pictures make me chuckle every time I look at them. I love the adventures of getting smart men packed and out of the door. Thank you for your posts!

  95. cocokat says:

    Posting for this weeks giveaway from the Deep Winter Kindness. What a lovely idea. We all need more kindness.

  96. janine says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and I love that hat. Strange that I just bought Avery’s new book Knitting 24/7. Some nice hats in that as well.

  97. GeniaKnitz says:

    I would be thrilled to win that yarn, whose color makes me weak in the knees.

    BTW, do you know you spread happiness to us all when you speak of your deep love for Sir N? You make the whole world a little warmer and gentler.

  98. Calendula says:

    I like the wooly giveaway you showed in your wednesday post.

  99. jennybookworm says:

    The bow tie totally rocks – much more practical neckwear than regular long get in your soup ties – awesome!
    I would love to add either the book or the yarn to my home/collection/stash… !
    Thanks for your blog – I like your rambling tone (I really mean that in a good way!) and the cat and dog content having some of my own!

  100. Linda says:

    Please keep writing such interesting blog entries. I’m debating gettting a heated dog bed for our pooch. I’ll be anxious to hear how your dog likes it and if the cat ends up claiming it for it’s own. I feat that might be the case in my own household.

  101. Sarah says:

    I love that gorgeous blue yarn, and I;ve never worked with BFL!

  102. Lina says:

    I first discovered your blog after you spoke at the KW Knitter’s Guild meeting. I enjoy reading it every day. Thanks for the contests — you are most genereous!

  103. Jeanne says:

    Deep Winter Gladness – – how good for the soul. I’ve admired the giveaway book and would love it – – colorway, too! It is so much fun to steal away from my work for a few minutes and read your blog. I have been following you since you first started with Knitting Daily……..we go back, don’t we?

  104. Melanie says:

    Sir N. totally rocks that paisley bow tie!

  105. Rachel says:

    I am feeling the need for some Deep Winter Kindness – probably that means that I should find someone to be kind to! I really appreciate your writing, and your sweet kindness that shines through in everything you do. 🙂

  106. Rachel says:

    I love winning things. 😉

    Anyhow, I have loved your patterns for a long time, and just randomly saw you on Ravelry, so I clicked through and saw the giveaway. Hope you don’t mind! 😉

  107. Jeanine B says:

    Cool bow tie! And thanks for sharing your library – the book looks most excellent!

  108. LynnA says:

    Sir N’s tie is beyond cool! Would love the book, it’s been to long since I tried stranded knitting.

  109. Lori says:

    Sandi, I would love to win Meg Swanson’s book. Really enjoyed your posts this week, too. Actually, I always enjoy your posts. Keep writing – and knitting – and weaving….

  110. Allison Kelsey says:

    I can’t believe that that’s the Original Veronik hat! And that it’s not entrelac! I should look at that pattern again. Sorry about the teal getaway yarn. Very excited about the wee possibility of winning the Meg Swansen book!! And that yarn is beautiful. cheers from Philly!

  111. Mardi says:

    It is a rare man who can wear a bow tie. My ex could, my current can absolutely NOT. A conductor I play for wears nothing but, and would look totally odd in a long tie. Sir N might the even rarer breed who can rock both.

    And I love the way you peep slyly out of the sides of your glasses!

  112. ikkinlala says:

    That sounds like quite the trip!

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