creeping by on little sparkly sock feet

This week…

…has been Something Else. Things just started HAPPENING, as though an asylum of Chaos Demons descended upon our quiet little lives, tossing us into the mayhem just to see what we would do. Then I got sick, and we got a new vacuum cleaner, and that freaked out the animals, and by the time I looked up, it was Thursday and I hadn’t blogged for two days.


Hi! I’m back now.

Good Crafty Fun

I’m knitting some sparkly lace socks. I’ll be blogging about those over on Knitting Daily…uh….any day now. Yeah. (Real Soon.) I’m using this yarn:

Precious from Shameless Twist. OH BABEEEEE this is Deh Awesome. Folks think that the sterling silver bits in the yarn might make it scratchy….nope. Soft, soft, and sparkly, but not in-your-face sparkly like bad dimestore yarn. This is The Good Stuff. (Sparkly socks, you will be MINE.)

I’m also looking for fabric to make myself some dresses. I finally got Nicholas’ mother’s sewing machine all set up and cleaned and tuned, and I’ve got a few nifty patterns I want to try. The first one is this:

Ceylon from

Or perhaps this:

Crepe from

Anyone have any cool online fabric sites to share? I went to the local Fabric WorldO’Woe, and jiminy crickets! Is it just me, or have the fabrics gotten…cheaper…somehow? Not in price, obviously, but in quality. I’m a fabric Ho; if I’m going to spend time sewing a nice dress, then I want some nice fabric to start with. Funky prints? Tone-on-tones? Deep solids?

This all started because Nicholas is threatening to put in a call to Stacy and Clinton, the style-savvy hosts of What Not To Wear. Since I gained back a lot of the weight I’d lost two years ago (blasted meds!), nothing fits and I’m wearing shapeless solid-colour frumpy things. I’m not going to make the mistake of trying to lose the weight first, because There Lies Madness & Ugly Clothing, so I’m looking for ways to look cute and bring my curves along for the fun, without having to submit my wardrobe to the scrutiny of She Who Adores High Heels and He Who Loves Plaids.

So if you have any favourite curvy clothing sites, or fabric sites, or anything sites, bring ’em on!

The Fourth Deep Winter Kindness Giveaway

Let’s have another giveaway, shall we? They’ve been so much fun!

This week’s goodie:

That’s a copy of Socks: A Spin-Off special publication for knitters and spinners, by Rita Buchanan and Deborah Robson. (I got that photo off of Google, the actual copy I have here is in better condition that the one pictured!)

20 sock patterns, from lace to cables, from colourwork to entrelac. The patterns are aimed at the handspinner, but there is enough information given for any knitter to make good use of the patterns. This is a GREAT sock book, one of my all-time faves. Why am I giving it up? Because I have two copies, one to keep and one to give away.

To enter the drawing for the Socks book, just leave a comment on THIS post. (Rules are here; but leave a post on TODAY’s post for this drawing.) I’ll do the random number generator trick and announce the lucky winner on the last day of January, which, of course, is…a Monday. Next Monday, in fact. Monday, January 31, 2011.

I also have a second goodie to give away this week: A big hank of handpainted worsted-weight wool in blues/greens/purples. So the second name on the random-generated list gets the yarn. Woot!

Truth One

I’ve got a rep of being a cheery sort of gal, a comforting and kind sort of gal, a playful and creative and fun-to-hang-with sort of gal. I like that reputation; for the most part, I think it’s even true. But it’s also true that I’m human, and the effects of an unfamiliar long, cold, dark winter are starting to show. It’s also true that there are Big Things going on behind the scenes here at Chez Wiseheart, future-changing sorts of things, things I can’t talk about just yet, but things that have the potential to make a Big Happy or Two come into our little lives. We don’t know if these Things will actually happen or not; and the truth is that we have no control over whether the Big Happys happen or not. We don’t even want to hope too much, because if we hope, and the Big Happys don’t happen, then we’re going to be sad.

Put above ingredients in large mixing bowl. Beat with hammer for four wintery months. Add large flakes of snow and liberal doses of freezing temperatures.

No wonder I am feeling stressed and a bit crankified!

Truth Two

However…it’s also true that even though I’m stressed and cranky, I’m surviving this chilly January. I’m surviving in part thanks to you folks and your funny, wise, heartfelt commentaries on the blog; I’m surviving in part because we seem to have come up with a really fun little game here, what with the Giveaway Llama and the Deep Winter Fairy and the giveaways and all. I spent time this week putting together the three packages that went out to Becky (the Meg Swansen book), Rachel L. (a something nifty from my stash), and Rachel v.d. H. (another something nifty from my stash). I had to go around and figure out how to mail the oversized book; I wrote up little sheepie cards for each person; I made each one a stitch marker and tried to come up with a creative way to put everything together so there would be smiles on the other end.

I’ve been thinking about February, in fact. I don’t have an endless supply of goodies to give away, so I can’t keep up the weekly giveaways (although I plan to do them now and then, because they are so much fun!). I think I have come up with a couple of ideas to make February have its own playful delights, so stay tuned…because really, you just never know what I might come up with.

Feeling Like You Wanna Help Someone?

Pete needs our help. It’s pretty much impossible to continue being a farmer if your barn burns down and insurance doesn’t cover it.

Random Nifty, Silly, Good Stuff

Lucy Neatby is a brilliant woman. She is also very, very wacky.

If you feel the need to knit an udder, Lucy has a pattern to help you wit dat.

Howie has been crocheting for three years. Howie is also brilliant, and he is, in his own way, also of the Wacky Family.

Robots Are Poor Tippers

That’s one of his crochet artworks. I highly recommend you go here and enjoy seeing the world through Howie’s whimsical eyes.

For the Doctor Who fans amongst us: More Doctor Who toys. (WANT.)

That ought to brighten up your week a bit. I know it does mine!

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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65 Responses to creeping by on little sparkly sock feet

  1. InJuneau says:

    Oooo, pretty yarn for your feets! Need to learn to knit socks…

    I LOVE the Doctor Who toys! WANT (but better not show them to my DH!).

    Keep on keeping on!


  2. Ohhh… I can’t wait to see your sparkly lace socks! I’m sure they’ll be lovely! Hmmm… I think I like the Ceylon dress the best. I really like that neckline. =)
    And btw, the knit udder had me laughing out loud! Very cute! =) I seem to always see something that makes me smile when I read your blog. Thanks!


  3. melanie says:

    The udder made me sputter… very, very funny. YAY!

    (I already own the book – lovely patterns, way beyond my abilities. Yet.)

    I love Ceylon’s neckline and I imagine you have Just The Necklace to wear with it!


  4. Barbara says:

    Ohhh, I love sparkle and sparkley socks would be soooo nice maybe even to wear to this summer’s Sock Summit.


  5. Cat says:

    Winters are hard; all these dark and dingy days make it hard to get up and stay focused on whatever it is we are meant to do.

    I like the second dress best, but may be the model of the first dress is a little large for her dress.


  6. Arielle says:

    Want the socks book! 😀 Because I spin. Also, I have temporal space displacement — that is: LUCK, so I hope I win. And I love Dr. Who too, and crocheted toys. BTW I am a big crocheter and LOVE Seeing crochet on your blog. By-BTW, I was the one you made batts with in Abby’s SOAR class the year before last in OR. You were so kind to me, and I appreciated it SO SO much!!! Hope you and your sweetie are doing great. 🙂 Wonderful to “see” you here and on ravelry now and then. Hugs, Arielle


  7. Gwen says:

    Cheery and kind and fun doesn’t automatically make the cranky go away. You know, there’s cranky and then there’s Cranky All the Time.

    I have a few skeins of sparkly sock yarn. I’m on the lookout for a nice sparkly Gold sock yarn for the kiddo. I’ve got a lovely khaki-ish sparkly one, but it’s not strong enough. I think I’ll have to use it for myself instead. Shucks!


  8. Mary Glascock says:

    I find your comments about fabric interesting. I used to sew a bit, but maybe the demise of small fabric stores was a factor in my loss of interest.


  9. Arielle says:

    And, with regards to fabric and clothing, I too have had a weight issue since like age three when I had undiagnosed Celiac disease that totally messed up my metabolism. I know how it feels to have seriously fluctuating weight and how the dieting all goes when other parts of your system do not want to cooperate.

    I agree with you about not wanting to look frumpy. I have been same boat — but all my life. 😉 LOL.

    Gorgeous shawls and wraps will make just about anything in your wardrobe look great, as I have discovered, and you don’t need to worry much about size. And we love to knit and crochet, yes? 😀

    I like the second dress pattern you posted best and having seen you in person, think it would look terrific on you!

    As regards to fabrics being cheaper, no, I really do think it may be us. 😉 I have been vastly disappointed with the average fabric offerings ever since I started knitting and crocheting and spinning with lovely cashmere, merino and silk!. Now I expect the same level of quality from my fabrics as well. And those kinds of fabrics are not to be had at most local fabric stores — unless you live in New York or something. The best store I’ve ever been to was in San Francisco called Britex. I hear they do ship or used to.

    I’m not much of a sewer, though, and when I am I really want really good stuff. If you have a quilt shop locally they often have good selections of some real wools and cotton. For silk fabric you might try Ebay — I hear you can get the real deal direct from countries like India and Thailand. And I recently started buying gorgeous high quality Saris from this place: (LOL. I still haven’t figured out how to wrap myself in one yet, but I hear it is not hard and I just need to practice with my new book: . )

    I also hit the sales at a local high quality shop for non-skinny women. Man, did I get some gorgeous stuff last time! 🙂


  10. Diane says:

    That bag is udderly ridiculous.

    (I couldn’t resist)


  11. Janise says:

    I can not even imagine what a winter in Canada must be like. Living here in the deep south – we think it’s freezing if the temp dips below 40 F. And while we have had a colder than usual winter, it must be absolutely warm compared to Canada. And I still get the winter blahs, although I must admit after seeing pictures of the snow (and it is beautiful) I found myself grateful to be as warm as I am. About the giveaway – I have not attempted spinning or knitting socks as of yet. Both are on my bucket list, and eventually I’ll get around to them whether or not the Deep Winter Kindness Fairy pays me a visit. I do so enjoy reading your blogs they have definitely made my corner of the world cheerier!!


  12. MsVicki says:

    It’s so sweet that you are sending all these fine gifts out into the knitter-universe (KnitterVerse?) for us. I hope Late winter plays kindly with you – it already seems like it’s been a looooong winter, right?


  13. Mardi says:

    I have a bunch of that sparkly yarn, waiting to become Something. So pretty! Also, farm help sent! I need to pay it forward again after so many wonderful folks helped me when I asked for it for Olaf.


  14. Joanne says:

    I am avoiding online fabric stores right now but FabricMart ( pretty popular with 2 of the sewing blogs I follow. If you want to be inspired about the possibilities of sewing, I highly recommend Carolyn’s blog Carolyn makes amazing clothes for herself and has a wonderful attitude. How could someone not appreciate a woman who describes her upper arms as ‘bodacious biceps’


  15. Gloria19 says:

    Hey Sandi,
    Great post. Thanks for putting so many things
    in there to cheer people through the cold of
    winter. I hope it helped you also.
    You are going to have really pretty sparkley
    green footses.


  16. Rzasa says:

    Sparkley sock yarn??? I didn’t know such fun existed!
    Love socks, I’m working on one now. Unfortunately it looks like an elf bootie – I have small feet, but not quite that small!


  17. Laura says:

    LOVE the sparkly yarn.
    Hoping the Big Happys comes your way.


  18. Mireille says:

    I love the pattern for Crepe! You are not the only one who’s dealing with the winter grumps. I think it’s been tough on most of us.
    I already blame you for my aspinneration, please don’t drag me down the slippery slope of attempting to spin consistently enough for socks!


  19. karen says:

    I love the Udder bag!!! Not sure what the ranchers out here in Montana,, would say though…It just may be worth the effort.

    I know that there is still alot of winter to come, but the days are getting longer, it is actually late dusk when on the way home from work. We are working on the upside of winter!


  20. georg says:

    I will refer you to for good linens and other fabrics. She has more fabric than pictured, if you email her and ask for exactly what you want. I get my linens and velvets for SCA garb from her.


  21. Dorothy says:

    Wow! That yarn is gorgeous! I’ll be hoping for happy things for you. January can get to everyone. Sometimes popcorn helps.


  22. Rachel says:

    The sparkly yarn is sooo pretty (reminds me of my mom, that was her favorite shade of green).

    socks book! or even blue/green/purple yarn– my favorite colors (did I show you the dragon tattoo?).

    but seriously, I like your attitude of making pretty things for yourself now, AS YOU ARE (echoes of Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary “I like you just the way you are”), I too need a clothing intervention but what I really need is to just learn to love the shape I am, and dress to look my best, not hide under way too large clothes. which don’t hide anything anyway.

    Feel better and I am crossing any and all available body parts for the Big Things to sort out properly.


  23. cocokat says:

    I just started knitting socks last year and am having soooo much fun. And I just finished my own little sparkly socks … wearing them for the first time tomorrow.

    Good luck on the potential Big Happies! I hope it all works out well.


  24. Jocelyn says:

    fabric stores I use online- , , (lots of jerseys and interlocks- cotton, wool and bamboo),
    Since you can only see them in pictures, is nice because you can send anything back. I wish that there were more small fabric stores with fabrics for clothing, it seems that the vast majority are quilting stores, and while you can make some clothes out of quilting weight cotton, it just can’t be your entire wardrobe.


  25. Jerri says:

    That sock yarn is perfection! It looks so soft and sparkly.

    An udder – it made me laugh so hard. I love your posts!


  26. Sandi is HUMAN?! Say it ain’t so! All joking aside, don’t let the winter blahs get you down. Think of it as time to store up energy for the spring and summer to come!


  27. craftmonkey says:

    Yes on the fabric sites. They’re quilter cotton heavy, but Free Spirit specifically had been releasing some of their lines in a voile that’s perfect for spring/summer (yes i know that’s a million years away).

    not fabric, and not in my budget, but is my sewing inspiration site. or aspiration, as the case may be.


  28. Sharon says:

    I like the first dress because I like the collar and the way it draws attention to the face, but I don’t like the sleeves. The sleeves on the second dress are better, but I wouldn’t like that wide neckline. I’d need a shawl to stay warm! But that’s just me. I think you could wear either.

    I love the sparkly sock yarn! This is the first I’d heard of it. I must get some before next Christmas and make some pairs of socks. I’d love a pair and I have the sort of hubby who would love sparkly toe-socks to wear with his sandals next Christmas.

    I’m sorry that our Canadian winter is getting you down so much. But your area is getting more light every day than the rest of Canada, so the end is in sight! 😉

    I’d trade you all that snow for the rain I’m facing on the Wet Coast! At least, all my dogs would be clean!!

    I love your posts and miss them when you can’t post. I’m really looking forward to your post on Knitting Daily. It hasn’t been the same without you! I like Kathleen too, but it’s not the same.


  29. Chris says:

    Of the two dress patterns, I prefer Crepe. If you were looking for opinions.

    Hooray for your Big Happy! I hope it happens for you.

    I mostly buy quilting fabrics so can’t help with links unless you’re aiming for cottons. Which, by the way, are expected to undergo a big price increase in the near future. (Anything made of cotton – fabric, yarn, paper…) So if you see some good cotton deals better to snag them now.


  30. Pat says:

    Beautiful sparkly yarn. Sparkles, glitter, bubbles, balloons and doing good, make winter bearable.

    Your generosity is heartwarming.

    Praying that Big Happy comes your way with the desired results.


  31. I love that second dress, the flower detail is beautiful.

    I’m lucky that there is a fantastic place right here in Waterloo called Delirium.

    The dresses are divine. There are a few similar places on Queen Street West in Toronto.

    I like your idea of making them too!


  32. Wendy says:

    What a great book! But I already have it – so if by chance you pick my number, please give it to the person next on the list. 🙂

    Here’s hoping you get your Big Happy.


  33. Shirley says:

    Hi Sandi………I always heard you should turn on as many lights as possible to cope with gray days.

    Good luck finding nice fabric! I used to sew all of my business suits but now nice fabric is almost nonexistent or so expensive that it doesn’t pay to sew.

    I hope the Big Happy comes your way sooner than later.


  34. Marilyn S says:

    I don’t comment much, but I enjoy very much reading about your life and adventures up North. Winter seems dreary enough in my little spot in the world, I can only imagine what it’s like in Canada.

    Pretty green sparkly yarn. I’m looking for to seeing the socks you make with it.

    While I’m sure the yarn in the giveaway is gorgeous, I would love to own the sock book.


  35. Alycia says:

    Sparkly yarn looks like sooo much fun! As are your giveaway’s. 🙂


  36. Séverine (Cidrolin on Ravelry) says:

    Dear Sandi, it is because you are so intensely human that we enjoy reading your posts. I hope everything conspires to make you a happy human, too. Best wishes to you all on the Big and the little happies.


  37. molly says:

    that book – along with ‘handspun, handknit’ – is what started me on the well-shod path to sock knitting! my lys had a sock tree with a sample of each of the socks in the book! beautiful!
    all the ideas about light in the winter are good ones – i couldn’t survive anymore without my lightbox. it helps keep me awake, helps me sleep, keeps me from snapping the heads off passing family members, both human and feline. worth a shot, anyhow!
    but january is almost over, the waxwings have swarmed through and cleaned off the rowan trees, and it’s still light when i’m doing the supper dishes! spring will come, it really will!


  38. Caryn says:

    I love the sock yarn! Is it going to be lacy to show off the shiny bits?
    I’m with you on the “I gained back all the weight I lost” wagon. Plus being in a cold climate doesn’t help. Our bodies WANT to pack on extra pounds to help keep us warm. And we tend to move less in the cold, so that’s why I haven’t visited the Bowflex in the basement-at least that’s what I tell myself! Cheer up, it’ll be easier to lose this spring when you want to be outside in the garden or walking the dog.


  39. april says:

    even though i don’t know you personally, i can tell by your blog and your comments on ravelry, that you are a sweet and kind-hearted person. with that in mind, i really, really hope you get your Big Happy’s. i think you deserve some happy. its your turn. 🙂


  40. CR says:

    I think you would look lovely in the crepe dress. Gertie of Gertie’s new blog for better sewing (Don’t know how to link, but google the blog!) is doing a sewalong series on it RIght Now and she has loads of useful advice on everything from selecting fabric to making adjustments to the pattern so it fits poifickly.

    Also, I hope you get your big happies 🙂


  41. Kate says:

    Truth one really is true (judging by what you put “out there”)…and everyone has rocky bits; it doesn’t make your truth one less true. I am adding my positive energy to the collective hope for Big Happys.

    I admit to coveting the Sock book…deeply. It is, very sadly, missing from my collection.


  42. Kassia says:

    Oooo I’d love that book! Actually I’d love the yarn too!! 😀


  43. Pat says:

    Hi Sandi,
    AHHHHHH yes, meds and weight gain after losing! Been there done that and still doing that! !@#$%^& As a friend of mine use to say “It sucks sweat socks” and on a really bad day “It sucks dirty sweat socks”! The mental picture, at least for me, was on target – YUCK! The question is – are the meds helping or driving you further down? That’s the question that I’m struggling with. Have you found the site called Fibroknitters? Sometimes very active – sometimes quiet but very supportive. You are not alone!!!!! I’ll say some prayers for the BIG HAPPYS. Hang in there.
    Pat aka westies on Ravelry


  44. Melissa says:

    If you’re waiting for “big happys,” sparkly socks ought to qualify at least as a “little happy.”


  45. Linda says:

    I love to knit socks and could really use some new, exciting patterns. Maybe I’ll be the lucky one this time. Good luck finding fabric for your new dresses. I, personally, like the little black dress best.


  46. Jennigma says:

    Winter sucks. Even out here in the great NorthWet. I am glad I don’t have to suffer through the trifecta of suck that snow + dark + cold must bring. Having lived in Seattle and Cleveland, I can extrapolate. Yuck. My sympathies, and you are more than owed a bit of crabby bluesy time. There will be a spring, I promise.


  47. Deb says:

    Sparkly yarn is beautiful.

    Wishing you lots of days of sunshine!


  48. Amy V says:

    Lovely sock book and yarn! Thanks!


  49. ikkinlala says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to knit an udder!


  50. Donna says:

    The way you described yourself–cheery, comforting, kind, playful, creative, fun–sounds exactly like one of my best friends. She is all of those things and more, as I’m sure you are too. And it takes energy to be that way, lots and lots of energy. The problem arises when people (including even herself sometimes) expect her to be that way all the time, always ON, always the shining star lighting up everyone’s life. She crashes and burns, she gets sick, she gets depressed. And it was even harder for her during the years she spent in a cold, dark, snowy winter climate. One reason she and I have enjoyed such a long and close friendship is that we allow each other to be human. Your readers (definitely including myself) love you: we love you when you’re cheery, funny, comforting, kind, creative and lighting up our lives with Winter Fairy fun and the Giveaway Llama; we love you when you’re providing detailed tutorials that help us do things we’ve never been able to accomplish; we love you when you’re inspiring us with your Deep Thinky blog posts; and we love you, perhaps more than ever, when you let us see that you are just like we are–human.

    P.S. I love the neckline on the second dress and think you would look lovely in that dress.


  51. Joanie says:

    I don’t know if this is what you are looking for in an online fabric store, but Vogue Fabrics has a gigantic store in Evanston, IL (northern suburb of Chicago on the lake). It’s completely chock-a-block full of fabric. They do have an online store, but I have to admit that I’ve never used it. I like going in the store and getting lost in all that cloth.

    I also really like Sew Mama Sew’s store and blog. Very inspirational. ( She has such cute fabric.


  52. NancyN says:

    Just wanted to toss in my vote for the Crepe pattern. I think you’ll be able to easily modify that super wide neckline to fit your more narrow frame and have a lovely dress. The only on line fabrics that I order are all quilting cottons. Some of them fit the bill for funky prints but would not drape very well for clothes. You are such a resourceful lady that I’m sure you will find the perfect fabric and make both those dresses.


  53. kimkrafty says:

    I, too, noticed that Stacy is a big lover of the high heels. Doesn’t she realize that not everyone can walk in them?

    Hope good things continue to happen for you!

    I’m very interested to see the green socks with a hint of sparkles. It seems the yarn has enough sparkles to enhance the appearance of the yarn but not so many to detract from the beauty of the yarn.


  54. Kate says:

    I agree that chain fabric stores generally suck now. I remember (and dearly miss) House of Fabrics, FabricLand, and even the stuff in Mervyns. There was real wool, lovely pima cotton, thick flannel, every possible weight of linen, gorgeous dress silks and blends. It’s not us; it really is trash now. I have several bins of fabric stash to prove it. Which means I don’t have to shop for fabric.

    But I still shop for books and yarn. Hint.

    Thank you for attracting the Chaos Demons to Canada away from me. Feel free to send them away. I know some knuckleheads who should have them.


  55. Cheryl says:

    At and
    you can create your own fabric!! And is on Queen St. E. in Toronto with a fantastic stash of unique, beautiful and high quality fabrics and trims!


  56. Jennifer says:

    I hope you find some fabric you like. Meanwhile, enjoy your sparkly sock yarn – it looks beautiful.


  57. AnneS says:

    Hi Sandi,
    I too covet that sock book. Making new and different socks helps use up stash. Who ever said that you need TWO of any given sock pattern?

    I seem to be one of those rare people that loves the sparkly snow and crisp blue skies of winter. Dark and dreary? Not if you live far enough north. I certainly don’t envy you the slush and mush of a Toronto winter. Just remember we are over the worst, each day is now a teeny bit longer than the last. Spring is coming.


  58. Tracy says:

    I LOVE the color of that sock yarn. Beautiful!


  59. Rebecca P says:

    HI Sandi – A great site for fabrics (also for knitting or any other sort of creative craft) is Purl Soho ( While I have never actually bought any of their fabrics, they have great patterned and solid fabric. Good luck with you sewing!


  60. donna lee says:

    I always wondered if the silver in the sock yarn would make the socks scratchy or how long it would look sparkly. They have some beautiful colors on the site.

    I love the Dr Who dolls! (even though Matt Smith is not my favorite doctor) Who knew cybermen could be cute?


  61. Nadya says:

    Sandi, I have so been enjoying your blog the last few months! I really missed your voice when you left Knitting Daily. And that sparkly yarn is TDF.

    I live in rainy Oregon and as much as I love it, I always try to take a short sun break in February. I hope you can, too!


  62. lisagd says:

    I vote for the second dress. The first one has so much going on that it has the potential to accentuate extra pounds, and maybe even add a few. The second one has much cleaner lines that won’t add bulk. Be sure to show us when you’re done sewing!


  63. Ba says:

    That’s a great book. I knitted my first pair of socks from there. Out of handspun. Of course, they were too big (because I was afraid of them being too small). They fit my son’s size 12 feet. But he wore for 3 days straight during the band trip to NYC in Feb. last year….


  64. Jeanne says:

    I made my first pair of socks from that book. It is an inspiration and one to return to. Too bad you don’t live in the area any longer, we have a new fabric shop called Mama Said Sew that you would love! Come visit!


  65. Holly Fox says:

    Just found your blog. I’m spending a week in Nags Head NC hanging with my fiber buddiew, learning to knit HAH! trying to kick TV…Have you seen the site where you can print your own or buy other peoples designed fabric>>> would you believe DR WHO HopE you can get there from here…Holly


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