february be gone!

I think I’ve had quite enough of February. I hereby banish it with the love and kisses…


Live it up! Let someone with a lot of hair on his face kiss you.

Yes, folks, I think it is time for another Deep Winter Kindness Fairy giveaway.


This is a skein of merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn hand-dyed by Ontario yarn artist and smart-ass knitter Kim McBrien, AKA Indigodragonfly. The colourway is TARDIS, in honour of the Doctor’s fabulous little blue box.

This beautiful skein of sock yarn will soon be on its way to one of you lucky readers, randomly chosen from whomever leaves a comment.


The Rulez:

  • Leave a comment on THIS POST.
  • Comments will stay open until 12 noon EST, Thursday, March 4.
  • I’ll use an online random number picker to choose a winner on Thursday afternoon.
  • Winner will be announced in Thursday’s blog entry.
  • Anyone can play.

NOTE: It is entirely possible that I might have a second surprise waiting for a second randomly chosen person from the comments, because I am wicked that way.

While you are waiting to see who wins this particular skein of sock yarn, I highly recommend going on over to the Indigodragonfly site to click a few links and feast your eyes on her colours. They are playful, deep, rich, and besides: She has the best colour names EVER.

(No affiliation, no envelopes passed under the table, just an honest fan of Kim’s work who loves to spread good yarn around. Really.)

Working through the WIPs

I’m kind of bemused by the fact that, despite the past couple of weeks being rather, uh, challenging in terms of events and personal stuff, my knitting and weaving is actually progressing faster than ever.

I suspect that there is actually a direct relationship between Life Is Challenging and the quick progress of my WIPs. Like any sensible crafter, I knit more, craft more, when things are stressful, because knitting is an excellent way to deal with stress. And, if I can get myself to focus enough to spin, spinning is an even better stress-relief.

I’d like to get myself to take the ten-minutes-a-day spinning challenge, but it’s been a wild ride this month and I don’t want to put more pressure on myself just now. Which sounds silly…because spinning is really the best medicine for The Craziness That Is Life that I know.

Here’s just how crazy my crazy life has been, gauging by stitches knit and yards spun…

I have half a hat:

Pattern: Ysolda’s Rose Red. Yarn: My 2-ply handspun from fibres dyed by Spunky Eclectic.

I have half of a sparkly sock:

Pattern: Bettie’s Lace Stockings. Yarn: “Precious” in Evergreen by Shameless Twist.

I have more progress on a cardigan that I can’t show off yet (secrets!).

I have spun so much of the coral (? salmon ? pink ? red ?) Cormo fluff that I keep thinking the bobbin MUST be full by now…but it isn’t. It’s one of the big Schacht bobbins, and I can’t seem to fill it up.

The label on the bag of Cormo says it is only 4 oz…but I am beginning to wonder, as I’ve spun at least half of it already. It’s like a bottomless bag of Cormo.

I kind of like that idea.

I need more needles. Really.

The one thing I have been noticing is that I actually need some new needles. This is a bit shocking to me, as I always feel like I have ALL the needles, in all the sizes. Lately, however, some of my older needles have been breaking from sheer age and overuse (mostly the Crystal Palace circulars and some of the very very thin dpns from Brittany). I’m very low on size 6 anythings; I had a very hard time coming up with size 5 anythings for the Prayer Flag motifs.

And then, I hate to admit it…but some of the needles must be yummier than others, because they have become Cat Snacks. One of the furry folk has chewed on the ends of my wooden dpns and circs. (I suspect Zoe, despite her innocent little face and big eyes.)


I’ve managed to keep my Super Really Good Best rosewood Dyak dpns away from harm, by keeping them in little labelled tubes up high on a shelf and instantly putting them out of reach if they are part of a WIP.

But I haven’t been so good with my workaday needles, the ones I have at my desk for sudden swatch attacks, for example. Those have been…sampled. I’ve sanded some of them back to usability, but some were (apparently) extra-tasty and thus are no longer good for their original purpose.

I really can’t believe I might need to buy more needles. I keep thinking there must be a secret tribe of circulars, living under the stairs, or possibly on the top shelf of the linen closet. I’ll discover them the day we move out of this house, after I’ve bought three more sets in all the sizes.

This is all yet more evidence that what I really need is a Nanny. Except, as a compassionate individual, I cannot imagine asking anyone to keep an eye on me; that would simply be too much for anyone to bear and maintain normal levels of sanity.

Random Goods and Sillies

By an ancient London law, way back from the 11th Century, the Freeman of London have the right to drive a herd of sheep across London Bridge. Some knitters got hold of that one, and did what knitters do:

Well, no one said they couldn’t be hand-knitted sheep, right? Read all about the Handmade Herd, view close-ups of the little sheepie guys…and watch out for the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing!

And finally…I think we all need to take lessons from Bob in how to chill out.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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146 Responses to february be gone!

  1. At the moment knitting is one of the best things in my life; right behind my family and friends all having survived the earthquake. Knitting is helping keep me sane, helping me to not get too annoyed when the boys act out (stress is affecting everyone). Life will never be the same again, but we will keep going and we will keep knitting!


  2. aliceq says:

    I spent all of Stitches East wandering the marketplace for the perfect intense blue yarn, for the perfect intense blue shawl or shawlette. I guess Indigodragonfly wasn’t there, because that skein of yarn would have been a prime candidate.


  3. mehitabel says:

    I have decided that my lovely Rosewood circ that snapped off in the middle of knitting my Paris scarf is going to become a shawl pin. I’m going to glue a bead to the end (do they make beads with size 6 holes?) and call it good. Actually I’ll wind up with 2. Fortunately for me, the current crop of cats isn’t interested in yarn or needles–well, except for the tail of yarn on the swift. Simon finds that VERY exciting!


  4. btownknitter says:

    My problem with knitting needles is that my husband’s truck seats eat them. I swear they do. Although he tells me now that the seat ate his lip balm. Toyota is recalling their vehicles for all the wrong problems.


  5. My cats (who lived to the ripe old age of 18) suffered no ill effects from sampling various craft tools and materials. And because they are much quieter about their thefts than the dogs, I am still finding evidence years later. Puppies are proud of their accomplishments and show you right away!
    That blue is to die for. I visit that site regularly for dreams when I have no money.


  6. Kristin Wood says:

    Ooooooooh! I swoon.


  7. Minke says:

    ::fangirl squee::


  8. Connie says:

    When I thought I would like to make socks I bought “a lot” of sock yarn. However, I found that I really don’t like to make socks. I have been having a wonderful time finding new uses for sock yarn. Like lovely lightweight cowls which are perfect for our California winters and people like me with “no neck”. That blue yarn would be gorgeous!!!!


  9. Eileen says:

    Oooh pretty pretty!


  10. Avedan Raggio says:

    Love the socks! And the sock yarn… yummy!


  11. MsVicki says:

    Too funny that this yarn is “Tardis.” That actually came up several times last week, in our Yarn Hoars board on Ravelry ;–)


  12. Stella says:



  13. Naomi says:

    Eeeeee, mini sheep!

    Rose Red looks great. But I find it interesting that you go for not-spinning crafts at high-stress times–stress for me generally means nothing *but* spinning happens, except maybe knitting on the subway.

    And I love the colors in that cormo.


  14. ginger says:

    LOVE the blue sock yarn!!! if you knew me at all…3 sons…love being near at the water…will def. click on her site!


  15. tabitha says:

    What a fantastic color and color name. There definitely needs to be some of that color in my future.


  16. ginger says:

    btw…wish i could post a picture, but i have THE brother of your white/tiger calico-esque cat! 🙂


  17. georg says:

    My smaller size 5 circular recently decided that it wanted to be wobbly on one end, so I’ll have to retire and replace it soon. Naturally, the current sweater is on size 5, and I’ll have to just keep going a little bit longer.

    While Mr. Pepe (feline) will occasionally sample a wooden dpn, it’s Max the schnauzer that is a terror. He will chew the circulars when I have left the knitting in His Spot on the couch.


  18. Anniebee says:

    Ooh, Sandi + Kim = stupendous awesomeness! *heart*


  19. Lynn says:

    You know, I usually resist commenting on your blogs when you’re giving something away, because somehow it would seem unfair is I won. But that blue, that BLUE! Want! Comment, comment, comment! (but it’s OK if someone else gets it; really, it is)


  20. melanie says:

    Oh, the Bob Belleh!
    And that blue….

    I can’t wait to see the prayer flags coming together…


  21. Jenipurr says:

    That sock yarn is absolutely gorgeous! Both my husband and I are major Dr. Who fans.

    I have lost a few needle sets lately as well, due to the teeth of a certain overly exuberant little gray tabby cat. The worst loss were my very favorite sock needles. Sigh.


  22. Chris says:

    Your WIPs look great! And that yarn is scrumptious.


  23. GailR says:

    I have a lot of those bottomless bags of fiber, those that take forever to spin or to fill bobbins as well.

    Your furry faced kisser looks like one I am willing to share a kiss with.


  24. Toya says:

    Oh how cool you mention shameless twist again. WOOT WOOT Jodi!!!!


  25. Nancy N says:

    ohhh, beautiful sock yarn


  26. Nicky says:

    Need needles? I think the Harlot may have a few to spare. 🙂


  27. InJuneau says:

    Oooo, Tardis colored yarn! Love!

    Ah, her colors (and their names) are fabulous.

    And the Handmade Herd is awesome. Thank you for brightening my day, as always!


  28. Elizabeth says:

    We don’t have any cats but I swear we have some kind of black hole thing going on here that swallows needles and stitch markers.

    And how I covet that sock yarn : ).


  29. Jodi says:

    Ooh! Ooh! This is my COMMENT! it is RIGHT HERE! look at my COMMENT! it is my COMMENT!


  30. Lisa says:

    Wow–that is gorgeous blue!

    Love Zoe’s Movie Star pose. I miss having a kitty to snorgle.


  31. Teresa says:

    I love that intense blue yarn. Tardis – as a recent Dr Who fan (just started David Tennet) it is great.


  32. Andrea Lawson says:

    That blue yarn is the perfect antidote to the winter blahs!

    I’m smitten by the idea of trying to herd sheep across London Bridge, although do you suppose that only applies to the original London Bridge?


  33. Marielle says:

    I have a similar problem with stitch markers. I am not sure if I drop them in my travels like breadcrumbs or if the small ones in my house steal them. As a doctor who fan, I am loving that yarn!


  34. molly says:

    i also have cats. i also like wooden needles. i also have learned how to sandpaper (or emery) needles back into usefullness…one of my kittikidz has just developed a taste for the cables of circs… oh well – can’t live with’em, can’t live without’em!
    and you should see what they can do to a skein of nice alpaca….
    if i’ve been bad…and neglected them….
    the blue is absolutely stupendous – congratulations to whomsoever is the winner – it’s stunning!
    i spent the last week having the flu – TOO SICK TO KNIT! getting back on my feet now – have finished up a sock….


  35. Jennigma says:

    me me me!!! 🙂


  36. Mireille says:

    Totally agree on crafting picking up when life is stressful. And even with not taking on a challenge if it’s going to feel like work rather than stress relief.

    Oh, and I want the yarn!


  37. Cynthia says:

    That yarn color is just awesome!

    So far, I have been lucky in my needles and cats – still have all of both!


  38. Sara GL says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL blue skein you have there!! Would love to add that to my stash – only for the briefest time, of course, until I found just the right pattern 😉
    And thanks for all the wonderfully interesting blog posts!


  39. Karma says:

    I love the color of the blue skein of yarn by Indigodragonfly! I would LOVE to be the winner of such a gorgeous skein! Oh, and I loved the picture of the knitted sheep too! =)


  40. Lisa says:

    Ohhh how pretty and my favorite color. I must go check out her other stuff!


  41. ruth says:

    That yarn is yummy.


  42. nestra says:

    I’m in the middle of watching “The Three Doctors” and I finally saw the Top Gear with David Tennant! Dr. Who seems to be everywhere for me these days.

    Do giveaway llamas have soft noses like a horse?


  43. Mary says:

    You can never have enough sock yarn! Or any yarns especially the hand dyes!


  44. Barbara says:

    oh Sandi – that is a gorgeous blue. I think it would weave….


  45. Magi says:

    I love the photo of the llama there but the yarn is spectacular – yes!!


  46. Rachel says:

    I’m swooning over that blue. and Dr Who Tardis is a perfect name for it.

    My cats don’t eat my needles (well, one tries to sample them but only as I am knitting — call for attention perhaps?). My wool however is all enclosed safely in ziplock bags and behind closed doors. Somehow Mom’s “string” is the perfect cat toy.

    and I knit when stressed as well, it seems the repetitive action breaks my thought processes on the stressful object


  47. KrisS says:

    Sandi, you are dangerous.

    I sure hope I can get that Tardis yarn even if I don’t win, and you are making me want more of that sparkly Shameless Twist, even though I’m not sure what to do with the skein I already have!

    Smooches from a batchick.


  48. Karin says:

    Those little bite marks have a way of becoming souvenirs. Our Playmobil dragon’s tongue was victimized by my son’s kitten several years ago, and it makes the dragon even more special today…even if it looks like he bit his own tongue. Several times.


  49. Kirsten says:

    My little Snicker-puss is a fan of fine knitting needles as well….I don’t know if she likes the cables or the actual needles more, she will take nibbles out of both. She’s a special kitty…she likes tomato soup and ice cream as well 🙂


  50. april says:

    you’re nicer than me – I’m sending February out with a swift kick and a “don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!”


  51. Vicki says:

    I’d LOVE the blue sock yarn! And I loved the knitted sheep. Too too funny. Thanks for that Random Good. I love your random goods. I see things I would never know are out there.

    My sister and I were just talking last night how knitting helps us maintain our sanity during long meetings. Knitting is better than tranquilizers because we have something useful to show for the pain of being there.


  52. Laura says:

    That yarn is stunning! (to belabor the obvious. But sometimes the obvious deserves belaboring.)

    Your WIPs look pretty awesome, too. I’ve been under crazy nonsense deadlines all month. And mysteriously, my knitting productivity has gone up. Who knew?


  53. Liz says:

    I’ll have to take a pic of the guy with a lot of hair on his face that I get kisses from. You made me laugh with that caption, and I needed that today.


  54. Wendy says:

    What beautiful yarn! And you’re right – I love the names she gives her colors.


  55. Gwen says:

    I’m missing some needles too, and I even emptied out the basket everything collects in. No cats, must be the 3rd grader, but he doesn’t knit…


  56. Gail says:

    Tardis!? if my son saw that, he would insist that I start to knit socks …. in a Wibbly-wobbly, timey-whiney fashion, that is.


  57. Audrey says:

    I’d make some fingerless mitts with that gorgeous blue yarn


  58. Granola says:

    The name for this yarn could be “You saw me standing alone”


  59. Marika says:

    Ooooh, beautiful yarn! Would love to see that in my mailbox.


  60. chemistrydiva says:

    The knitting is lovely, and keep going on that scrumptious Cormo (for your sanity, at the very least, but also so we can see it finished)! I have to say, I love the sheep going across London Bridge. For the first time ever, I actually saw some of the “knitted graffiti” near my in-laws. Just annoyed I didn’t have a camera.


  61. Dawn in NL says:


    I am sorry you are suffering a lot of stress just now, and impressed that you are dealing with it by giving away such a gorgeous yarn. The blues are swoon worthy.

    All the best,


  62. Shirley says:

    Beautiful yarn – don’t know how you can part with it. February here is in the high 70’s so there is hope.

    Love your WIP’s but sorry about too much stress.


  63. Gale M. Longley says:

    What beautiful yarn I would love to knit this up into a pair of socks.


  64. Marjorie Vig says:

    I love the blue and i love Dr Who, what a combination of in one skein of yarn.


  65. marianne says:

    love the sheep on the bridge – and – oh would I love that gorgeous sock yarn –

    I’m thinking I should start up a list of what I have finished this year


  66. Stephanie says:

    The majority of my needles ha e up and walked away. I am hoping to find them during the long overhaul that is my workspace.
    My cats find clean roving to be very tasty. I have to keep a close eye on the basket next to me while I work, and gather it up and lock it away every time I need to get up for a drink or a trip to the Girl’s room.

    Going to look at a sheep crossing!


  67. Sandee says:

    Beautiful, yummy yarn. Can it come play at my house??


  68. Chase those grey days away! I keep seeing hints of sun in the forcast, so I still have some hope. The blue is a stunning colour. Must keep an eye out for that one to see in person.


  69. Jennifer says:

    That certainly is beautiful yarn! Glad to hear your crafting is helping you stay sane.


  70. jennybookworm says:

    Fantastic yarn – I wanted in on her club this year but just didn’t quite have the $$ to make it happen… yet… ! This would tide me over nicely – pick my comment oh random number generator!!


  71. Christina Mentis says:

    I had to laugh when I read your post. My Sophia (she’s a blue cream point himilayan) loves my knitting needles. I think she really belives that I knit for her pleasure. She is quite fond of all my needles, especially my harmony wood circulars, and my knitting. Oh well, I let her watch and enjoy the knitting.


  72. Kassia says:

    Gorgeous sock yarn!! And I’m a huge fan of Dr Who so that yarn is dying to come to my house. *grin*


  73. Judi A. says:

    I didn’t have time to look at all the yarns, but loved the colors and names of those I saw! Would love to win that beautiful blue yarn.:-) The “Handmade Herd” is the cutest thing! What fun to be a part of making that. In the one photo I noticed people walking by, not even casting a glance in the direction of the herd. How can they do that?! I’d have to stop and look closely at each one – and then be late for wherever I was supposed to be. Life – always pushing us to rush by.


  74. Margo says:

    Beautiful yarn. So nice of you to part with it!


  75. marietta says:

    I’m lucky in that my current kitty, Nutmeg, only likes to chew on any yarn in use, but hasn’t decided to chew/pounce on any needles. Beautiful color, calm and soothing for frayed winter nerves!


  76. Alycia says:

    I have yet to knit with cashmere… and have promised myself I would do so before the end of 2011. Winning it would be so wonderful. I love the color!


  77. NancyN says:

    It took me a moment to figure out Bob – my first impression was of a cow’s head laying on that couch! LOL


  78. Sarah says:

    This is beautiful, and I donn’t have any blue socks!


  79. Nina says:

    I love your giveaway llama photo! Please choose me! Thanks for another lovely blog post. I really enjoy them and I do miss you writing Knitting Daily!


  80. Teri says:

    I love reading about your animals. I have kitty nibbles on some of my needles as well. Lady is especially fond of bamboo … and anything mohair!


  81. Jeanne says:

    Love the color of the Tardis sock yarn. It would be pretty in so many projects. Would love the random generator to pick me!


  82. Bonnie says:

    I love love love Indigodragonfly’s yarn. This skein looks gorgeous. Please thank the llama (and yourself) for having the giveaway.


  83. Lee says:

    Ooooh. Purty blue. I’ll have to look up Kim’s site as I am doing my part to support Fair Trade by making my own socks rather than buying the cheapie versions at the local chain store.


  84. AnneS says:


    When Life gets crazy, knitters get knitting. Spinners likewise, I imagine. There is something ultimately soothing about the whole repetitive motion thing, a sense that we are creating calm from the chaos.
    I believe that one can NEVER have enough needles. Sometimes my passion for needles conflicts with my passion for yarn, but what is one without the other?


  85. Kate says:

    I love those sheep. I hope none fell off the bridge. Thanks for the sillies.


  86. Heather says:

    Must show pic of chill Bob to my Bob, as he never knows how to relax! And one can never have too many needles, never!


  87. Faith says:

    Goodbye February! May March come in like a llama and go out like a lamb!


  88. BarbR says:

    I agree February begone! Love your blog!


  89. marilyn says:

    Such beautiful yarn, hope I win!


  90. Ashley says:

    That is GORGEOUS yarn. Yummy. Also, that coral fiber? Beautiful.

    I love the knitting-needles-as-cat-snacks. When you buy yourself a new set, will you give the sampled ones for the kitties to have for their very own?


  91. JJ says:

    1 – Indigodragonfly has gorgeous colors and funny names and always seems to be sold out when I look.

    2 – Bottomless bag of cormo = win! We should all be so lucky.

    3 – The bigger and more innocent the eyes, the higher the likelihood of guilt. My super-cute calico/tortie Casey eats all wooden needles. I am a strictly metal needle person after losing some nice needles that way.


  92. Rachel says:

    That yarns is amazingly beautiful!

    We don’t have cats, but we have dogs – when we got our second dog, I assumed she would be much like our first dog and would leave my knitting alone – not so much. I lost some dpns, a nice set of circulars, and at least a couple of projects before I learned not to leave my knitting out anymore!


  93. Susanne says:

    Wow, that is some gorgeous sock yarn! It speaks to me even though I usually don’t like blue at all. And that’s not only because it’s named after the TARDIS.

    I love your WIPs, especially the hat. Ysolda, reds and handspun – three of my favorite things in one project.

    Finding that you need more needles must be a bit confusing but at least you don’t need a personal needle organizer like the Yarn Harlot.


  94. Jenadina says:

    It glows!! I’d love to win it.

    Love seeing pics of your wips. Thanks for sharing.


  95. Lisa says:

    No matter how many size 5’s I have, I can never find one when I need one. I’m out again, so I guess it’s off to Michael’s for some emergency Clovers (which I actually like).

    P.S. The sock yarn is loverly!


  96. Dorothy says:

    SO PRETTY!!!!

    I love the knitted sheep!


  97. Gloria19 says:

    Indigodragonfly’s yarn is most beautiful.
    I can see her website could be dangerous.
    Thanks for sharing your wip. That hat
    might make it to my queue.

    Cute kitty pictures. Your kitties always
    pose so nicely. I guess they know they are


  98. Pat says:

    Beautiful yarn! Pick me! Pick me! The cat ate my needles is right up there with the dog ate my homework. Both things really happen but nobody believes us.


  99. Linda says:

    I’m totally into knitting socks at the moment. This yarn is gorgeous and would make a lovely pair. I hope I’m lucky this time.


  100. Renee says:

    what a beautiful blue…I’d love to give it a home


  101. MelanieF says:

    We own a aged recliner chair that eats things and regularly disgorges random objects when my son plunks down a little too hard – last weekend it was a marble. It must really like knitting needles, though, because I’ve yet to have it spit one back out.


  102. Maria says:

    A gorgeous shade/s of blue in the give-away yarn.
    I am an organised person and yet I too am on the look-out for missing sticks ☺ – where do they go


  103. Deb says:

    The yarn is beautiful. I would love to give it a home.


  104. Patricia says:

    That is a beautiful shade of blue. I wear a lot of blue and love to knit socks. An all around great combination.


  105. Donna Cooper says:

    Loved the sheepish parade on London Bridge. And the wolf bringing up the rear was a hoot! Put my number in the pot to win the yarn. It would make great fingerless mittens.


  106. Rebecca P says:

    Thanks for the offer, Sandi~


  107. Elizabeth says:

    Love the Rose Red! I want to knit that one, too. and LOVE the picture of Bob chilling out. Thanks for sharing!


  108. Cocoonivus says:

    Needles are some sort of black hole. I don’t have a huge collection, but it’s pretty comprehensive. And yet, I keep finding myself not having the exact needle I need for the next project.

    I’ve been feeling blue for over a week now with an exhausting cold that won’t go away. But the blues of that Tardis yarn could make my day sunny again! It’s beautiful!


  109. Thanks so much for linking to our handmade herd. Happy to report that none of them fell into the Thames. I think most of them were either stolen by passers by or eaten by the wolf.

    Thanks for the lovely comments too. We’re planning on lots more sneaky stitching so keep an eye out for it.

    Lovely blog. I am now officially stalking you.

    Deadly Knitshade
    (of Knit the City – handmade herd makers)


  110. I noticed you mentioned spinning as a big stress reliever. I’m actually thinking about buying a drop spindle and taking up spinning myself. Do you recommend a top or bottom whorl for a beginner? If possible let me know! I’d love some sdvice on the subject!


  111. Seanna Lea says:

    I was part of the Smartass Knitters club last year and the yarn was definitely gorgeous and very much in my idiom (favorite colors and tones all the way).

    I’ve been living a crazy life too, but while the knitting helps I think what helps me more is actually being around other knitters. I get so stress-y and grumpy and communal knitting seems to drain some of that poison away!


  112. Suzie says:

    Love your WIPs, love the yarn, and love the kitties. Perhaps they need more fiber in their diet!


  113. Meg says:

    Oh, what a fabulous color! I NEED more sock yarn… like a hole in my head:-P I also have been cracking out finished objects, partly because of snow overload and partly because of a rash of babies being born. Love your blog, Sandi, and I am so happy that I found you after a long stint with no computer.


  114. Carrie says:

    So pretty – I also have some wood needles with evidence of cat teeth on them. The last time I pulled out my cardigan I’m working on I noticed my metal size 10’s had a definte curve to them – I think some little boys had something to do with that!


  115. Knitnana says:

    Heheh. My Meezer loves my bamboos…teeth marks are quite common around here.

    And that’s got to be the most gorgeous skein of blues! Please include me in the contest? Look! It’s almost MARCH!!!


  116. ewesmama says:

    knitting is keeping me from a total breakdown, stressful job, snowstorm, flooding all in one week, love the picture, he has such expression in his eyes, I would smooch on him!!!


  117. Jerri says:

    I’m sure you can find someone who would love to be your nanny. And we all deserve someone to take care of us.

    Love the sheep on the bridge.


  118. SueB says:

    I am a newbie at knitting and I am addicted to knitting blogs! My dream is to knit socks. There is so many helpful sites to help me learn. I am mesmorized by the colors of the yarns and by the stories you all have to tell.


  119. Karen White says:

    The woolly brigade is adorable.


  120. April says:

    OMG, the sheep! I totally wish I could have seen it! I haven’t seen IndigoDragonfly’s yarn before, but based on that skein, I will have to check it out 🙂


  121. KathyR says:

    Hahaha! Those sheep crossing London Bridge were just what I needed today – thanks for that laugh!


  122. Emily says:

    I am so ready for February to be over, too. Of course, it had to have one last laugh, so my last night of work in February has me up until 3am. Helloooo, March.


  123. propercocker says:

    Thanks for being you. Any time I need a pick-me-up, I head over here and see what’s new with Sandi.


  124. Alice says:

    When life is good, the knitting is very productive. When life is not, the projects linger, getting dusty. As I’ve been cranking lately, life must be good! Hope yours is the same!


  125. Wyldchai says:

    Wow, that blue is gorgeous. I don’t know how you resist petting it all the time. Thank you for the lovely photos, the news, and the random sillies. You always manage to bring a smile to my face.


  126. KnittingNiki says:

    Your blog continues to lead me to smiling and joy, Sandi. Thank you so much for collaborating with the Winter Kindness Fairy and for all you do!

    and, just in case it’s useful, I’ve really been loving my KnitPicks needles– the harmony rosewood ones as well as the nickel-plated– nice and sharp, and a good value.


  127. Just coming out of the woodwork to say, I love the Giveaway Llama! And, I hear you on the feline needle-sampling thing. Only mine gives me that “I did no such thing” look. Ah, well. I guess it’s an excellent excuse for searching out new tools. Not that I needed one.


  128. Melissa says:

    Oooh, pretty blue. I love blue socks!


  129. Lori says:

    Lovely, lovely yarn. Pick me!


  130. Aleksandra says:

    I guess this skein can make any, even the shyest knitter to leave a comment. It’s just gorgeous… Thank you for your kindness!


  131. Melanie says:

    Oh wow, what gorgeous blues. I love that it’s named Tardis. Am nearly finished my very first sock and eager to start number two – the pattern is full of interesting cables. Will have to find just the right pattern if that stunning blue yarn wanders may way.


  132. Jennifer says:

    I not only need more needles – I need more looms too!!


  133. MINItron says:

    Wooden needles can indeed be very tasty to felines. My feline companion, Bob the Kat, prefers unwashed fleece.

    That is some beautiful blue on that yarn, I am quite the Dr. Who fan as well.


  134. GeniaKnitz says:

    MCN Tardis makes me weak in the knees. I even tried to order some, figuring what are the chances I’ll win, but she doesn’t have any more. So, this is my only hope! ;o)


  135. Sharon says:

    It’s puppies not cats who destroy my needles. Each pair of sister puppies has taken a set of Addi glove needles and chewed through the plastic bag and destroyed two or three of the needles, while not injuring themselves, thank goodness. Why both sets of sisters targeted short Addis is a mystery; neither set were in use at the time and were up on a table. Our cats are pretty good about leaving the hooks and needles alone. But then, I don’t like wooden or bamboo needles; the only wooden needles I have are some hand carved yew cable needles and I keep them hidden from Dylan, the Bandit Cat. The few sets of Regia bamboos are kept in a Tupperware box because I don’t need them for x-large socks anymore; I found Bryspun shorties and they are wonderful.

    I love your hat and the colors of your Cormo. I hope you keep us posted on what you knit with it. I also love the blues of the sock yarn. If my number comes up, I’ll be making a pair of socks for my friend Linda, who always has cold feet too. She doesn’t knit but loves everything I knit for her. She’s the best person to knit for that I know!


  136. Caryn says:

    Have you checked the bins in the craft room for long lost WIPS? If I find one that still has needles in it, I put the stitches on a lifeline and safety pin what size needles were in it.
    Love the spinning and socks!


  137. JeanD says:

    My, my. Blueblueblue sock yarn. Nom, nom, nom.

    Intended to respond to your prayer blog, so here I am late as usual. I spent a year sitting next to my mother’s bed knitting and thinking positive thoughts. I think prayers in the wind touch everyone, and they certainly help calm your heart.


  138. Ba says:

    Wow, that IS a gorgous blue!

    Fortunately, most of my animals ignore my knitting, except Sushi who Must-Subdue-The-Knitting! while reposed on my lap…


  139. Simone says:

    I’ve been a knitter for years and years and have never made a pair of socks. Blasphemy, I know. I just got a book of sock patterns for my birthday so this could be the year!

    Luckily my dog is not at all interested in anything knitting related but the dog I sometimes dogsit loves to gnaw on needles and eat yarn. I think he learned it from the cats he lives with…


  140. VickiB says:

    Gorgeous color!! Great wip’s too! Sending you good finishing vibes!


  141. Linda Sondermann says:

    Hey, Sandi,

    Loved the photo of Bob! Put me down as coveting the blue sock yarn …


  142. Ellen Barth says:

    The yarn is beautiful! I love seeing the pictures of the cats!


  143. Barbara says:

    Yummy blue yarn. I travel with extra dp needles. Have you ever tried to pick up or find a dropped needle on a airplane with the seat belt sign on?


  144. Su1282 says:

    Beautiful blue!
    And also, I get kissed by the hairy-faced daily (hope that isn’t TMI).


  145. Amy V says:

    Thanks for the sock yarn giveaway. Your green sock looks great!


  146. Rebecca Gordon says:

    Thanks, Sandi, for the rambling London sheep. My cat’s never gnawed or noshed on a needle, but she does have an unerring instinct for settling her butt on exactly the part of the pattern I’m working on.


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