spring has sprong

I saw the First Robin of spring this morning in our backyard; I also found the First Flowers today!

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Yesterday, it was sunny all day long, sunrise to sunset; I took Buddy outside to have a little romp in the backyard, and all he wanted to do was to sit in the sunshine and just soak it in, despite the near-freezing temperature. He seemed so happy that I just let him sit outside for a while. On the lawn! We have a lawn again, instead of a snowfield!

Nicholas wants to point out that it’s really “…sprung. Spring has sprung.” I looked over my shoulder at him and said: “Spring. Sprang. Sprong. I just like how it sounds.” He’s shaking his head and laughing.

I wasn’t the only one who had a bad winter.

It looks like the garden fairy exploded in grief sometime during the long dark cold season. She’s a bit heavy, so I am not sure what actually happened. I suppose the Giant Mutant Bunnies Under The Deck could have knocked her over, except those bunnies are not-so-giant in real life.

I managed to find all her pieces, so a bit of glue and she will once again be ready to preside over whatever we plant in the patio boxes.

Crafty Gal is Crafty

I’ve been fighting a bad cold/sinus thingie the past few days. I’m glad it was this weekend and not next weekend, when I’m teaching; however, it is the sort of sinus dreck that makes looking at a computer screen rather tortuous, so I haven’t gotten much work done. Instead, I’ve been working on sewing up a dress.

I finished cutting out the pieces on Friday. On Saturday, I sat down mid-morning at the sewing machine, and when next I looked at the clock, it was after 6 PM. I sewed up everything but the waist seam and the hem, including all the little fiddly facings at neck and sleeve:

…and miles and miles of double top-stitching.

I’m a top-stitching fiend. I did so much top-stitching on this dress that I am a little worried I am going to run out of thread before I am done with the dress. Run out of thread!? I bought a brand-new spool just for this dress. I don’t think I’ve ever used up an entire spool of thread on ONE project before.

I hope this dress will actually be ready to wear by the time I leave. Technically, this teal version is the muslin for the pattern. (A muslin, for the non-sewing folk out there, is a test-run of the pattern, done in inexpensive fabric, in order to see where alterations and adjustments might need to be made. The theory is that one sews up the muslin version, makes alterations to it, and then transfers the adjustments to the paper pattern pieces before cutting up the “real” not-cheap fabric.) However, I’m weird and I don’t like to spend time making something and not wear it; so I have a habit of making my muslins be wearable.

Trouble is, some of the alterations I’ve had to make to this one have been…noticeable, as in Right Up Front and Center. That’s when it hit me: I weave. I bead. I crochet. I could actually weave some band or ribbon trim. I could put beads on the dress. I could crochet edgings.

The craft world is my oyster. But it’s going to have to be a quick oyster, because this weekend will be here before you know it.

Exploding head is exploding

I don’t know why that deserved its own heading, but there it is. In honour of my head’s exploding state, I am going to stop attempting to string together sentences, and just show you a little mini-gallery of Life At Wiseheart House these past few days.

I did NOT start a new knitting project. Really. I just did a Really Big Swatch, because Nicholas saw a skein of Socks That Rock in my stash and begged me to make him something out of it. We went a-browsing on Ravelry and he loved Pogona by Stephen West. So I swatched it. (And kind of kept going.)

I played with some purple silk and a bag of either cormo/alpaca or polwarth/alpaca gifted to me two SOARs ago by JimBobSpins. I’m hand-blending it and spinning it worsted, aiming for consistency, consistency, consistency.

I made some extremely tasty soup Thursday night. Vegetables and black/red rice. NOM.

My friend Lisa in the U.K. sent me a wee care package. Tim had to make sure it wasn’t a REAL chick BUNNY (sheesh) under all that gold foil.

And nestled amongst the treats were these lovely handknit socks:

I may have squeed in glee when I saw them. I love leaf motifs on things. The design is one I’ve had my eye on for a while now, Rivendell by Janel Laidman. The detail, so you can admire:

There’s even a leaf in the gusset. Awesome knitting, Lisa.

I’ve been putting aside some goodies to send to another friend, and I was pleased to find the perfect box to ship the fun stuff in. However, when I went to pack up the box, I found that someone else had gotten there first.

So much for sending that box anywhere. Mr. Tim has been taking all his naps in it all weekend. It WAS the perfect shipping box; now it is the perfect Tim Box.

I think Tim is a little worn out from his sous chef duties. He’s been assisting Nicholas in the baking this weekend.

Nicholas made bagels, artisan bread, french bread, focaccia, and chocolate chip bars.

I will never be thin again, and I pretty much don’t care, given the high tastiness levels being attained in the kitchen the past few days.

Dusty also provided supervision in the kitchen.

Buddy was there every step of the way, making sure that nothing stayed on the floor long enough to qualify for the five-second rule.

And Zoe was on hand to remind us to provide regular cat-worship.

Just another weekend hangin’ in da Wiseheart ‘Hood.

Random Chispas

Let’s see what I have for you today…

What does your granny knit? This one knits boobs.

Gorgeous. Rainbow clouds over Everest. Really. LOOK.

A leprechaun trap cake. Just what it says, folks. For all your pesky little green-men-in-tall-hats problems. (I don’t understand it either, but that’s a LOT of effort for something that green, just sayin’.)

A two-day old black sheep. Lambie!

I’ll have prayer flag progress photos for you next time. Japan has been very much present in my stitches this week.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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16 Responses to spring has sprong

  1. I love the peaceful feeling I get reading about the Wiseheart household.


  2. Jerri says:

    You have been so busy for a person with an exploding head. I love the leaf socks, they will keep your toes warm. =)


  3. Lynn says:

    OMG, that rainbow cloud is STUNNING! Yowza!

    Also, gentle thoughts towards sinus pain eviction. And my snowdrops AND my snow crocuses are blooming!


  4. Ronise says:

    Yes, peaceful indeed! Sounds like a lovely life, Miss Sandi 🙂 Hugs to you all!!


  5. Baking and yarn implements. Now *that* is a proper kitchen island. 😉


  6. Naomi says:

    Heh. I like PaintedTiger’s assessment.

    Scritches to all the supervisors.


  7. Mireille says:

    Life at Chez Wiseheart sounds lovely, minus the splody head of course. I still have to put my hiney in gear and send you my newbie effort at handspun.
    And thanks for the sewing info. I always learn something when I read this blog.


  8. alane says:

    i think i need to borrow Nicholas for awhile. or i just wish i enjoyed cooking. enjoy all of your yummy treats.


  9. Pat says:

    Spring has most definately sprong! I have crocuses, saw someone riding a motorcycle, and heard frogs croaking! Even though the temperatur is dropping, hope remains. Winter is loosening its grip, reluctant as usual to give it up but will ultimately be defeated.


  10. molly says:

    the melt has begun – most cautiously – here. slow is better when you consider how much snow we’ve had – but, oh…i’m so impatient to see something green and growing! i did see a skein of geese flying over last night! no super-moon, but the geese were better!
    good luck with the sinus-thingie – they are so nasssssty. take care.


  11. Sharon says:

    Loved the pictures of Tim and cohorts! I’m glad other people cook and bake with help from their fur kids.
    I love the colour of the yarn you’re spinning for consistency, consistency! I hope you achieve your goal.
    I hope your sinus headache clears up soon. They are terrible!


  12. Seanna Lea says:

    The rainbow cloud is amazing and awesome (as in actually producing a feeling of awe).


  13. Magi says:

    wow – lucky lucky you in so many ways!! I still have about 16 inches of snow in my backyard and estimate flowers to be about 6 weeks or more away…. I love all your photos!! You have a rich life Sandi – richly deserved, I am sure 🙂


  14. Kate says:

    I’m so glad you finally have flowers (pity about the fairy, though). The Chispas are awesome, as usual.


  15. hudsonknitter says:

    Dear Sandi,

    Just a quick note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading you. And today, I was using my iPad, and the website setup is just unbelievable!!

    Congratulations from a fellow Canadian


  16. Diane says:

    yeah, ok, so I’m late in the commenting but can I just say that it warms my heart to see that I’m not the only one that has a yarn swift attached to the kitchen counter/island. You just won me a battle, m’dear. 🙂


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