in which we drive to GORGEOUS Vermont

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” ~ Stephen King

I put that at the beginning of today’s post, because I think I’m having a little problem with Just Doing It, “It” being the infamous blog writing gig here. I’ve been doing a LOT of other things, mind you, but the blog is starting to feel like the neglected friend over in the corner. Part of it, I’m sure, is not knowing where to start amidst the wonders I have to share with you. But part of it is feeling a little bit stuck.

But a writer’s gotta write, stuck or no. So…onwards.

I’m going to just get up and go to work now.

Vacation Part I: Vermont

We got up bright and early on Wednesday, May 25th, went a bit north to drop the furkids off at the kennel, and then headed for the first part of our vacation adventure in Vermont!

The drive from Bolton, Ontario across to Vermont became increasingly beautiful the further east and south we drove. Farmlands, green forests, and even the occasional small rolling hill began to appear.

Wagons ho!

There were all sorts of interesting things to see from our car window. I’d never seen an actual Amish buggy before, but once we crossed the border, they were all over the place, both on the road and off to the side, parked by barns.

Mostly, though, I was just so glad to see GREEN and HILLS.

The weather was gorgeous the day we drove down (Wednesday, May 25th); but as soon as we got near the bridge to Vermont, we started to see evidence of the flooding and high waters that were left over from storms earlier in the week.

On Grand Isle, the water came right up to the edge of the road asphalt in many places; in others, you could see that it had actually covered the road before the residents had built up rock or gravel barriers. (The photo below is normally a field.)

We could see several houses that were flooded; pretty much anything right on the water was now IN the water. I felt so sad for the residents of that beautiful island as we drove through.

The Farm!

Our destination was a surprise from Nicholas: a working farm bed and breakfast just outside of Montpelier.

Hollister Hill Farm, run by Bob and Lee Light, is beautiful, restful, and utterly charming. Bob and Lee raise cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and beefalo; they also tap their maple trees to make their own maple syrup. And all of their farming is 100% antibiotic and hormone-free. They have a store next to their barn where they sell all their meat, eggs, dairy, and maple goodies. (Since we were traveling, we could only buy a gallon of maple syrup. A GALLON OF FRESH MAPLE SYRUP. I keep going over to it and patting it happily.)

This was our welcoming committee: Bella (front) and her mom, Ruthie.

I think it is totally hilarious (and a wee bit embarrassing) that I have photos of dogs, cows, ducks, chickens, trees, mushrooms, flowers, streams, and even frogs from our stay at the farm…but absolutely no photos of our kind and charming hosts, Bob and Lee.

This is especially heinous considering that the stay wouldn’t have been half as fun or comfortable without them. They cooked us a delicious farm-style breakfast each morning–even on the morning when the power was out. They told stories of the local land and its tenders, and entertained us with conversations about everything from politics to history to cow udders.

This was our room.

This was our private bathroom.

This was the door to our private SAUNA.

We got in around 7 PM, and it was all we could do to unpack our bags a little, take a quick tour of the farm, and then head out to a local gourmet pizzaria/trattoria  down the road a bit: Positive Pie.

After that, we crawled into the sauna. I have never been so happy to see hot wet rocks in all my life.

Then we sat in the room and talked until lights out.

That was the end of Day One. I took about 500 photos and we did a zillion great things during our six day trip, so I’m going to cover one day per blog entry. It was wonderful, all of it.

If you are ever in need of a comfortable, charming, rural B&B near Montpelier, please give Bob and Lee a call. You won’t regret it, I promise. Meanwhile, check out the little video tour on their website so you can have a little virtual vacation.

Meanwhile: Today in Bolton

I sold two tiaras within the first couple hours that my new Etsy shop was open! Wow! There’s one left for now, until the new bases and new bead stocks arrive. I’m getting a little antsy waiting on them, and of course, there’s now a rotating postal strike here in Canada just to make our rather unpredictable Moose Post even more unpredictable that usual. “Rotating” means that the folks in Winnipeg are on strike now, but tomorrow it will be somewhere else.

In other words: Ohferpetesake.

I’ve been cleaning and organizing, trying to keep my mind off of wherearemytiarasupplies. We hung a clothesline in the back yard

(note use of the royal “we” here) because the dryer that came with the rental house has started to digest our clothing. I’m rediscovering that lovely scent of clothes dried in wind and sunshine.

I’ve also been knitting, designing (shawls and the rest of the WiseSweater), weaving towels, spinning, and listening to the complaints of the animals about how cruel we are for putting them in a luxury kennel for six days.

Dusty tells us he hissed for two days straight upon his introduction to his three-story cat condo-with-a-window.

Tim hid under the fish tank they had there and had to be dragged out yowling. He’s so happy to be home he’s exhausted himself with all the purring.

When we went to retrieve them, Zoe was so mad at us that when Nicholas picked her up, she made a sound I did not know she could make. (She refused to be photographed today. So THERE, you puny humans.)

Buddy loved it. He always loves kennels. But he was so exhausted he just curled up in his fave forbidden nap spot and slept.

And with that, I think this entry is long enough. Next time: Hiking in lush Vermont forests, Ben & Jerry’s factory visit, and a wonderful local yarn shop! Also: We make homemade pulled pork even though we are vegetarians.


My flickr set of vacation photos, in case you can’t wait to see the visuals from Vermont and Massachusetts.

A knitted version of the Serenity ship from Firefly. Super cool multi-geekery there.

Uber-tiny sculptures of people in unusual places. Just completely WEE.

And last but not least: Puppy bouquets. No, really. You want to see these.

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8 Responses to in which we drive to GORGEOUS Vermont

  1. Magi says:

    I love Vermont too – it is a serene place with great people


  2. Dorothy says:

    I drove through Vermont on my way to Alexandria Bay last month.

    I hope you found the same chocolate shop down the street from the yarn shop that I found!

    Thanks for the picture of the road and the flooding. I’ve been unable to adequately explain it to my husband!


  3. Meg says:

    My best friend is from Montpelier and I’ve always wanted to go there. I’ll really enjoy your guided tour.

    I hope your furkids are recovering from their horrible ordeal 😉


  4. Mardi says:

    Wish I could have been there…sigh…I was sposed to but real life intervened. Wonderful pictures!! (particularly the tiara sequence.)


  5. molly says:

    the tiny sculptures remind me of some of my favourite books from when i was young, about tiny people who lived hidden in the ‘normal-sized’ world…and the puppy bouquets are just too cute!
    but best of all are your beautiful pictures of vermont – a place i have always wanted to visit. looking forward to the next installment!


  6. Nicky says:

    I once worked for a wise man who used to say, “50% of the job is just showing up.” Whenever I am stuck I remember that meeting people’s expectations is usually a lot easier than I imagine.
    Write less. Save some for the next time. Go off topic. Shake up the format. Don’t try to do it all. Next time stuck happens to you – just “show up”.
    We miss you when you don’t. 🙂


  7. Susan says:

    Can’t wait to hear and see more about your wonderful vacation!


  8. Susan says:

    AND I love your pictures!


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