Monthly Archives: August 2011

a winner! plus: a love story that must be told

The Giveaway Llama is pleased to announce that… HeatherErin of the comments has won the lovely merino/silk laceweight yarn handdyed (and graciously donated) by Rows Red of Bittersweet Woolery. Wooot! I have sent off an email to HeatherErin to let … Continue reading


batts and cats and a giveaway (OH MY!)

I am one of those storytellers who apparently does not tell stories in strict chronological order. I haven’t posted the second half of my Sock Summit adventures, nor have I finished telling you tales of my stay in California. I … Continue reading


Zombie-like, post-Sock Summit

I got back from Sock Summit at about 1:30 AM EST Tuesday morning. It is now Wednesday afternoon, and I’m still a bit of a crispy critter. However, I am a crispy critter with pictures and videos to share from … Continue reading