Giveaway Saturday

It’s Nicholas’ birthday today.

Therefore, it’s time to give YOU a gift. So if the Giveaway Llama will kindly make her way over here…

There she is!

Alllll righty, then. Today, as my little way of saying “Thank you for joining me on these bloggy adventures of mine,” (and also as a thank-you to the Universe for my wonderful Nicholas) I’m giving away this:

That, my lovelies, is 655 yds/100g of laceweight yarn, 30% silk, 70% wool, hand-dyed by my friend Diane, who has a shiny new website for y’all to go and drool over: Schafenfreude Fibers. The name means either (Diane? help me out here!) “the joy of wool” or “the joy of sheep,” and I’m quickly falling in love with Diane’s true, clear colours, expressed on various different sorts of yarns and spinning fibers. Luscious, each and every one of them. Go look, I’ll wait.

OK, now that an hour has past and Diane’s shop is nearly empty (one can dream, right? I’m not getting any money out of this, but I’m always tickled when someone tells me that a mention on this here blog wiped out their stock of something!)…back to the giveaway.

The skein above is the prize, the colour is called Cornflower, and here’s what you have to do to enter the giveaway fun: Leave a comment on this post (no other post, this one!).

That’s it. Leave a comment on this post. Doesn’t have to be an earth-changing sonnet, or a bit of searingly beautiful prose, just has to be a comment. (I do read all the comments, every one; but I use a random number generator to choose the winner.)

Deadline is midnight Monday EST. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, which ought to give me time to get it wrapped up and shipped before I leave for SOAR the end of the week.

My secret identity

What’s that? You didn’t know I had a secret identity? Well, of course you didn’t, because it’s SECRET. But I have decided to let you folks in on my superhero abilities, just in case they are ever needed.

You know how we have the Yarn Harlot? And the Yarn Whisperer and Yarn-a-Go-Go and the Knitting Curmudgeon? Well…I am the Yarn Tangler.

That’s not even my best work. My best tangling work gets sent off to my friend Jesh who lives several hundred miles away, because she likes to untangle yarn. But I show you the above because it is the cleaned-up version of what happened when I tried to warp my little rigid heddle loom today. THE CLEANED-UP VERSION, people. (Before that, the warp was so bad I was considering buying Jesh a plane ticket to make a house call.)

I am perfectly capable of making a lovely, neat, tidy skein.

But that one took several tries, and it still isn’t up to Professional Skein standards.

And trust me, no matter how neatly a skein is wound, once I get it home and onto my swift, it comes ALIVE, I kid you not. It writhes and snakes and wriggles and even snarls a little on my wooden swift, and by the time I try to wind it into a ball or onto a bobbin, it’s become a Tangle Monster.

I have a friend (Jen of Holiday Yarns) who likes to “free-skein,” meaning she knits straight from the skein, hanging it around her neck and delicately freeing each length of yarn as needed. I swear that woman can free-skein a couple thousand yards of laceweight into a gorgeous shawl without a single crossed thread. The yarn is afraid of her, I think, either that or it adores her so completely that it just goes limp and pliant at her touch.

I tried free-skeining once. After about ten minutes, Jen came over, took the skein off from around my neck, and forbade me ever to free-skein anything ever again. She thinks I ought to wear a button: “Danger: Yarn Tangler On Board.”

So that’s my superpower. Tangling yarn. Yes, I know, it’s a challenge, given that I’m a professional yarn person. One must try to fight the forces of evil wherever one finds them, I suppose.

What I’m up to…

As I said, I’m warping my Cricket rigid heddle loom, to make a something for the Karmic Geese project I’ve mentioned here and there. The super-secret result of a hundred or so spinners and weavers is in the final stages; so before the spooks come out for Halloween, I ought to be able to show you an actual photo of The Geese. Meanwhile, here’s the warp for the Something, before I tied it on to the front.

Each and every inch of yarn in that photo is handspun by one of the hundred-odd folks who contributed to this project. (See the green? That’s mine. Polwarth. Yum.) I’m using two heddles to get a closer sett, and right about now is when I am thinking I drank too much of the Crazy when I was planning this.

I may or may not have started a Rhinebeck sweater.

If I had started a Rhinebeck sweater, it would be knit out of a custom-dyed bluesy yarn created for me by Kim of Indigodragonfly. And I might have progressed to just a few inches before the armhole after that photo was taken.

I finished the design and pattern PDF for Demeter. WOOT! In case I haven’t bored you to tears talking about it yet: it’s a circular shawl, in honour of Demeter, goddess of the wheel of seasons. It’s got 12 charts. It’s got 2076 beads (some are optional). It’s got nupps and yarnovers and pomegranates and it’s exclusive to a club right now, but in a few months, I can release it into the wild and you can all look at it and shake your head and tell me how crazypants I am.

Going on an adventure!

As I mentioned, I’m off to SOAR the end of next week. (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat, in case you were wondering.) Then I hang out with friends for a few days, then I am going to Rhinebeck. It’s going to be a long time away from Nicholas and my furballs, but that’s the life of a yarn person.

So this week, I have to clear off bobbins, get my yarn tools together, do laundry, pack the tiara, and figure out how to get myself and my little green VW Bug from here to New Hampshire (staying with friends at the halfway point). I decided to drive, because flying is rapidly becoming such an awful experience that I’d really rather drive, enjoy the scenery, listen to audiobooks, and put last-minute things in the back seat rather than travel in the increasingly uncomfortable and unfriendly skies. (Hear that airlines? I travel A LOT, and I’m doing everything I can to AVOID YOU.)

I’ll take the laptop with me, of course, so I can report in from SOAR and Rhinebeck and Parts InBetween.


This little dog couldn’t help himself when he heard the wolves howling…hilarious.

Cow sculptures. Made from…well, just go look. (Proving that one can find art materials just about anywhere.)

This dude built himself a real hobbit house. I think my spinning wheels would look perfect in there, don’t you?

A thoughtful, and thought-provoking, post on the cult of perfection amongst fiber folk.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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134 Responses to Giveaway Saturday

  1. That yarn is a beautiful color. I sure would like to win it–it would make a beautiful shawl…


  2. Hillary says:

    Happy birthday, Nicholas! And congratulations to Diane on the launch of her website!


  3. melanie says:

    Happy birthday, Nicholas!
    Diane’s colorways are so, so lovely…. I’d love to have that cornflower skein. I wouldn’t dare freeskein it, though…


  4. Jesh says:

    >(Before that, the warp was so bad I was considering buying Jesh a plane ticket to make a house call.)
    Damn. So close!


  5. Carrie says:

    Love the color and the name of that yarn, and I think I am a bit of a yarn tangled myself. Luckily my oldest daughter is very good at untangling and it gives her a good reason to come home from college every once in a while.


  6. stitchesandwords says:

    You should come to my house and we will work on managing yarn. And then I will send you to the Mannings studio for a week and they will teach you even more about managing yarn, and also warping looms. Plus, I would have you all to myself to spoil for a week. Mwahahaha.

    I should try freeskeining and see what I think of it.


  7. aliceq says:

    That is an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue.

    I’d never even heard of free-skeining, but I suppose that, now that I have, I’ll have to try it. For science. (And, in winter, when I can use the extra warmth around my neck.)

    See you at SOAR!


  8. Rachel says:

    Oh the cute of the puppy!

    and I’m totally in love with that blue, Diane is a genius. Can’t wait to see her stuff in person at Rhinebeck

    Please to wish Sir N a most happy and HEALTHY birthday. Got to get hie well!


  9. Tamara says:

    Happy Birthday to the fabulous Nicholas! Is he a virgo or a libra? I’m betting Libra (for balance).
    What a beautiful blue that giveaway skein is, and I love wool/silk. Fingers crossed! And the word “clear” is the perfect one for her colors. I found myself wondering if the really look that amazing, or is it a trick of the light?

    Are you stopping in Vermont on your way to Rhinebeck? Or somewhere in Canada? Now that I know you’re going to Rhinebeck, I feel like I should go, too. Webs had one more bus ticket for a trip from there…tempting. Do you go every year? I shouldn’t go this year (no money, and big stash), but it’s sooooooo tempting!

    It looks like you got your warp untangled, no? And all by yourself–snaps for Sandi!


  10. heatherly says:

    Jen is definitely a free-skeining advocate (ahem,pusher)
    she forbade me to remove my skein from around my neck, becuz i was a tad reckless


  11. Kimberly says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for running a giveaway 🙂


  12. Happy Birthday to Nicholas. Love the yarn, fingers crossed for me 🙂


  13. Séverine / Cidrolin says:

    If Jesh is too busy to disentangle your yarn, I would do it too… And keep the resulting skein out of reach of my kids and cat until I send it back to you. Thanks for the heads up on Schafenfreude, I was wondering when the online store would go live since I can’t very easily travel to the US for fiber festivals.


  14. Zardra says:

    Comment, comment, here is my comment. I also can’t wait for Demeter to be releases. 🙂


  15. Mardi says:

    AAAIIIEEEEE!! It’s The Tangler!! Back, back, you fiend!! Stay away from my yarn!!

    What wuz in the pretty packages??


  16. Purlista says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas! Wishing you all the best!

    And have a great time at the wool gatherings, Sandi! Can’t wait to hear of your next adventures.


  17. Tamara says:

    Oooh, I think that essay on perfection ranks right up there with Abby’s “Who Should Spin” for it’s clarity and strength of voice. Thanks!


  18. Tracy says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicholas!


  19. Carol Ann Burden says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas – hope it was wonderful!! I saw your green on the loom, Sandi – pretty colour. From one yarn tangler to another … hope you have a marvelous time on your travels! Love the blue in your giveaway, just the colour of a georgeous opal I wear which belonged to my grandfather.

    Carol Ann Burden – Nova Scotia


  20. I always gigle at something in your posts and today was no exception. All of today’s Chispas struck something in me. But the YARN! I love me some silk blend anything! Happy birthday to Nicholas and thank you to both of you!


  21. Happy Birthday Nicholas! Yarn is beautiful color, would love to make a shawl with it.


  22. Annie Bee says:

    Please give Nicholas a big birthday hug from me — and have him give you one back, too, for good measure. But, umm, maybe take the tiara off first; you wouldn’t want to put an eye out. 😉


  23. Jasmin says:

    Schadenfreude, which is one of my favorite words, means “Happiness at the misfortune at others.” 🙂


    • Megan Olhasque says:


      But what a clever play on words, Diane’s calling her shop “schafenfreude”, which of course means “the joy of sheep”.



  24. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicholas! It’s my birthday today, too! That lovely cornflower blue laceweight would make a great birthday present. 🙂


  25. georg says:

    The hobbit house would be a lovely studio for the back yard, if I had room for it. Feel better Sir N! I hate it when you’re ill because it distresses Ms. Sandi so!


  26. Gloria19 says:

    Happy Birthday to Nicholas! I hope he feels better soon. This has gone on for too

    Diane’s yarn is beautiful! Here’s to a successful fiber business.

    Thanks, Sandi, for keeping us up to date. Soon you will be on vacation
    and maybe you can relax. Hard to believe all you’ve done since you’ve
    been home. You’ve earned a break.


  27. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday. Id love to win that yarn


  28. Sandy says:

    Free-skeining scares me! Even if I didn’t make a total mess of it, I would lay it down somewhere and the cats would have a wonderful playtime with it!

    Happy Birthday to Nicholas!


  29. Cocoonivus says:

    Cornflowers have always been a favorite of mine! The yarn captures their color perfectly.
    Happy Birthday, Nicholas! I hope there were many wonderful things in those packages.


  30. Look at all those beautiful Karmic Geese Colors!! Augh. Now I’m worried I sent you Really Boring Yarn. C’est la vie! I shall take my neurotic self and stuff her in the basket knowing it was nice, anyway (if boring).

    Lovely to hear from you once again, you fabulously busy person, you!


  31. Diane says:

    To the rescue!

    Schafenfreude, loosely translated (from German) would be “the joy of sheep”. I get great joy from all my fiber pursuits and this was my witty little way to bring that into the business. Thanks so much for the mention and I look forward to hearing who wins! Gosh, I hope it’s me! 🙂


  32. CL says:

    Comments, comments, com-ments!
    Pretty cornflower.


  33. Teri says:

    Happy Birthday to Nicholas! The yarn is stunning and the “Hobbit house” is amazing!


  34. Deb says:

    Happy birthday, Nicholas!
    Woold love the yarn.


  35. Ruth says:

    I love the color of that yarn. Thank you Diane.


  36. Cat says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicholas.

    I love those cows. One of them looks like a Trojan Cow.

    Enjoy SOAR and Rhinebeck. One day, I’ll be able to go.


  37. Joan Siegel says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed reading your blogs until today, sitting here recuperating from surgery. Please wish Nicholas a happy birthday for me. And wish me luck so that perhaps I will win the lovely yarn give away!


  38. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday! May he have another great year of enabling you in your crafts!


  39. Karin says:

    Love the *idea* of freeskeining, but tried it once. In the car. With alpaca yarn. Not doing that again. My mom used to let me untangle necklaces in her jewelry box when I was little, but yarn, with all its fuzziness, is just not as cooperative as metal necklaces were. Anyway, happy day to a hubby who makes you so happy.


  40. naomi says:

    That yarn is so emphatically not my color that you shouldn’t include me in the drawing, but are you using a pattern for your new sweater? And should I remember what it might be?


  41. found a new LYS today, in Port Gamble WA, the Artful Ewe, and they had lovely alpaca, Id love to get that beautiful blue silk/wool yarn!


  42. Chris says:

    I was totally sidetracked by the Schafenfreude link & almost forgot to come back here to finish reading!


  43. ~~jenn says:



  44. My yarn detangler lives a home, thank heavens my teenage daughter does it when she is thinking out a problem. Say happy Birthday to Nicholas, Today is Alpaca day in Lodi Wi, It was a unique experience .


  45. Rachel says:

    That is a very beautiful skein of yarn, and cornflower is my very favorite color!


  46. It’s a beautiful color, and a beautiful yarn! And I hope you and Nicholas had a beautiful day – happy birthday, Nicholas!


  47. Natalie says:

    Happy birthday Nicholas. Sandi, I hope that you, like Newton Pulsifer, eventually find the right target for your particular superpower.


  48. Janet Statuti says:

    I forgot that perfection is not my goal. But I do have one sweater that nevers my home. It’s warm and comfortable but I had to use a glaring contrasting color to make it fit me . And it shouts “home made” and gag me with a spoon. but i did it and finished it. and i use it.


  49. jennybookworm says:

    Happy Birthday Nicolas – I would be happy to give that skein a happy home chez moi!


  50. Meg says:

    What a great post on perfection – a very good thing to remember. I always tell myself the old story about the Persian rug, that they always must have an imperfection in order not to challenge God, to remind myself to do something well, but not to expect perfection. I don’t have too many problems with that, though, since I can’t seem to follow a pattern without changing something!

    I LOVE that color. That would get me to attempt a shawl!

    Happy birthday to Nicolas and have a great vacation!


  51. Nicky says:

    Thank you for validating free-skeining! I flung a skein over my head last weekend even though I have a perfectly fine ball winder at home – it worked with that yarn so I kept on knitting.
    Jen and I prove the Yarn Harlot’s words of wisdom: there are no knitting police! 🙂


  52. molly says:

    well, my dear. first off, my comment was going to be a wish for safe and fun travels (still is). then it was going to be how dear the wee puppy was. then it was going to be about how i thought the cow sculptures might have been made from cow patties…
    but i was totally blown away by the writing on perfection and handwork, and that blasted everything else from my mind. why are we so hard on ourselves, when we are creating beautiful, useful albeit imperfect things? are we so hard on others? i’m going to look at my own work with a different (more forgiving and more loving) eyes. thank you for that.
    now – have a safe journey and fun travels! looking forward to reports of your adventures!
    (and happy birthday to sir nicholas!)


  53. Megan says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas! I am always reminded of how BIRTH days mean something much much different as a Mom…it was the day that a great deal of pain brought about another human being that forever changes your life! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  54. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicolas!

    I need those cows.

    However, I have knights on horseback made by my talented husband from car transmissions. Maybe those should be good enough?


  55. ellenspn says:

    Sandi, you know I need that skein of yarn. It’s just my color!!!!!


  56. Carole (3strands) says:

    TODAY IS MY HUSBAND’S BIRTHDAY, TOO!! Like, that is way cooler than anything! And, like you, I am VERY grateful for my man. And cornflower blue is on my list of favourite things, btw.


  57. Carole says:

    Oh Sandi, I so enjoy your blog and all your adventures. Hope both you and Sir N are on your good health. Love the yarn, Have a safe and fun trip. Wish I was going too so I could meet you in person


  58. Holly says:

    I am so excited about the Geese! And I love the depth of color on the purple skein. Did you card that yourself?


  59. Fae says:

    Happy birthday to Nicholas. Beautiful lace yarn, and just my color!


  60. Jekka says:

    Pretty pretty skein and a beautiful warp!


  61. sandee says:

    Happy Birthday, Nicholas. Love that yarn.


  62. Ooo – ooo-ooo! What pretty yarn. My superpower is fitting one more thing into a place where there is no space. (Handy in a small house.)

    That cow sculpture makes me wonder why people complain about the appearance of cell towers.


  63. Helena Dias says:

    Happy birthday Nicholas. Sandy, thank you for sharing with us.


  64. Anna Johnson says:

    I love the cornflower and your indigodragonfly yarn!! I have the reputation of having more patience than most to UNTANGLE yarn. There are times my patience is challenged though with some of those tangled problems! I love your cheerful blogging!!


  65. btownknitter says:

    I don’t blame you for driving and avoiding the whole airport, plane, overhead baggage and overpriced coffee ordeal. I’ve recently discovered the joy of audiobooks and listened all the way to Vogue Knitting Live L.A. and back today. Enjoy your drive. The autumn colors should be wonderful!


  66. Suze says:

    Love both of those blue yarns! And the
    link to the Hobbit House was fascinating


  67. Maud says:

    Happy birthday Nicholas!


  68. InJuneau says:

    Well Happy Darn Birthday to N (as it’s still his birthday day here as I type). Hope he’s feeling better soon.


  69. Dula says:

    Hi Sandi,
    I like all colorways of blue – the yarn is perfect for a shawl or scarf…
    Many greetings from Germany!


  70. Sharon says:

    That video of the Pom howling with the wolves was so funny! Our German Shepherd girls never howl with the coyotes. The girls go silent and keep track of where the coyotes are howling. They need to know if there is any threat to us, the cats, or to them. Needless to say, I get the three cats indoors immediately, and I stay to help the girls ward off the coyotes. Usually, the coyotes avoid our property!
    Our German Shep girls have always howled along with police cruisers and fire trucks. We don’t get them too often along our stretch of road, except when the volunteer fire dept. are training new recruits. Then they take out the truck on a certain day every week for a month or more, and the girls get to sing a siren song. 😉


  71. Caryn says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas!
    Please release Demeter soon-I can’t wait to see her.


  72. Trista says:

    Happy Birthday to your Nicholas. Today is also the birthday of one of my dearest friends who I have known for 35 years now. It’s a good day to be born I think. I heart your blog!


  73. Kerrie says:

    Happiest of Birthdays to your DH 🙂


  74. I look forward to seeing Demeter!


  75. Magi says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas! I love the colours you are showing and this new wool company is a welcome addition – thanks for telling us!


  76. Marjorie Vig says:

    Enjoy your birthday, Nicholas, every year keeps getting better


  77. Kate says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas!


  78. Kassia says:

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    (please pick me, I love cornflower blue!)


  79. Karen says:

    Safe travels….the color of the skein is just awesome!


  80. Susannah says:

    Sandi, I love your blog and look forward to every new edition!

    It was great fun watching Ellie and hearing her singing along to the wolf howls. too. It brought to mind our Alaskan Malamute, Gannon.

    Malamutes are normally a very quiet breed; they rarely actually bark, although they’re quite chatty and will join in “people” conversations, when they’re moved to do so, with many deep-throated “woo woos.”

    Gannon listens to various sounds in the community with great interest but generally doesn’t deign to answer – except when he hears hot air balloons going by over our house! Then this normally silent dog throws back his head and emits a series of heart-felt felt howls that go on…and on…and on…without drawing breath. His lungs could put Paravotti to shame!

    Although I’ve seen Gannon sing many times over the years, it still cracks me up every time he does it. I get quite excited when hot air balloons are in the neighbourhood, because I know we’ll be in for a rare treat.

    Thanks for sharing, Sandi.

    Susannah H.
    London, ON


  81. Melissa says:

    Happy birthday, Nicholas! Happy tangling, Sandi!


  82. NancyN44 says:

    Sir N, hope your birthday was the happiest ever (so far!).


  83. april says:

    Oh, I like indigodragonfly’s blog and yarn and yarn names! She is so clever. Also, I like that shade of blue. *hint hint*


  84. ninasaulic says:

    Happy birthday to Nicholas! Sandy, have a great time at SOAR. I wish I could be there — but it is not to be this year.


  85. Jennifer (youneedathneed) says:

    This, what I am typing, is a “bit of searingly beautiful prose”. You know it is, because I have labelled it as such. And if a book can be “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” just because the author titled it so, then I can do this. Right? 🙂


  86. Faith says:

    Happy birthday Nicholas!


  87. Suzy says:

    My swift loves to tangle my yarn for me…it’s not me – I swear!! LOL

    I’m loving that Cornflower yarn and would be happy to take if off you hands 🙂


  88. lorraine says:

    crazy beautiful yarn!..haha..danger yarn tangler on board! that so should be a button! ive never tried free skeining..but after spending 3 hours winding 400 yards of lace weight by hand maybe ill try it..have fun at soar! happy HAPPY HAPPY birthday nicholas!


  89. Holly says:

    “Happy Birthday” to your DH. Love reading your blog and adventures, safe travels — >j<


  90. Suzie says:

    Happy Birthday to Nicholas! Would love to see what is inside those packages and also how the Rhinebeck sweater knits up!


  91. Gwen says:

    Happy Birthday Weekend to the Marvelous Nicholas!!!

    The Yarn Tangler! Hee! And yet, you have this most recent epic Demeter. Great superpowers indeed!

    (Yes, I am greedy. Diane’s fiber is a joy to spin, not a compacted bit in sight and, Oh The Colours! Don’t we all need a bit of beautiful blue lace yarn?)


  92. Marea says:

    Dear. dear Sandi. Time for you to stand in that Karmic enhancing shower of light while handling skeins and warps and other “loose ends.” We’ll all send the universe messages to bless your efforts.


  93. Linda says:

    Any way you translate, it would be a joy to win!


  94. maureenC says:

    Happy birthday Nicolas! Blue is my favourite colour


  95. Sybil says:

    I am so glad I found you after you left Interweave. I enjoy getting the posts from yo u. I alway enjoy reading hearing from you.


  96. Darlene Appleby says:

    Forget the yarn, I want the llama!!


  97. Pat says:

    Good and safe travels!!
    I love the lightheartedness of the Chispas at the end.
    Thank you!!


  98. Janise says:

    It’s so good to have you blogging again. I so enjoy it! The give away yarn is lovely – would make a gorgeous shawl!


  99. What beautiful yarn!

    Those car-part cows were seriously bizarre. But kind of cool.


  100. Loredena says:

    That is a truly dangerous super power! Soo looking forward to seeing the karmic geese come to roost too! 🙂


  101. Marieanne Coursen says:

    Your blog posts are great fun to read!


  102. Janet Loughheed says:

    Happy belated birthday wishes Nicholas,



  103. gala23 says:

    Happy Birthday to Sir N! Hooray for a fellow September-ian. Ite. Whatevah.

    Those tangled warps sure are pretty!

    Aw, who am I kidding? How could I NOT try for Diane’s fiber? (Besides, I always read and never comment… maybe coming out of the woodwork will be my goal for this year.)



  104. Gail says:

    I think that yarn that gets tangled is its own form of string theory. Where is the physicist who is going to tackle that problem?

    and I am also good at the de-tangling ….

    and a final Happy Birthday to Sir Nicholas!


  105. Happy Bday Nicholas! I wonder what beautiful hand knit items you received? My secret identity is the Yarn Detangler. Sometimes there’s nothing I enjoy more than going into a trance sitting with a blob of yarn, and coming out of the trance with a perfect skein.


  106. Jo says:

    Happy Birthday to Nicholas!


  107. Ba says:

    Happy Cake Day to Sir N!! Looking forward to seeing you at SOAR.

    Safe Travels to you!


  108. Linda says:

    The link to the article on perfection was great – a start to finish read. Loved your mention of the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Fair, which I sadly missed this year, and nice to be updated on PassionKnit! You get inside my head! Oh, and the recent batts are yummy.


  109. andrea says:

    happy birthday Nicholas. Sandi the yarn is beautiful and the colour is stunning


  110. Bonnie says:

    Happy birthday to Nicholas! Thanks for the lovely giveaway, too. Gorgeous yarn.


  111. I love the beginnings of your Rhinebeck sweater! That color is so fun!


  112. Mary Glascock says:

    It’s the joy of sheep, and the color is glorious.


  113. blogless grace says:

    Lovely colour! And the llama is great!


  114. Rachel says:

    Oh, the yarn is gorgeous! I’d have to use it for my mom, because I can’t wear that shade of blue, but it’s perfect for her!


    • BETTY says:



  115. michele says:

    happy happy joy joy to sir nicholas ! sandi – have a wonderful trip and i loved the hobbit house 🙂


  116. Susan Larson says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Nicholas!
    Sandi – I loved the tangled yarns photo. I put a couple skeins of yarn in my knitting bag along with a few circulars and the biggest mess comes out of there. I pulled the mess out of my bag and my friend looked at it, rolled her eyes and said, “Give it to me.” It is nice to have friends to help detangle yarn.


  117. D Louise says:

    Happy [belated] Birthday Nicholas. That yarn being gifted in your honor is gorgeous.

    My name is Diane, too, if that counts for anything…


  118. K Bossmann says:

    That blue is the color of my husband’s eyes – it is beautiful!!! It is indeed wonderful that you two have each other – exactly how I feel about my husband!


  119. Ashley says:

    Hello, fellow Tangler! Once, my best friend and I were winding yarn at our LYS (back in BSE (that would be Before Swift Era) 2), and the damn thing got so incredibly tangled around the bottom of the (terrible) ball winder and (flimsy) swift that it took both of us and an irritated hipster shop assistant half an hour to get it sorted out, while a whole pack of irritated people going through yarn withdrawal lined up behind us. Talk about embarrassing. So yeah – I can tangle with the best of ’em. 😉


  120. Erica says:

    Yes, I think we’ve all made some lovely yarn barf in our time. I even saw one example that had two purses tangled in it. Really! 😉 Yarn sure is purty and would help balance out my stash, color-wise, LOL.


  121. Veronica says:

    Happy birthday to Nicholas!


  122. Julia Swart says:

    Thank you for the contest! I’m always up for trying lovely new yarn!


  123. Holly says:

    That yarn is gorgeous!! Happy belated birthday to Nicholas. Hope he had a great day!


  124. heidi campbell says:

    Lovely yarn! It would look mighty purty in my stash!

    Safe travels! Rhinebeck is always a blast. Eat a pot pie for me!


  125. Doris says:

    That cornflower blue is gorgeous. That would make a lovely shawl for my mom…that’s her color. I hope I win!


  126. Marielle says:

    Happy (belated) birthday Nicholas! That Cornflower is lovely!


  127. Mary Alyce Heaton says:

    Happy Birthday Sir N!

    Lovely lovely yarn. My favorite colour is blue.


  128. Liz says:

    That yarn is absolutely stunning!

    And a belated happy birthday to Nicholas!


  129. Judy Walker says:

    I just discovered your blog after e-mailing you about the Comfort Shawl. The yarn is beautiful and would be great in my queue.


  130. Lisa says:

    I am positive that if I tried that skein around the neck business it would take about 10 minutes to go from a skein to a noose. It could get ugly.


  131. Margo says:

    Happy belated Birthday to Nicholas.


  132. Riscylla says:

    Ohhhh you are good! this is awesome…Happy belated Birthday Nicholas, and happy travels Sandi.


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