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back to the blue

When last we left our intrepid Hoodie Heroine… She had banished the Blue Hoodie to the Naughty Corner for a little self-examination. If you recall, I knit the body, hood, and one sleeve of a worsted-weight hoodie, only to discover … Continue reading


the llama’s Thanksgiving

Remember this lovely skein of merino/cashmere silk yarn from Spirit Trail? The Giveaway Llama worked her magic this morning, and we have a winner! Congratulations, Rachel-AKA-ladygem154!! The yarn is yours, and I’ll be sending you an email shortly to work … Continue reading

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llamas and mittens and bunny fur (oh my)

It’s been a tough week here are Chez Wiseheart. Doctor appts, driving into the city three days in a row, dogs and cats living together…Oh wait. Sorry. That’s Ghostbusters, not Wisehearts. But never mind about that. There’s been plenty of … Continue reading

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sweater doctor, heal thyself

One of the classes that I teach is called Sweater Triage. The folks in the class bring in sweaters they’ve knit (along with the pattern and schematic), sweaters that don’t turn out to fit they way they expect, or sweaters … Continue reading

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