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TdF Day One

There’s a lot of work to be done between washing a fleece and sitting down at the wheel (or grabbing your spindle). Today was the first day of Spinning Prep. I wanted a heathery/tweedy sort of yarn, the oatmeal grey/brown … Continue reading

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the day before TdF

TdF, for those of you who may not be obsessed with Things Spinning, is not the Tour de France. Well, OK, it is that, too; however, in the world of spinners, we have created our own challenge event to coincide … Continue reading


mittens and the mysteries of process

I’ve been busy finishing things. No, I’m fine, thank you. No, no fever, and I don’t need to lie down right now. Thanks, I really am OK. I finished my newest pattern, Spring Has Sprung Mittens. The good news: It’s … Continue reading

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yarn party!

Hi! Sandi here. I am allowing the Llama to present the giveaway prizes today because…well, frankly, YOU go and try to say “no” to a sass-head camelid like her. And because Ms. Llama “doesn’t do photos,” I am breaking up … Continue reading

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the llama has her say

Good Golly, Miss Molly, if I do not let the Giveaway Llama have her say, and have it RIGHT NOW, I will not be able to live with her a minute longer. The fuss that creature makes when I do … Continue reading

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