yarn party!

Hi! Sandi here. I am allowing the Llama to present the giveaway prizes today because…well, frankly, YOU go and try to say “no” to a sass-head camelid like her. And because Ms. Llama “doesn’t do photos,” I am breaking up the sass with photos of our trip to Massachusetts Sheep & Wool and Vermont. Oh, and the Chispas are back! For now, though, may I present, once again…the Giveaway Llama!

it’s time to give some yarn away! as you can see, I have put on my party hat in honour of our yarn winners.

and just who are these lucky folks, hmmmmmmm?

ta-da!!! number 54 is our first winner

and number 12 is our second winner!!!

congrats, 54! good for you, 12!

sir nicholas and the bear salute you!


i suppose you’d like names with those numbers. pickypickypicky.

fine. i can do that.

54 is the secret code name for tamara, who left sandi a very flattering comment about her ability to make stuff up in so many different ways:

The bunny!!! the MOTHS!!!!! The way you invent new genres for each blog post!!!!!!!! You are awesome, and if I’d known you were coming down to MAS&W I would have gone too!

synchronized bunny dancing at MAS&W

tamara is one of our constant commenters, so i recognize her even though we’ve never met, and even though she has never had a chance to scritch that special spot on my neck. toooo bad. maybe next time. (i’ll make sure sandi ties on a silk ribbon marking the spot so you don’t get it wrong, tamara. that’s only courteous of me, right?)

meanwhile, tamara, you will have some nice yarn to play with. sandi’s emailing you because apparently she actually does not know everything and she actually has to ask for your address.

or else, she’s busy napping on the job and dusty has to review her performance.

who gets which skein

because 54 is the first number that the random number widget spat out, the person-formally-known-as-54 gets to choose which of the two skeins she wants to win. the second winner, secret agent 12, will get the other skein of yarn. 54, you hold 12’s fate in your hands…

Funky bridge on the Vermont/New York state line

here’s a memory refresher for tamara and secret agent 12 (and all you other yarn fans, llama fans, and–SHUDDER–moth fans):

tamara can choose this skein: Holiday Yarns silver sock yarn in evergreen, actual real sterling silver spun into each strand; watch the value of your yarn go up and down with the stock market!

or this one: british bunnies were dyed in shades of purples and blues and pinks and then forced to sit still while someone spun their fur into laceweight for you. this yarn is the work of an old ravelry buddy, yarnscape.

ok, tamara.

let ‘er rip. decide your fate as well as the fate of secret agent 12.

oh, i haven’t revealed secret agent 12’s name yet, have i?

heh. just dragging this big fun out a little bit longer. (i like my party hat and i don’t want to take it off yet. it’s waaay sick with style.)

be it known throughout the world that secret agent 12 is none other than wendy p.! wendy p., you lucky gal, sandi will send you an email too. thanks for saying llamas are cool. we are the very soul of cool, in fact. just like my friend the heavy metal moose here:

and there we are, another giveaway accomplished with flair and lots of nice compliments from all of you. you really are all too kind.

would you like to read some of the kind things people said about me?

sure you would. and i would too, even though i’ve already read them at least seventeen times and printed out a copy for every wall in sandi’s house.

Don’t mind me, Ms. Llama, I’m just showing our nice readers some pics of a GORGEOUS fibre gradient! This one is (again) from Jen at http://www.holidayyarns.com.

donna wrote me an adoring note of gratitude.

Oh, your Royal Gorgeousness, thou Best Beloved Giveaway Llama, thank you for sharing the bountiful abundance. I’m a previous winner, don’t know if I’m eligible to win again, just want to share the fun.

well, i’ve got good news for you, donna, my friend. you won your prize in January of 2011, so it’s been more than a year and this means you’re back in the list of party participants. (you were number 7 this time. normally, 7 is a lucky number, but not so much this time.)

oh, and sandi wants to know what you did with the yarn she sent you. you can email her a pic and knowing her, she’ll probably put it on the blog and make you famous and stuff.

The above gradient, unrolled to show its pretty insides!

i also liked what ruth said:

There is nothing like a sassy llama to liven up the day.


thank you for your insightful comments. you have seen my true nature.

It took eight seconds for Dusty to jump up on the gradient, sniff it for acceptability, and find himself a comfy napping spot on it. Eight. Seconds.

susannah also saw the special that is me:

Wonderful post! In fact, I very much enjoyed hearing from the Illustrious Lama; quite the personality she has, that one. Perhaps she could be persuaded to share her singular viewpoint from time to time, giveaway or no giveaway. I love bunnies and moths and sheep and all those terrific things, but that Lama’s my kinda’ gal!

i’ll have you know that it’s because of you, susannah, that sandi let me write today’s post. whether or not i write here again depends on how my plans for world domination are going that week.

I don’t think Nicholas is licensed to operate this mechanism.
(Baby Penny, AKA Thing #3, courtesy of Gala and Mr. Gala)

props to ercil for her compliment chops:

The Giveaway Llama Girl is such a sweet beautiful deep eyed Camelid. Truly, she is without equal and so generous! We are so lucky!!!

you people are all so very intelligent and perceptive. i’m glad we have nice yarn to give to you every now and then.

(sandi says if i quote any more of your kind words, she won’t have a following anymore. spoilsport.)

anyway, thank you and agents 54 and 12, please enjoy the yarn!

lots of llama llove,

the giveaway llama


P. S. from Sandi:

Anyone left out there after all that? She lives a bit large, that one. 🙂

Beautiful Moth-ery: I got so many comments about the moths that I went and looked them up on The Google to see if I could identify the brown one. I knew the green one was definitely a luna moth (not “lunar” as I said in the previous post, sorry for the error), but wasn’t sure about the brown one. Turns out that the brown one is a cousin of the luna moth, called Callosamia promethea, the Promethea Moth. That is, it’s a Promethea if I’ve made the correct identification from the moth sites.

(Yes. There exist entire sites with pictures of All The Moths. I’m sure it’s Disneyland for bug folks, but for knitters, it’s a wee bit disturbing to view the true vastness of the ranks of the Enemy. Fortunately, they don’t all eat yarn. And the luna moth and the Promethea moth don’t eat anything…BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO MOUTHS. This creeps me out more than I can say. I’m trying not to have nightmares about mouthless beings pounding on my door and begging for chocolate chip cookies.)

I’m off to find some pictures to adorn this post….so here’s a couple of Chispas to entertain and amaze you.


Apparently, there is first class seating on an airplane…and then there is First Class everything on an airplane. I did not know such things existed, because, of course, the only time I have been in first class has been when I have to walk quickly through it to get to my seat back by the washrooms.

As long as we’re talking about the sometimes-friendly skies…I found photos of an entire airline, including airplanes, designed by a five-year-old girl. A deranged five-year-old girl. An obsessive/compulsive, perseverating, psychotic, extremely deranged five-year-old-girl. See for yourselves.

Because an airline like that is surely a sign of the End of the World, here is a collection of photos that you really ought to see before the comet hits downtown Dallas while Bruce Willis and Jody Foster and Will Smith are all having an icy mojito together at the giraffe hotel.

As fibre people, we are always interested in our beloved fibre animals. We are interested in the gifts they give us, and in what we can do with their gifts. Behold this, and be in awe. (And in hysterics.)

A Very Smart Cat does not have thumbs and yet knows how to use them.

And finally, a blessing from the kitten shaman.

Did you know? Tamara and Wendy are the eighteenth and nineteenth giveaway winners since we started doing them! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for joining in the fun! Never fear, there will be more giveaways in the future.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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6 Responses to yarn party!

  1. Meg says:

    OMG, my sister gave me a sheep poo paper blank book after she went to Wales! Isn’t it hysterical? I passed it on to a fellow knitter for her birthday and I think it’s now making the rounds:-) I’m sorry I missed the Great and Glorious Giveaway Llama – I’ll have to go back and read her first entry. She does have an attitude, that one!


  2. susannah says:

    Gotta love that llama! She’s almost, ALMOST as fantastic as her owner ( or should I perhaps say, the person she owns???)


  3. Shearersgirl says:

    I didn’t realise llamas were so talented!


  4. Barbara says:

    I have so missed your columns and I’m really glad I found your blog. Wished I would have won a skein, but now that I’m signed up to receive your postings, I’ll never miss another. My LYS is also an alpaca farm. They have about 50 in various colors and are just as adorable as the llama! When the alpaca is spun, it is identified by the name of the animal – so I have a skein of Lover Boy and another of Miss Dolly. Wish I could know which ones they were – I’d thank them for their work. 😉


  5. Donna says:

    Dearest & Most Adorable Gift Llama, so sorry to have ignored you. It was your use of the F word (Famous) that freaked me out. I ran to hide under my bed, but the space was filled with bins of yarn; I ran to hide in the closet, but it was filled with bags of yarn and spinning fiber. So I’ve been huddled on the Sacred Sofa of Knitting (SSK) winding 7,000 yards of lace weight yarn by hand, croaking out the words to Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina: “And as for fortune and as for fame, I never invited them in….” I’m coming to grips with it now, and I will write to Sandi about the gift yarn and my project. Love,Donna


    • sandi says:

      Donna Dear,
      You can run but you cannot hide from the Llama.
      Also: Do you need new music suggestions? I mean. Evita. C’mon, girl.
      The Giveaway Llama


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