sleeve-knitting and towel-eating

Which would you like to hear about first? Towel-eating or sleeve-knitting?

Let’s go with Towel-Eating.

Some of you have already heard this, but since it sucked away more than a week of our lives, well. Humour me, it will help me to get it out of my system. I’ll try to make it worth your while.

This is Buddy.

Yes, he is adorable. Look at those sad puppyface eyes. (If you’ve read Buddy’s story, then the rest of this is going to make a whole heck of a lot more sense. It will also explain why you can see only three paws in his pics.)

Sunday before last, we went to church. This is not a new thing; when one attends church, one tends to go on all, or at least most of, the Sundays one is home. Church-going on Sundays. It’s a Thing.

So Buddy knows we go, and he knows we’ll be back, and he even knows where we are, because church is just across the street (literally; small street) and if he looks out the window, he can see us walking over there.

Monday: He starts throwing up…but he is still eating/drinking/doing his business. Tuesday: More tossing of cookies, more discomfort. We take him to the vet. There are X-rays and blood tests. There are also Unclear Results. Wednesday: Buddy is miserable. By now, we are fairly certain he has swallowed something, but we don’t know what. Back to vet. More X-rays, an ultrasound, and an endoscopy.

Vet then calls me: “Are you missing a towel, by any chance? Like a tea towel. With fringe. I think it’s red.”

He thinks it’s red.

I assure him that we are strictly a purple/green/blue/no-fringe towel family. He says, well, whatever Buddy has in his stomach is red, with fringe. “Nifty,” I think. “Now our dog is eating other people’s laundry.”

(You will notice at this point that there has been a dearth of photos in this section. You’re welcome.)

Buddy has eaten other non-food-items before, usually when we are out running errands. He has abandonment issues; completely understandable given his background.

Zoë says she would NEVER eat a spindle. Especially not one with cormo on it.

Buddy has consoled himself with the following at various times: Upper part of a leather Dansko shoe; rubber coaster; hand-dyed crocheted mittens designed especially for me; microfiber eyeglass cloth; leather belt; leather collar; coated nylon-with-thinsulate glove-with-plastic-buckle; skein of handspun yarn (ouch); empty crinkly bags of all types provided they smell like food.

All of the above items, ah…worked themselves out, shall we say, over time.

Vet told me that he could not get the Red Towel out via the endoscope and it was Surgery Time.

It’s now several days post-surgery. Buddy is doing well; he’s enjoying the extra attention as usual, and enjoying the special wet food Very Much Thank You.

My favourite moment (if one can say that about any of this) was The Great Reveal: The vet had saved the Red Towel (sealed in a plastic bag; we shall not speak of the olfactory factoids) to show us, just so we would know what had caused the new scar on Bud’s Belly (not to mention the new dent in our finances).

Not a towel; a dinner napkin. A sixteen-inch-square dinner napkin. Rose-coloured, actually. Here is one of its grieving companions, with Buddy, for scale:

I know, poor baby. You can tell he knows he’s done something naughty, and that he recognizes that napkin.

We use cloth napkins as a way of cutting down on things-that-go-in-landfills. That particular napkin, however, has turned out to be the Most Expensive Household Linen EVER.


Houston, we have achieved Sleeve.

And in an amusing twist, we have unconsciously also achieved a colour-coordinated manicure:

If you only knew how hard it was to take that photo, how many shots it took to get The Right One And In Focus…see how much I love you guys? 

The challenge with sleeves, of course, is that there are TWO of them. (Unless you are like Buddy and have only one front paw.) The above sleeve is Sleeve Number One.

I am DETERMINED to have this sweater done by Rhinebeck. Having it done before that would be nice, but let’s not get our hopes up, OK?

In household news: My dust-bunnies are having dust-bunnilettes. I have two fleeces that haven’t been washed yet. There is a strange stain on my favourite shirt. And the cats think I am starving them.

They are determined to Do Something About This Unspeakable Situation…right after their nap.


You know how I am always lamenting the fact that the Cleaning Fairy disses me? She never calls, she never writes, she never stops by…Apparently, I am actually rather lucky she doesn’t just drop by.

We always think our “modern transportation system” poses unique problems for knitters and their pointy objects. Think again.

It’s really good to know what to do in case of a natural disaster. Ashley wanted to make sure her stuffed animals were clear on safety rules for Hurricane Isaac.

It’s really hard to say “I can’t” after watching this video.

With that, I leave you with the winner of the 2012 Cat Internet Video Festival. Yes, there really is a Cat Internet Video Festival. Ten thousand people attended this year. This is the species we belong to, folks.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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13 Responses to sleeve-knitting and towel-eating

  1. Tamara says:

    Ugh, so sorry about Buddy and the napkin. My dog Jester once ate 5 lbs of suet; it wasn’t pretty, and he looked soooo upset right before it became ugly. But at least no vet bills.

    Where do you stay for Rhinebeck?? I assume you must get a room very early, but even so there are so few B&B’s or hotels.

    It’s really true; that IS the best cat video of all time. I’ve seen it before, but I’d forgotten about the ‘white idiot’ and his cheeseburgers. Painfully funny.

  2. Sandy says:

    Love, Love, Love the cat video. I belong to the ‘crazy cat lady’ species. So sorry to hear about Buddy. Poor fellow. I hope he has a full and speedy recovery. I also hope the budget has a full and speedy recovery!

  3. Arla says:

    I like cats…but I love dogs… I suppose growing up with them has jaded my view, but I am married to a man who grew up with cats…we have had dogs most of our married life, and are now animal-less, except when we look after our grand-kitties…
    Thanks for sharing Sandi, surgery on our pets is always a rather traumatic thing for the parents…but Buddy looks very happy and the cats, well, they look well rested!!!

  4. Poor Buddy. Thankfully the worst thing that Victor has eaten was a relatively small amount of licorice. While hideous, it was cheap to deal with though he looked unhappy about needing to go out so often!

  5. Carole says:

    Always love your life stories and the Chispas, Sandi. Hugs to Buddy.

  6. KiniaCat says:

    I’m very glad everything worked out well with Buddy and the napkin munching.
    Kudos to you and yours for trying to reduce the landfill waste (and for knowing when to call the vet!). My cats seem to have a similar “starvation” opinion (and girth) as yours. Hmmmmm.
    I’ll have to back-read to see what the sleeves go with {wry grin} but they look spiffy!

  7. Genia Potter says:

    You have a terrific blog, but it’s almost worth checking out just for the photos of your beautiful animals. “Buddy’s Story” had me in tears; I’m so glad you and Nicholas found him, or he found you.

  8. Hi Sandi. As always, it was great to read about your doggy friend and your cats. We just lost our kitty this past weekend, so it was nice to read about your success story with Buddy. And the cat video made me laugh out loud. (Dottie would have loved it.)

  9. ashley e (who had a Newfie tri-pod) says:

    I’m sorry Buddy had to go through that. I’m sorry you and your budget have to go through it. I, likewise, have a tiny stick that was ‘taken in’ by my dog. After over $300 in vet costs (and it could have been a lot worse!), the little stick comes out to about about $125 per inch! The vet gave me the stick to take home in a little test tube; I keep it with my jewelry.

    And did you educate your vet on the difference between a dish towel and cloth dinner napkin? I’m sure they’re easier to differentiate when they’re not all wadded up inside someone.

  10. molly says:

    poor buddy – i recall an incident with our beagle involving back-to-back barbeque parties, many treats and scraps, a dog with absolutely NO sense of ‘i’m full now’….there was the vet, the tests, the castor oil…..oy! poor buddy!

  11. Shearersgirl says:

    Poor Buddy, I’m glad he is on the way to recovery. You tell a very good story!

  12. Pat says:

    Glad to hear that Buddy is recovering. We’ve had a few scares with our collie, who likes to eat handkerchiefs, but so far have avoided surgery. LOVED the story about the lady knitting on the train!

  13. I had a friend who’s German Shorthair Pointer was always eating anything he could chew … one day she came home and found him on his side, groaning. She rushed him to the vet, who immediately x-rayed the dog. She was mortified when the vet came into the waiting room and told her (in earshot of many others), that her pampered pooch had eaten a good part of a box of tampax (which had then swelled in his stomach). They had to be surgically removed.

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