October musings

This has been the view from my desk chair for most of the week:

Today, however, the sky has apparently fallen, because all that yellow and gold and auburn is now on the ground.

I do love autumn in Ontario. (It’s only that which comes after autumn that I have unkind thoughts about.)

Finished Sweater Report: Sandrilene

Done! With a rating of F for Fabulous. (Had you there for a sec.)

Pattern: Sandrilene by Jesh

Yarn: MCN Worsted by Indigodragonfly.

Note that the colour is more accurate in the close-up photo of the clasps at the end of this post. (I think I got a little over-enthusiastic with the studio lights for the one above. Explains why the photo is too dark. Oy.)

Mods: I promised that I wouldn’t mess with Jesh’s genius. Now that the sweater is done, I can say that I must have been doped-up and singing from the upstairs window when I said that, because it’s a flat-out lie.

  • I added shaping to the back because I have no butt and I always like to create the illusion of being able to sit down.
  • The shaping involved adding darts that decreased from hem to waist and then increased from waist to bust, with an inch or two of “work-even” between decreases/increases.
  • There were two dart lines, one on each side, about even with the insides of my shoulder blades. (I guesstimated.)
  • I cast on and worked the hem and lower hip area using the numbers for the 43.5″ size.
  • Somewhere around the waist, I switched to using the 39.5″ numbers.
  • Yoke was worked with 39.5″ numbers.
  • Sleeves and armholes were worked using a magical, mystical combination of the 39.5″ and 43.5″ numbers. (You’re welcome for that clear and precise account.)
  • I was free-and-wild with the row count between cable crossovers from the bust upwards, so it’s not symmetrical. Ask me if I care.
  • I added three clasps to the front.
  • Overall, it is a pretty darn great fit.
  • I think I wrote it all down. Somewhere.

What is wrong with this picture? (Note that in this establishment, cat/dog hair is never wrong, it is rather a “fashion accessory.”)

Next time

I’ve never said this about any other pattern, Jesh, so listen up: I want to make another one. 

(Would someone please check on Jesh now to make sure she is OK? Wave some smelling salts under her nose or something.)

Why would I make this again when I never make any pattern twice? This is the first yoke-style sweater I have ever knit; it is also the first time I have ever done shoulder saddles. It’s also the first time I have knit sleeve caps the way these were knit. Know what? BEST FUN EVER. The pattern was engaging; it was well-written; I loved the way Jesh gives you a chart of the stitches/row counts for each size in chart form, and you fill-in-the-blanks throughout the written instructions with your own numbers. This made doing modifications a breeze.

Even though I said I wasn’t going to do any modifications. Ahem.

And best of all: I love the way the finished sweater fits and looks on me. I’ve been wearing it almost constantly; it has become my grab-a-cardigan sweater and I think everyone here is already sick of seeing me wearing it.

Don’t care. LOVE IT.

Thank you, Kim, for the fabulous yarn that is soft, warm, and such a smacking-great colour. Thank you, Jesh, for the great pattern.

Here are the additional mods I would try:

  • Make the fronts ~1″ wider from waist up; make the fronts ~2″ wider from the waist down.
  • Lengthen the shoulder saddles by ~0.5″ each side.
  • Widen the back yoke section by just a bit. An inch overall?
  • Add just a few rows to the sleeve cap section on each side.
  • I also might add a few extra sts in width to the top of each sleeve for my bulging hard-body muscles.

Clasp Woe: I am wavering about the clasps. They are gorgeous; Norwegian pewter from Gemini Fibres. And because I am me, and therefore cannot help myself, I added a small glass flower and seed bead to each stitching-point. (OH COME ON PEOPLE. Even if you’ve only been reading this blog since last month, you should know me by now.)

But The Spouse About The House likes the sweater better without them. I am undecided. Opinions/rants/commands/ravings?

Pro tip: Use a tripod if you are trying to take photos of your own boob area. Otherwise, due to the giggling factor, you will never get a photo that is in clear focus.


“small sparks” for inspiration

~ In case you don’t feel like eating your broccoli, you could always just run it through an MRI machine.

~ Is it time for pie? Sure it is. Sweet Potato Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust, in fact.

See this sock drawer? Those are all handknit socks. There are 31 pairs in there, enough so that you could wear a fresh pair every single day of the month. I know this person. She seems really nice in person, really sweet, really normal, (normal even for a knitter, I mean). But her sock drawer…bothers me. Know why? BECAUSE I’M JEALOUS.

~ I’m not really obsessed with Legos. Besides, this is street art. I love serendipitous art more than I can say.

~ What do you get when you give a bird a camera? Breath-taking photos.

~ Need to invite a friend over last-minute for All Hallows? No friends available that evening? Knit yourself a vampire. (And it’s a free pattern…what a nice treat.)

~ And of course, the obligatory cute animal links:

~~ Cat In A Box…Almost.

~~ Fox Discovers Trampoline.

~~ What Your Pets Are Planning To Do While You Are At Work On Monday.

That’s it until next time. If you think you missed my Rhinebeck post, well…you didn’t. I didn’t go to Rhinebeck, so I get to write a Whinebeck post instead. 

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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7 Responses to October musings

  1. Donna Magee says:

    Very jealous of sock drawer unless she decides to share 😉

    I like the clasps but I am a person who does not really button sweaters
    has to think Melody might be onto something about leaving them off.

    And, of course, I LOVE the sweater and WANT!

  2. pat says:

    your creativity is amazing. i love the clasps! I am lusting after that drawer. It’s inspiring! I only have 28 more pairs to go and at the rate that I knit (2 pairs of socks/year) it will only take me 14 years!

  3. Arla says:

    love the sweater, clasps and all!!! but I’m one for neat thingies, too! love the chispas, especially the birds, cats, and the recipe!!! blessings!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I vote M’s suggestion of no clasps. But tis lovely!

  5. I was half-way through your post when all went dark. But yay! The power is back on and so is cable!

    You are looking good, girl. That color is great on you.

    And I didn’t go to Rhinebeck either. We can whine together.

  6. Meg Olhasque says:

    I love the cardi and I love the clasps. Just not on the same garment.
    I think the clasps detract from your cables, and I think your cables detract from the clasps. The cardi could be left open, or, you could replace the clasps with something a bit more subdued. The clasps would be outstanding on a simple one-color stockinette garment.
    For years I’ve mixed and matched sizes in commercial patterns, and I’ve always added my own touches. That’s the great thing about knitting; with few exceptions you can always frog it and start over.

  7. Barbara says:

    Sandi– I hope all is well in your life. Looking back, I realize that your work with Knitting Daily was what started me down the primrose path to more and more involvement with the internet knitting community, leading to my moderating 3 Ravelry groups. Somehow it happened. I enjoy your blog posts and look forward to the next news in your very zestful life. Regards to Nicholas and the dogs and cats.

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