first post of 2013

Ah, the possibilities of a new year…

I’ve already finished one project this new year, one I started about a month ago. I can’t show you the entire whatsit, nor can I tell you what the pattern is, because it is a gift that has not been given yet:

purple beaded thing 2

The yarn is Dicentra Designs Merino Alpaca, and the colour is pretty accurate in that photo. (Yes, I put beads on it.) The object is now blocking, and once the recipient has seen it, I’ll show it off here, too!

The only trouble is: I love it so much that I am going to have to suck up my big girl priorities to make sure the whatsit makes its way to its proper new owner.

Christmas 2012 has been successfully navigated.

Remember my list of Seven Festive Things? Here’s a re-cap:

And to take care of the Christmas Child within, I made a list of seven things, seven festive things that I could reasonably do that would help feed my little holiday-hungry soul:

  1. Put a wreath on the door.
  2. Hang our big snowflake-of-lights on our porch.
  3. Put up a small tree.
  4. Make gingerbread cookies with my sweetie.
  5. Have hot spicy cider in the house.
  6. Hang stockings and have wee things to put in them.
  7. Snuggle up with cats and beloved and dog and watch movies on Christmas Day. (I used to watch the Die Hard movies every Christmas. I got those at the discount store, and a few others. Plus, there’s always Doctor Who and Buffy!)

Here’s my post-holiday report:

1. Fresh wreath obtained for a ridiculously low price ($5! down from $30!) and hung on the front door with care. WIN.

door wreath

2. Snowflake lights: This is one of the two items where we experienced Glitches. Glitch #1: I couldn’t find the snowflake lights. They are in the basement. I know approximately where they are. I dug around a bit, two days in a row, and then I shrugged my shoulders and put up a pretty poinsettia windsock as a substitute. However (Glitch #2): It got so windy Christmas weekend that I had to bring the windsock indoors. Points for effort and creative substitution.

I don’t consider #2 a Fail though, because I did manage to install this little chap on the front porch.

porch reindeer

My inner small child is amused and pleased. WIN.

3. Small fake tree unearthed from the basement, brought upstairs, and decorated with basic ornaments in TV room. WIN


I love the wee Santa bear on the very top. BONUS WIN

treetop bear

4. We did not manage gingerbread cookies, at least not baking them ourselves. Our church had pre-baked cookies available after services one day for the children to decorate, so I gleefully announced my status as Temporary Honourary Small Child and sat down to decorate one of the broken ones. WIN

cookie and me

I love that the broken cookie I chose is missing a leg, just like my dog. MORE WIN

mr bojangles cookie

Mission Accomplished. And my sweetie baked a few dozen of my favourite Ginger Molasses Snapolas, so I kind of got the best of both worlds.

5. Hot Spicy Cider also experienced a Glitch. The Glitch was me. The cider is here, in the fridge. The spices are here, in the cupboard. But I didn’t manage to get these ingredients together in a pot, so hot cider is still only a possibility. However there is good news: Hot Cider is still a possibility.

6. We had stockings! We had wee gifties to put in them! We got our act together! Hooray! It was great fun. WIN again

7: Movies and snuggling: There was a sale at the discount store, and I may have gone a little crazy buying movies on DVD.  We had so many choices that we ended up not watching Die Hard; we watched the Star Trek movie (the newest one, about Young Kirk Breaking All The Rules) and a Doctor Who episode we had not seen. WIN.

I think my favourite part, besides the Star Trek movie and the snuggling, was the surprise at the end of the evening. There were three big gifts for me, and Dr. CutePants handed them to me one by one. There was quite the build-up to this, you understand. Special pile, waiting till last, all the hallmarks of a Big Fab Surprise Gift.

First: A duvet cover. (OKayyyyyy. Nice. But…a duvet cover?)

Second: A set of sheets to match the cover. (OK….again, nice. But this is Christmas. Getting bedsheets for Christmas is like getting underwear for Christmas.)

Third: A lovely, charming, stylish, beautiful set of…flannel sheets.

flannel sheets

OK, now these I was a bit more excited about. (They are wonderful. I’ve never had really nice flannel sheets before.)


You have to understand that Dr. CutePants had dragged me to the Apple Store a couple of weeks before Christmas, specifically to let me play with the new iPad and the iPad mini, in order to see which one I might like best. I played with them, and we both agreed that the new iPad was the one we both liked best.

We went home without purchasing said iPad, because…wellllll….Christmas.

Perhaps now my puzzlement at duvet cover/matching sheets/flannel sheets is more understandable.

Trying not to be ungrateful, thinking shame-facedly of third-world countries and hungry cold children, I made myself think happy thoughts of cozy nights wrapped in snowflake-decorated flannels.


Mr. Grinch attends the annual Santa Parade in our small town. He says I am just lucky he did not steal my tree and that tasty little gingerbread cookie. (Costume from Gigi’s Costumes ( on King Street in Bolton, ON)

It was then that Dr. CP started gathering up the boxes, asking me if I might check behind the tree and the furniture next to the tree “just to make sure we’d gotten everything.”

Sly, that one. “Just check,” my arse.

There was an extra present (shock! Awe! Surprise!) in back of the (unplugged) electric fireplace.

fancy zoe

Fancy photo of Zoe taken with iPad camera…whooo!

It was an iPad.

I may have squeeed.

I know there are starving children and folks without any Christmas gifts at all. But this is the life I have, and this is the place I live in, with the connectivity requirements of the type of work I do.

The iPad is much lighter than my laptop, so I can take it places and do my blogging or writing or pattern work wherever I am, instead of waiting until I get home from my trip. (I don’t blog on the iPhone, even though there is an app…it’s just not reasonable, given my blogging style!) I can take it to the sofa with me if I am having a bad pain day, so I can play games, watch movies, or stay in touch with friends on a more regular basis. I can watch spinning videos right next to my spinning wheel. I love my laptop; but this iPad fits the way I work and live just that much better these days. It’s an excellent tool that will help me work more efficiently.

Plus, it is really super-fun.

I may have already become addicted to the Jigsaw Puzzle app. Puzzles! Pieces that the cats cannot steal/chew/mangle! Pieces that never get lost! Love. Love. Love.

It was a successful holiday, in that I found creative ways to get needs met in the face of limited resources. It was an interesting holiday, in that I had new people and new experiences all a round me. (I met a hockey puck in person for the first time! I’d never seen one nor held one before!)

hockey puck

It was a difficult holiday, because I’m re-evaluating a lot of things in my life, asking big questions, and searching out answers that are not the standard check-yes-or-no, answers that reach beyond my insular first-world status to try and get a glimpse of how my life fits into the larger picture, the larger home that is Gaia, our earth and our home.

It was also a loving holiday, full of the love of new family and friends, folks who welcomed me and loved me and laughed with me and taught me a lot about what family is supposed to be.

Christmas photo

We ate all the blueberry pancakes and waffles and now we are hyped up on all-natural sugars. YAY!!

Desmond Dude Riscylla me

Desmond, Riscylla, and me

What Zelda Built

What Zelda Built

Heather and her charming mom, whose name has already left the Sandi Building (sorry)

Heather and her charming mom, whose name has already left the Sandi Building (sorry)

May the new year be as full of love and laughter and fun and rest and creativity and beauty and peace as your heart can hold, until it overflows with gratitude and joy.

If you’d like to read a bit about my thoughts on Christmas in particular, I wrote about it on my journeying blog, heart of a sparrow, here.


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5 Responses to first post of 2013

  1. Arla says:

    blessings to you and yours in this new year!!! may it be filled with love, laughter and lots and lots of projects, to start, to work on, to take apart and may they all be completed to satisfaction!!!

  2. Tamara says:

    Your front DOOR is so beautiful! I think next year you are allowed to simply put a big red bow on it just to adorn its breathtakingness.

    Happy Happy New Year to you and your sweet Dr. CP.

  3. hiddenhill says:

    Ooh do share! What apps do you use for blogging & writing? Do you use an external keyboard? My laptop’s dying and I’m considering an iPad…

  4. elaine in colorado says:

    Lucky you! Lucky me! Christmas 2011 my DH got me a Motorola Xoom and I love it! I use it every day. Te stand allows it to sir upright, so I can knit. Makes watching instructional videos, so easy. We have the best guys! You already love yours, I can tell 🙂 Have fun & take care! Happy knitting 🙂

  5. Penny says:

    Here’s to this new year and to all the possibility each new day brings.

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