The Llama Has Spoken

From Sandi

Hello, awesome readers. It is a good day to express my deep appreciation for all that you are in my life, for the comments that lift us all up at times, for the laughter, for the chispas you send in, for the community you have helped me build over the past several years. That’s why I do these giveaways: To say Thank You, and You Are Awesome. (I have no idea why Ms. Llama does the giveaways. She has her reasons, I am sure.)

Therefore, it is a good day to give away yarn and 10 chances to win a beautiful quilt.  But let me hand this over to Ms. Llama herself so that we can proceed with proper decorum.

from the desk of the one and only giveaway llama!

darlings! i’m so glad to be with you today. it was hard to leave my mountain home in peru, especially this time of year, when the rainbows grow amidst the gorgeous silky mists that form in the ever-so-green valleys.

rainbow llama

however, my love for you is very strong, so i got in touch with some friends and they arranged a most delightful mode of transport for me, so that i could come north and announce the winners in person.

llama paraglider

exciting as that trip was, i will say that i was most grateful to have my little hooves on solid ground again. i took a celebratory wander in the countryside around the small town where Mistress Sparkle lives, breathing in the lovely fall breezes and taking in the colours of the leaves as they start to turn.

pink tassels

of course, folks in this area know me, and so at times i had to do my wanderings incognito.

travelling incognito

this morning, after a good night’s rest, i was glad to put on my very own party clothes in honour of all of you kind and humorous readers.

blue tassels

do you like my tassels? they’re new; i don’t usually wear blue and green together, but i’m feeling a bit daring this season. i saw a llama over in machu pichu who was copying my trademark pink tassels–the horror! she did look nice, i’ll admit, but as she is a pure white llama, she has the natural hair colour to compliment just anything.

after all, some of us have to struggle for our art.

but enough about me. let’s talk WINNING!

giving from the heart

you all know that the GiveAway Llama loooooves to hand out prizes and gifts. So much so that Mistress Sparkle’s accountant has created a special line item just for my little gifts and giveaways! wasn’t that nice of her?

however, this time, you, dear readers, topped the top of the charts with your own generosity and kindness: at least two of you made outright donations to the Bell Tower Fund; one person bought $50 worth of tickets; and on and on.

it was to the point where Mistress Sparkle actually had to use Excel to keep track of everyone and who wanted what and so on.

in the end, however, she worked things out, and now i get to have the fun of announcing the winners in each category:

Category: Yarn

remember this?

giveaway Iron Horse yarn

it now belongs to lucky random drawing winner

Dee Jochen !!

here, let me put a smile on your faces and into your hearts: read part of what Dee posted in her comment:

“Oh, and were I to be lucky (I never am!) , the yarn would be a delight.”

looks like your luck has taken a turn for the better, Dee, hon. Congratulations!

Mistress Sparkle will be emailing you shortly (on my behalf, too, of course!) to get the details worked out.

Category: Book of Ten (10) Raffle Tickets

The Auction Quilt, Christ Church, Bolton

The Auction Quilt, Christ Church, Bolton

a full book of 10 raffle tickets for 10 chances to win the quilt pictured above has been won by:

MissoulaChick !!

Mistress S will be emailing you to find out your real name (she felt quite silly writing “missoula c.” on all 10 of your tickets) and to explain how the raffle works.

Sandi, Again:

Oh great. I know you cannot hear it, but suddenly, in my very own office, the Llama Drama signal has gone off, and it’s quite loud. Let’s see what my crazy kind camelid friend is up to now…..


Be aware that there are…


(sandi rolls her eyes…it’s true, you know,
all that stuff about llamas being drama queens…sigh)

i, the Giveaway Llama, queen of all i survey

queen of all she sees

do hereby announce the SURPRISE she has been planning for today:


i let Mistress S do another random drawing for more quilt tickets, and here’s the lucky random act of drama winner:

Sarah Brearley !!

 Sarah, you have also won a full book of 10 tickets, 10 chances to win the quilt!! Mistress S shall be in touch.

congratulations from myself, the Llama with the gift of drama, as well as from my faithful typist, Mistress Sparkles herself.

(Sandi here again)

Hooray! I truly wish I had all the yarn skeins, enough to give away a few more skeins to more of you amazing people. But it took me so long to explain ONE SKEIN a month to Ms. Accountant, that eventually I realized that I was inflicting higher therapy bills on the poor woman, and that didn’t seem fair…

All I can say is: THANK YOU. Thanks for reading, for commenting, for letting me share my stories, my family, my craft, and my thinky-thoughts with y’all.


Well, of COURSE you get chispas on Giveaway Day!

A Russian library has hired a stray cat as its newest librarian.

This puppy knows how to ask for what it wants.

puppy with leash

Finally, a kitten video, because I can.

Namaste and be well until the next time we meet.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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5 Responses to The Llama Has Spoken

  1. Holly says:

    Have a great day 🙂


  2. Sarah says:

    Me…me?!! Well, I am just thrilled. Thank you my dearest sandi.


  3. elaine in colorado says:

    How cool – Congrats to all!


  4. Arla says:

    congratulations to the winners; not two but three!!! wonderful!!! blessings to all…


  5. MarySue Moore says:

    The Drama Llama makes me smile!! Thanks!!


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