I’m still standing! Mini post #3, Post-Rhinebeck

Ok, that whole mini blog thing? Imagine trying to type one-fingered (no, not THAT finger) on your iPhone, with a tremor in your hands, whilst the entire population of the eastern seaboard, or at least the ones who can spell “yarn”, are coming towards your booth. In floods. For two days straight.


Blurry iPhone photo, to be replaced at a later date

Food becomes a forgotten fantasy. You discover you have The Urethra of Mighty Holding Power.

In short, you have now become The Yarn Booth Avenger, keeping the merchandise safe for knitters everywhere.

~~~~ There will be a photo here later, a photo of a gorgeous rainbow of yarn skeins in Jen’s booth. (Jen is the creative force and dyer behind Holiday Yarns.) ~~~~

You’re welcome.

And now we must speak for a few moments on a topic of some unpleasantness.

Let me just say this: I caught two shoplifters in action at Rhinebeck on Saturday.

Now. We fibre folk are family. We help each other out as much as possible. I have seen gobsmackingly generous acts of kindness, including some during this past weekend.

Knitters and fibre folk: These are tough times for everyone. These vendors are a precious resource of joy and craft for us.  Jen’s yarn and Jessalu’s bags require hours of backbreaking work. If you steal two Jessalu bags and three skeins of Jen’s yarn, they may not be able to pay their electric bills this month in full.

These are sisters and brothers we buy from. Let’s respect the time amd sore backs and swollen hands and late nights by protecting their wares. If you see something, say something. And if you need something, speak up. Maybe someone can help.


The Llama graciously thanks you for listening.

We packed up the booth Sun evening, played a rousing game of Van Tetris


and Jen drove the 4+ hrs home to Syracuse.

We played Yarn Studio Zombies, got sick from exhaustion. Despite Jen’s complete zombie state, she dyed 156 skeins of sock yarn. By herself. THE DAY AFTER RHINEBECK.

1 5 6  skeins.

The woman is a SuperPower.


I played yarn minion and wound yarn, made sample skeins, put yarn on drying racks. I also did the best thing a minion can do: Stay out of the way.

  I’m going to switch to my ipad because this weensy key board is making me feel incoherent.

From the iPad…

Time to get going , finish unpacking the van, packing the car, getting on the road.


I only have one I can remember (list is on laptop at home):

Achmed the terrorist:


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One Response to I’m still standing! Mini post #3, Post-Rhinebeck

  1. Anne says:

    There is something seriously wrong with taking yarn. We all laughingly refer to our yarn addiction, but where is the joy in creating something from something stolen? From doing a thing that will so negatively impact a fellow person? I just don’t understand.

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