the monkey in the machine

A Message from our Blogger…

I must apologise for the funky solo Monkey picture post. Apparently, Flickr made changes to their interface, and those changes buried the button that says “Down load this photo, which is mine because it’s in my Flickr stash and has my name on it, to my very own laptop, please. I need it for a blog post, and your URL insert thingie doesn’t hack it.”

So I spent about fifteen minutes (OK, maybe longer) trying to bend Flickr to my will.

That’s why those of you who subscribe via email got an extra mini-post just a few minutes ago.

How about we just call it “bonus content” and move along?



And of course, I have now created TWO mini-posts with pointless content. The next post will be the REAL one, I promise.

About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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2 Responses to the monkey in the machine

  1. Annie Bee says:

    Did you manage to get everything sorted out, Sandi? I, too, use Flickr & WordPress, and I’ve found the best solution is to tell Flickr to revert to its previous view, where the download/embed/share widget is much more accessible.

  2. gwensscars says:

    I feel your flickr wordpress pain. I finally sorted it out, but now I worry it will change again (or I’ll have forgotten again) by the time I get around to the next blog post.

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