Two days before Rhinebeck


I am so fortunate to be here.

I am so fortunate to be here.

I left it as a large photo because this place is beyond awesome. I’m in a town in the hills just outside of Syracuse, waaayyy upupup. My awesome hosts, friends of a friend, offered to let me stay in their loft the week between Stitches East and Rhinebeck. I am completely captivated by the surroundings, and by my charming hosts.

Hold on… Perhaps I ought to back up a bit to fill you in.

I’ve been thinking about a “Fall Tour, East Coast Version” for a while, and when my friend Jen, the superhero indie dyer behind Holiday Yarns, invited me to be a booth babe at a couple of the fall shows, I, not being an idiot, said Holy Stitchmarkers, Batman: YES.

Gotham City Skyline Socks, designed by Melanie Matos. Kit & Pattern available from Holiday Yarns.

Gotham City Skyline Socks, designed by Melanie Matos. Kit & Pattern available from Holiday Yarns.

Tuesday, Oct 7th, I drove to Syracuse, NY, where Jen’s dye studio is. Last-minute Happenings ended with me joining Susan, owner/operator of The Yarn Cupboard in Jamesville, for dinner…at her mother’s house in Jamesville with sisters, Mama, and a cousin or two all around the table.

They’re Italian. Mama had made a pasta dish with some kind of (delicious) meatballs, and there was HOME MADE canneloni for desert.

I really do have pictures of canneloni and cookies! Patience

Turns out that one of the sisters is trained as a pastry chef, and owned her own bakery for years.

I like Susan’s family.

Because time is of the essence right now, I will post more pics and words(!) about all these ongoing Hi-jinks as I get seconds to sit down and tap the keys. 

After a lovely sleep in Susan’s guest room (she trusted me enough to leave me alone with both her yarn stash And her quilting sash…now THAT’s trust), Jen, assistant dyer Melanie, and Colorful Personality Minion (that’s me) set off for Stitches East, held in beautiful-but-impossible-to-navigate (especially with a marathon running right down the main streets, causing detours and nice, capable cops trying to stay polite whilst giving alternate routes to people who are shaky-at-best on the original routes.

Until I have more time to tell stories and introduce folks properly, how about a few photos to tell some of the story for me?

Ummm…my iPad is having hissy fits about those pics. The internet here fails to acknowledge me sometimes, so how about some STUNNING Stitches pic later? GAH. 

I promise there will be Yarn Pr0n, on my honour.

Where am I headed today after I tear myself away from paradise up here?


I hope to see you there. I have the honour of being the sales minion for jessalu’s bags, sold at the Holiday Yarns booth…

on beyond the Yarn Beyond!


ps linking isn’t working properly either.  Doomed.

Note: obviously, I wrote this post last week, and I have more adventures to share. The reason this is posting so late has to do with Inconsistent Internet. But I’ll keep trying when I find a decent hotel room or a starbucks. I love Panera, but it’s internet is a tad wonky at times.

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10 Responses to Two days before Rhinebeck

  1. molly nichol says:

    have an absolutely marvelous time! and we can wait for the pics until the interwebz choose to cooperate – although we may be impatient!

  2. Karen says:

    Beautiful Picture! Glad to hear you are having a great time.

  3. knitwit56 says:

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Squeeze some yarn for me at Rhinebeck!

  4. Angela says:

    It was good to see you at Boot Camp! Have a great time and safe travels!

  5. Cat says:

    Hopefully see you tomorrow:)

  6. Holly says:

    Enjoy your beautiful fall retreat

  7. Holly says:

    … and don’t worry about the linking … post pics later you’ll have more stories to share … ❤

  8. LynneW says:

    So glad you are out and about! Enjoy and don’t worry about pics – your narrative is colorful enough that I for one can picture it in my mind.

  9. leslieileen says:

    Well, even without photos I believe you’re having a great time. I’m smiling for you and hoping the weather in Rhinebeck is holding clear and cool. Travel safely!

  10. Meg says:

    You’ve hit a beautiful part of the country at the perfect time of year. Enjoy! I’m suitably green with envy, but know you’ll have a marvelous time. xxxxx

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