Off-roading it a bit

Scenic pullout in Massachusetts along Hwy 9

Scenic pullout in Massachusetts along Hwy 9

Sometimes, a journey has a specific Plan: go here, stay there, see these people, leave next day for somewhere else.

Such were my wanderings, more or less, up until yesterday morning, Wed the 12th.  I had my last scheduled dinner Tuesday night with a much-loved friend, and Wed morning at ten o’clock, I still hadn’t made up my mind: I very much wanted to visit Salem, Mass, a second time. I could also see friends in Reading if I went That Way.

I’m having trouble posting pics for you. Darn blogging app. And the regular in-browser editor is wonky, too. Sorry about that. I’ll try to put a few at the end.

I could drive the normal (?) way home, stopping in Syracuse to see friends there.

Or…I kind of wanted to try something one of my Naomi friends had suggested: Enter a destination, vague, like Canadian Border. Then, disallow toll roads. (This works best in a place like New England that is cluttered with collection booths).

Then hit “go”…and see what happens.

What happened for me was that Barbie (my GPS voice) took me from Main Street, Northampton, along a few minor highways heading rather north-ish, to Hwy 87N.

Hwy 87N has no tolls…and barely any traffic. It took me high up into the Adirondack Mountains, so I could see treestreestrees, and lakes, and quaint homes and farms of every description.

The air was fresh, like it is in a real forest of a certain size. Chilly, with the clearest, brightest sunshine. Many of the leaves had turned and fallen already, but there was an occasional tree clad in an emperor’s royal red that took my breath away.

Thank you, Barbie. The scenery was well worth the extra two to three hours of driving.

Unfortunately, it was so curvy with many Unexpected Trucks that I didn’t get a chance to pull over and take photos. ::sadface::

I stopped for the night after about six hours of driving, got myself checked into a hotel (I boldly walked up to the desk at 5 pm asking if they had an open room for the night—que cajones!), and went to throw open the curtains just to see what’s out there.

This time, “what’s out there” happened to be a Canadian border crossing, literally about two blocks from my bedroom.

I had no clue that I was that close.

So today, Thurs the 13th, I enter Canada via Quebec, and drive for a while through a lovely province I have heard so much about. Another stop tonight, and then, midday Friday: Home.

Not all who wander are lost, you see.

Who’s that?

Who the heck has climbed into my purple Namaste bag?

Who the heck has climbed into my purple Namaste bag?

That sure isn’t Truffles, my usual Travelling Companion.

Whoever they are, they’ve snuck into my purple purse and cuddled themselves into my favorite storebought cashmere sweater.

Now, who do you think would have the heart of mischief required to do such a thing?

I guess we’ll all just have to wait until next post to find out.

P. S. This is my 200th post since I switched to WordPress. Yay!



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6 Responses to Off-roading it a bit

  1. Arla says:

    Yes!!! Leaving the toll roads going through Pennsylvania back in 1982 netted us a patchwork pavement on the highway that we went on…I wish we had lingered a little longer, or at least turned around and taken a picture of it…there was a pretty green section over top of a lovely pink section over top of an orange section that was followed up by a lovely blue/gray section…just spectacular!!! Taking the road less travelled is worth the few ‘extra’ miles or minutes… even if Miss Truffles Llama has snuck herself into your purple purse!!!



  2. Kelly H. says:

    I love Shunpiking! We do it as often as possible, though with 2 littles it can get a little wearing on our ears.


  3. Barbara says:

    What a great way to travel. My dream vacation is to wander a week away then wander back the second week on other roads. Lucky you!


  4. leslieileen says:

    How lovely – having no real deadline and being able to shunpike, stopping when you’re tired or just want to stretch and explore. I wish you safe travels and am glad you have a little travelling companion stowed away.


  5. Pat says:

    Driving just to see where it takes me is a favorite activity when traveling. Nicely done!


  6. Meg says:

    What a fabulous drive. This is something I most certainly will do when time permits. xx


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