Just For Fun

Hi there!

Today, I have something a little bit different for you: A video podcast!

TOPICS include:

  • Showing off Projects
  • Yak Yarn Pr0n;
  • Wee cutenesses;
  • Cabin fever;
  • Crafting and writing as ways of gathering myself together when everything around me is crazy pants;
  • One more project, and
  • The End.

Here we go…

The Making Of

I have never made a video before, not of myself, I mean. It’s a bit scary for me, this video-making, and as I went through the process of filming, editing, and writing these notes, I figured out one or two little obstacles I had to overcome before publishing this post. First: I am self-conscious about Being on Camera. (That’s a big Duh.) Second: I don’t have any formal training in shooting videos, nor do I have Clue One about editing a video (aside from the four hours of tutorials and reading I did yesterday afternoon). When those two things come together, I realize I have a bigger problem: I don’t like to let something out into the world if it isn’t Professional and Perfect and someone-please-call-the-Sundance-folks amazing.

Given the above First and Second, and given that I don’t feel that my entire success in life hinges on this one bit of video, and given that today is the third day I’ve worked on the video and it’s as good as it is going to get, well. (Don’t bother calling Sundance; not yet anyway.)

So it isn’t perfect. Oh. Well. However, the truth is: Wow, you know what? Making videos is FUN. Oh, Bob. I don’t know if it will be fun for you kind folks to watch, but let’s do it anyway. Mostly because: I will take fun and playfulness any day over stuffy professionalism.

So this vid is quite homey, homey in that I don’t have the resources (yet) to go all  Craftsy on you with the beautiful sets and perfectly groomed host. I didn’t have a nice script all worked out, and I didn’t try to be formal or grownup or anything other than just me.

Regarding “homey production values”…yeah. The focus is a wee off in parts, the lighting is what it is, and I proceed to make all the appropriate rookie podcast maker mistakes. I spend a few moments talking with my hand in front of my face. I did two edits, and the transitions between clips are not as smooth as one might wish. Oh, and I spend a fair bit of time looking off camera, and gesturing off towards my right. My desk is over there; the sofa with  Catzen is there, and Melody’s office is over that too. Oh, and to my left is the glass sliding door to The Outside. Just makin’ sure you know where all the important stuff is, right?

Links & More Info



And How About that Lovely Yak/Cormo Yarn?

  • Main Website: Bijou Basin Ranch
  • Page for the specific yarn I am using: Bijou Bliss Sport Gradients
  • Colours: I started off with one ball of the Fuchsia Ombre Flow (currently on the needles) and will make my way through two additional balls in different parts of the gradient: Lilac Ombre Flow (one dark, one light).

Felt Toys and Dolls

Cynthia Treen Studio
Etsy Shop: Felt Kits, PDF patterns, and supplies for hand-sewn about-the-house companions: foxes, raccoons, frogs, and more
Blog/Studio website


© Cynthia Treen Studio

Etsy Shop: Unique hand-sewn felt dolls, critters, and tiny clothes; along with everything you need (PDF patterns, felt, kits) to make one (or more) for yourself.
Blog: Charming, crystal-clear looks into her design process and mad making skillz. If you look at the left sidebar, there is a list of “tutorials”, which is Shelly’s way of saying Free Patterns, Folks. Tiny Miniature Bunnies, anyone?


This one looks ferocious. Watch those ears, there.
Tiny Bunnies, a free pattern from Gingermelon.

Fact Check

Somewhere in the second half, I talk about the trade relationships between Canada (where I live) and the United States (where my heart lives, in California, specifically).

Yeah, I know. Freaky, eh? Sandi talking about economics and trade. (I promise, I kept my hands behind my back the whole time and didn’t touch anything important.) Somewhere in there, though, I did allow some Statistical Numbers to drop out of my mouth. Given how important the whole concept of Truth has become, I went off to find out what the REAL numbers were. And here they are:

A final note: Yes, look at those hands shake, shake, shake! Don’t worry about my shaking hands; that’s just what they do. They shake. It’s not nervousness or anxiety (well, not completely, anyway); I have had shaky hands all my life. It’s something called a terminal tremor, or something like that, meaning that it’s a neuromuscular problem and it can’t really be fixed.


About sandi

Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.
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11 Responses to Just For Fun

  1. Riley says:

    I loved your video! It felt like having a new friend over for a chat. I hope that we’ll be seeing more of these.

    Thanks for mentioning your tremor. I have one too. I’m usually to shy to talk about it. Admiring your bravery and candor.


    • sandi says:

      Over the years, as I have taught classes, my tremor has come up over and over. Usually, it’s some nice person rushing over with a cookie to make sure I am OK and not about to faint from low blood sugar or whatnot.

      I’ve always found honesty and forthrightness to serve me well in such situations. I confess: I don’t much like admitting it, because it distracts from whatever I am trying to teach. I would dearly love to be done with them. But, it is what it is.

      Hm. Maybe I could write a bit in some future blog post about the tremors and how they have affected my work?

      Tremors are embarrassing, frustrating, and annoying, ’tis true. It always helps me to know there are other folks out there battling tremors, so thank YOU so much for your bravery in speaking up.


  2. MSue says:

    That was a great first video blog. Just like we spent some time chatting together!! Thanks for being authentically yourself. Will be looking forward to the next one. Hoping to see some details of the quilt and perhaps some closeups of the work you are doing.

    Might you also include ‘this day in history’ where you can shownus a finished product you made a few years ago and what you might do differently if you made it again?? Just a thought.

    Be well. Thanks for sharing!!


    • sandi says:

      Thank you for the kind words. And yes, more close-ups will follow. My main excuse was that I couldn’t find my tripod so I had a somewhat precarious setup. 😉

      I love your idea, to show This Day in WiseKnits History. I’ve got it on my list of Blog Possibles now.

      What I would have done differently…actually, that is a GREAT post idea. Thanks!


  3. I really related to your video. Most of my conversations involve my Border Collies and my spouse, when he’s home.
    It is SO nice to hear the voice of those we admire. I have been following your blog for years, and while I caught a glimpse of you at the Sock Summit in 2011, I didn’t get a chance to speak to you.
    I too have a tremor accompanied with spasms that make my fingers go every which way. Mine is due to MS and there is nothing to be done about it.
    Sandi, your video was delightful, and I look forward to more and more writings.


  4. Margo says:

    I really liked your video podcast and looking forward to more. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Susanne says:

    Thanks for your post and your video. I don’t usually watch videos but I liked your very much.
    There’s no need to make these professional, it’s actually much better than a lot of stuff that’s out there, and it was fabulous to see your face, and hear your voice.


  6. teabird says:

    Sandi! I love this video! Thank you for the idea of writing (probably in my journal, longhand-in-fountain-pen) to Michelle Obama (I’d be ever so careful to choose a wonderful color ink for her, too). She’s my inspiration, also – smart, fierce, loving, elegant, and beautiful. Maybe by writing to her, I could crystallize my thoughts about this American chaos instead of just ranting or sobbing about my broken heart and all the shattered promises.

    I’m off to look at a ferocious tiny bunny pattern now. Dammit, do I have to start sewing? Thanks a lot. Sheesh.

    (I’ve had an essential tremor since forever, too. Mostly, if I’m trying to do something and someone is watching, or if I’m trying to do something and I’m watching. Performance anxiety, perhaps?)

    Love you –


  7. DeAnn Jochen says:

    Sandi; I also suffer from tremor, mostly in my hands. It was diagnosed as Essential Tremor by a neurologist. Raises hobb with my writing, but oddly, not so much with spinning, knitting etc. There is an American Tremor Association that puts out helpful and encouraging information, if you are interested. You have my support. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks much.


    • sandi says:

      Thank you, DeAnn! And yes, mine is the same as yours, Essential Tremor, not terminal tremor. (My brain was off having a little adventure while I wrote that part, I guess.)

      I didn’t know about the Association, so thanks for that info.

      I LOVE the expression “raises hobb”. Indeed, the termors do raise hobb with my typing, and unfortunately my spindle spinning, not so much the rest of it. I find that some things help and some things don’t; it’s mostly just learning to accept and work with/around the shakies.

      I promise, however, that my plans for studying neurosurgery have been completely thrown out the window by now. You’re so welcome.


  8. Vicki says:

    I loved seeing you “in person” sort of. More please! And I’m hoping we can see your furry family members!


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