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Knitter. Spinner. Quilter. UFO Wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. Two toddler-age kittens, 1 permakitten, 2 grownup cats, 1 beloved dog angel, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life. I suppose that the 5 cats make me 1 crazy cat lady; OTOH, apparently, yes, I do need that much feline supervision.


I have managed to accomplish the most important task on my list for today: Refill the cats’ treat container. I trust all of you with cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, birds, etc are likewise properly fulfilling your masters’ wishes today? Did … Continue reading

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What was that I said about overthinking?

Good grief. Honestly, I have been trying all sorts of getting-self-to-write strategies and I am just going to admit I am stuck, mostly because I keep second-guessing myself. “It’s boring” “It’s not cheery enough”… for Pete’s sake. We’re just coming … Continue reading

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Hi there!

Warmest Holiday Wishes from All the Wisehearts! With hope,~ Sandi, Melody, Tim, Ben, and Tessa Hi there…remember me? Several of you have written me over the months and months of endless COVID to ask me how I am, when I … Continue reading

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Frogs in My Armhole

The Inside Stories: Day 60 Monday, May 11, 2020 We started our stay-at-home adventures on Friday, March 13, which makes today Day 60. It’s also May 11, and this is what we woke up to: Simply unbelievable. That’s about 3″ … Continue reading

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Don’t lose your sense of humour

The Inside Stories: Day 47 I’m just going to pop in here to point out a couple of things. First, WordPress is making mashed potatoes WITH gravy out of my nice, clean, well-thought-out email HTML template. (My apologies.) It looks … Continue reading

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The Inside Stories: Day 46 ~ Crafting Some Sanity

I will do anything for a bit of sanity these days. Let me tell you, it is not pretty to go through a midlife existential crisis during virus lockdown.  I’m folding cranes. I’m supposed to make one per day for … Continue reading

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The Inside Stories: Day 23

Saturday, April 4, 2020. Hello, my friends. How things have changed. My last post, the one about my beloved Zoë’s passing, was written nearly nine months ago. It’s hard to believe she’s been gone that long. It’s even harder to … Continue reading

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