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Knitter. Spinner. UFO wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life.

Newly Edited Versions: Comfort Shawl and Summer Shawlette

Way  back in 2007, when I worked for Interweave Knits, I designed a shawl for the Staff Projects section of the magazine. The challenge behind that particular Staff Project was to created something based on a particular lace pattern, Little Arrowhead … Continue reading

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Wandering but not Lost

You folks are the best! So many great suggestions in the comments on my last post  for That Which “Shawl” Be Next On My Needles. (Heh) Your suggestions gave me a great excuse to go wandering around the Ravelry pattern database. (It … Continue reading

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Yarn Revolt

Here is my current progress on the Serenity Shawl: Yup. I frogged it. Sometimes yarn can be very vocal as to what it wants to be and what it does not want to be. The yarn will express its thoughts … Continue reading

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Three Bags Full

Hello, Spring! Spring is gently sneaking up upon us here. It snuck up so gently, in fact, that I have not had a chance to whack back the rose branches overhanging the walkway. (The post person is not amused.) This … Continue reading

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In search of Serenity

This ought to look familiar if you’ve been following along lately:     Yes, that is the Serenity Shawl. And yes, it is STILL the Serenity shawl, despite its first appearance way back when. Author’s Note: It is 5:28 PM … Continue reading

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kitten therapy, part 2

When we last left our intrepid heroine minion to cats… This had happened. The adorable, utterly snuggle-worthy, marvelous Ben, aged about 5 months, came to join our family. However, this upset the balance of power in our little cat universe. Uh-oh. … Continue reading

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kitten therapy

[Poetic Aside] (Perhaps I am a sister to  bears who cope with Winter sensibly by making a very long very cosy very snug winter-long  nap culturally appropriate) Welcome, March! Welcome also to FLOWERS, actual true-real FLOWERS. On How A Bear Copes In February … Continue reading

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