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Knitter. Spinner. UFO wrangler. Sometime bead artist and weaver. 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 spouse, 1 crazy life.

the last straw

It’s been a rather nasty winter, to tell the truth. People have been people, for all values of “people”; I have been human (for ALL values of human, believe me); my body cramps up in the cold, and for some … Continue reading

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Report from the Milk Maids

Seventh   Eighth Night Hi. Howya doin’? I thought about you folks quite a bit over the holidays. I hope you felt the holiday warmth that I was beaming into your brains courtesy of the Psychic Bloggers Network. I had … Continue reading

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I Blame the Nargles

Yep. Definitely the Nargles. At  least I think it’s them. They must’ve left the door open when they snuck in last time, because they brought with them the cold dark winter. And as usual, I’ve got the cold dark winter’s  blues. … Continue reading

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Rhinebeck: All the Everythings

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the eighth decade of the last century, shepherds in Duchess County, NY, gathered at the local fairgrounds to buy and sell ewes, with an eye towards enhancing their breeding lines. Three decades later, … Continue reading

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Joy comes after

It’s been really tough coming  up with something to write about after that last post. I didn’t want to just go on with knitting progress reports and gushing over this new fibre or that new spindle; that seemed too disrespectful. … Continue reading

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RIP Buddy Wiseheart

So much love, my three-legged companion; So brave, so joyful, so much happy devotion, You were truly much more than This woman’s best friend. Buddy “Dog Star” Wiseheart Fall 2004/Winter 2005  -to-  August 25, 2015 We loved you. You loved … Continue reading

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Progress Report: All the Things

We are The People of the Box these days. We unpack, and the pile does not get any smaller. We unpack yet again, and still the mountain looms large, even when the basement door is closed. We are Doomed. I … Continue reading

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