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Time Changes

Time stopped functioning properly, for me anyway, the day in late February when I got the phone call from my mom. “The Phone Call”, as it were, since it seems that this particular sort of call is nearly always referred … Continue reading

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kitten therapy

[Poetic Aside] (Perhaps I am a sister to  bears who cope with Winter sensibly by making a very long very cosy very snug winter-long  nap culturally appropriate) Welcome, March! Welcome also to FLOWERS, actual true-real FLOWERS. On How A Bear Copes In February … Continue reading

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the last straw

It’s been a rather nasty winter, to tell the truth. People have been people, for all values of “people”; I have been human (for ALL values of human, believe me); my body cramps up in the cold, and for some … Continue reading

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monday hearts

This morning, the electric tea kettle broke. (Helllloooooooo, Monday!) Our microwave is perched above my head, so I don’t like to heat liquids in it for fear of spilling hot stuff all over myself. And let’s face it, a watched … Continue reading

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december twelfth

In which the IKEA man takes over the world…or at least just our house A trip to IKEA, if one purchases something, isn’t just an afternoon: It can turn into a multi-day adventure. Because of course, you can’t just merely … Continue reading

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december eleventh

We just returned victorious from a trip to IKEA. It’s two Saturdays before Christmas, so I thought N. was nuts for wanting to go there, but what the heck. We got in the car, and drove through crazy traffic, and … Continue reading

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second of december

Hello, again! I’ve sort of made a little deal with myself. If I put it in writing, I’m sure to jinx it; if I post it here, then I’ll feel stupid if I can’t follow through. But accountability is A … Continue reading

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