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I have managed to accomplish the most important task on my list for today: Refill the cats’ treat container. I trust all of you with cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, birds, etc are likewise properly fulfilling your masters’ wishes today? Did … Continue reading

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What was that I said about overthinking?

Good grief. Honestly, I have been trying all sorts of getting-self-to-write strategies and I am just going to admit I am stuck, mostly because I keep second-guessing myself. “It’s boring” “It’s not cheery enough”… for Pete’s sake. We’re just coming … Continue reading

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Hi there!

Warmest Holiday Wishes from All the Wisehearts! With hope,~ Sandi, Melody, Tim, Ben, and Tessa Hi there…remember me? Several of you have written me over the months and months of endless COVID to ask me how I am, when I … Continue reading

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Frogs in My Armhole

The Inside Stories: Day 60 Monday, May 11, 2020 We started our stay-at-home adventures on Friday, March 13, which makes today Day 60. It’s also May 11, and this is what we woke up to: Simply unbelievable. That’s about 3″ … Continue reading

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Don’t lose your sense of humour

The Inside Stories: Day 47 I’m just going to pop in here to point out a couple of things. First, WordPress is making mashed potatoes WITH gravy out of my nice, clean, well-thought-out email HTML template. (My apologies.) It looks … Continue reading

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The Inside Stories: Day 46 ~ Crafting Some Sanity

I will do anything for a bit of sanity these days. Let me tell you, it is not pretty to go through a midlife existential crisis during virus lockdown.  I’m folding cranes. I’m supposed to make one per day for … Continue reading

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Zoë: A season of love

Crickets. That’s what we say when we don’t hear whatever it is we were waiting to hear: “Crickets.” As in, gosh, it’s so quiet that even a one-inch bug thinks it’s time to fill the silence with a bit of leg-sawing. You’ve … Continue reading

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