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december twelfth

In which the IKEA man takes over the world…or at least just our house A trip to IKEA, if one purchases something, isn’t just an afternoon: It can turn into a multi-day adventure. Because of course, you can’t just merely … Continue reading

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december tenth

Do you know what one of my favourite parts of blogging is? The comments. I love them! Your comments are the difference between having a Real Conversation, and me having a little talk with myself and my imaginary friends in … Continue reading

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december ninth

The Short Bit Tuesday‘s listing of the Projects Without End seems to have helped me break through some sort of wall. Yesterday I finished the Scarves of the Endless Warp; today I made progress on two more things. Progress feels … Continue reading

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december eighth

It’s the End of the Warp As We Know It… And why, yes, I do feel fine. 🙂 Hee. Small music joke there. This morning, I don’t know what the cats slipped into my coffee, but I rocked the house. … Continue reading

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december seventh

Warp without end…amen For some reason, all my projects right now seem endless. The two-scarf warp I put on my little Cricket loom? Both scarves are woven and hem-stitched on the loom; there’s still warp left. I’m well into a … Continue reading

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december sixth

Today was the first major snowstorm of the season; we’ve had nearly 9″ of snow just in the last eight hours. I forget how much snow slows things down; I forget to allow for Snow Time when planning my day. … Continue reading

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december fifth

Do you know what I find fascinating? I find it utterly fascinating that the posts people respond to most are ones I have the most trouble writing (or, to be more accurate: posting!). Just like the post I wrote on … Continue reading

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