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welcome to march!

I’ve decided to start spring a bit early, just on principle. (We all need more Spring, right?) To signify my readiness for Things to Change and Grow, I’ve changed the theme of this blog so that the overall appearance is … Continue reading

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monday hearts

This morning, the electric tea kettle broke. (Helllloooooooo, Monday!) Our microwave is perched above my head, so I don’t like to heat liquids in it for fear of spilling hot stuff all over myself. And let’s face it, a watched … Continue reading

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yarn love and story time

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved yarn. She liked to look at all the lovely, vibrant colours that talented dyers came up with. She like to touch the soft, sometimes silky, sometimes rough textures that all … Continue reading

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gimme some love, february

February is a problematic month for many folks, because right smack in the middle of it is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is fine if you are seven and have a box of candy hearts to hand out in first grade … Continue reading

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december fourteenth

Let’s see… It snowed about four inches today. I haven’t knit a single stitch yet (but hey, it’s only 6 PM). We’ve had the wood stove lit since early morning, and all day long it has smelled heavenly in here. … Continue reading

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december tenth

Do you know what one of my favourite parts of blogging is? The comments. I love them! Your comments are the difference between having a Real Conversation, and me having a little talk with myself and my imaginary friends in … Continue reading

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december sixth

Today was the first major snowstorm of the season; we’ve had nearly 9″ of snow just in the last eight hours. I forget how much snow slows things down; I forget to allow for Snow Time when planning my day. … Continue reading

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