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Time Changes

Time stopped functioning properly, for me anyway, the day in late February when I got the phone call from my mom. “The Phone Call”, as it were, since it seems that this particular sort of call is nearly always referred … Continue reading

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gathering threads

Report: The Gathering I’ve been in catch-up mode for a week now, ever since I returned from the NHA’s Gathering in Vermont. Two days of driving each way (5-6 hours a day, I don’t like super long driving days) with … Continue reading

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a young artist at work

This past Memorial Day weekend, I got to watch a young up-and-coming dyer practice her skills: Meet Nora. She’s seven years old, and she’s been dyeing yarn for a few years now, starting out with food-safe dyes in the kitchen, … Continue reading

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portrait of a festival

A sheep & wool festival, for the fibre-crazed amongst us, can be an almost overwhelming day or two of candy for the senses. You get home, and you feel as though you’ve been away at a really satisfying Thanksgiving celebration, … Continue reading

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summer roadtrip

Enter Summer in Ontario, stage left: Introducing: Le Monster Berry. Yup, that’s real. Not a photoshop berry, a juicy, fragrant strawberry, extra giganto-sized. Ontario has some of the richest farmland in all of Canada. The fresh vegetables and fruits here … Continue reading

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hangin’ with the llamas

I’ve been kidnapped by camelids: You can click to embiggen if you don’t believe me. But from the looks of things, I don’t really need rescuing: In fact, please don’t rescue me, because the gorgeous girls you see above are … Continue reading

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