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monday hearts

This morning, the electric tea kettle broke. (Helllloooooooo, Monday!) Our microwave is perched above my head, so I don’t like to heat liquids in it for fear of spilling hot stuff all over myself. And let’s face it, a watched … Continue reading

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december tenth

Do you know what one of my favourite parts of blogging is? The comments. I love them! Your comments are the difference between having a Real Conversation, and me having a little talk with myself and my imaginary friends in … Continue reading

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december eighth

It’s the End of the Warp As We Know It… And why, yes, I do feel fine. 🙂 Hee. Small music joke there. This morning, I don’t know what the cats slipped into my coffee, but I rocked the house. … Continue reading

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december seventh

Warp without end…amen For some reason, all my projects right now seem endless. The two-scarf warp I put on my little Cricket loom? Both scarves are woven and hem-stitched on the loom; there’s still warp left. I’m well into a … Continue reading

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first of december

December happened so FAST. I think having Thanksgiving occur so “early” here throws off my internal calendar. It’s as though I’m still waiting for Turkey Day, so when December 1st rolls around, I’m rather surprised. November was such a crazytown … Continue reading

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gathering threads

Report: The Gathering I’ve been in catch-up mode for a week now, ever since I returned from the NHA’s Gathering in Vermont. Two days of driving each way (5-6 hours a day, I don’t like super long driving days) with … Continue reading

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