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Adjectives, verbs, nouns: A curated collection 🎁

After the semi-blizzards of the past few days, yesterday morning was a glorious surprise: one of those crisp-cold sunny blue days of winter, where the snow sparkles and all things white are almost too white to look at head-on. I … Continue reading

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Red sweater

One paragraph, I am saying to myself. Just write one paragraph. (Technically, this is paragraph two, I believe. Whatever.) I will say a couple of things. First: If you don’t know this from personal experience, then allow me to enlighten … Continue reading

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Taptaptap…is this thing live?

Hello, there. If I recall correctly, I’m Sandi, this here is My Blog Thang, and you are my kind and incredibly patient Lovely Readers. Nice to see you again. I have been playing catch-up with all my various inboxen, and … Continue reading

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december seventeenth

I would like to announce that the dog does not even bark at the UPS man anymore. Mr. UPS has been to the house so often this week that apparently Buddy considers him to be part of the family now. … Continue reading

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december fourteenth

Let’s see… It snowed about four inches today. I haven’t knit a single stitch yet (but hey, it’s only 6 PM). We’ve had the wood stove lit since early morning, and all day long it has smelled heavenly in here. … Continue reading

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december tenth

Do you know what one of my favourite parts of blogging is? The comments. I love them! Your comments are the difference between having a Real Conversation, and me having a little talk with myself and my imaginary friends in … Continue reading

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december eighth

It’s the End of the Warp As We Know It… And why, yes, I do feel fine. 🙂 Hee. Small music joke there. This morning, I don’t know what the cats slipped into my coffee, but I rocked the house. … Continue reading

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