I work and play with a lot of talented dyers, weavers, spinners, pattern designers, and creative people of all sorts. Thus, I thought it would be fun to start a page listing my favourite Suppliers of Stash & Assorted Goodies.

This list will grow as I now and then slap my forehead in disbelief at forgetting yet one more awesome crafter. Later, I’ll add writers and teachers and other amazing folks.

And note: No one paid me to be on this page. These are not ads, just personal recommendations. Promise.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER…in fact, I randomized the list with a random number generator because I couldn’t bear to pick who would be first/last. In fact, every time I add a new person, I’ll re-randomize. (I am such a dork.)


Damselfly Yarns – Astrid’s hand-dyed yarns and sock blanks are not to be missed. Self-striping, semi-solids, sparkly, all in unusual (IMHO) colourways. She even has an entire line of yarns dyed in honour of the TV show Supernatural. Her Unicorn colourways sell out constantly, but she does special orders if you MUST have it. (And you must. Of course.)

Holiday Yarns – Jennifer has (at last count) more than 100 colourways she has created in her dye studio, and all of them are wonderful and come in several different yarn bases from lace to worsted (and fibre, too!). Her Bacon yarn is becoming famous, because who doesn’t love bacon and want a pair of Bacon socks? She has several theme-based yarn clubs, and also sells sock and shawl patterns that feature her yarns.

The Spinning Loft – If you happen to be near Howell, Michigan, RUN, do not walk, to Beth’s shop of amazing wonders. She has a ROOM OF FLEECES, people. Plus yarns, other delectable fibres, books, spindles, fibre tools, and a large collection of spinning wheels you can try out right there in the shop. What Beth doesn’t have in stock, she can order for you. She also hosts world-class teachers and classes.

Shameless Twist – Jodi is a Canadian dyer who has an outrageously gorgeous sense of colour and a great sense of humour. Several different yarn bases and weights, including the sparkly stuff. She also carries nice quality handmade needle rolls, project bags, and other goodies. Free shipping worldwide!

Spunky Eclectic – Amy King dyes colourways you’ve only seen in dreams (and perhaps a few nightmares). She has clubs, she has yarn and fibre she has dyed as well as a good selection of fibres and yarns, both dyed and natural, from wool to silk and back again. She carries a full inventory of all sorts of goodies, so be sure to browse around the shop just in case your heart’s desire is lurking in a corner somewheres.

Jeshknits – Jesh has inventive patterns, lovely blended batts, and the most amazing light-weight spindles you’ve ever seen. (3-D printed whorls! Seriously!)

Knitting to Stay Sane – Glenna’s patterns have been called “bat-shit crazy”…but believe me, that is a compliment! She is master of twisted stitches, and has several very geeky pattern lines, from Buffy to Twilight and Battlestar Galactica. Socks, sweaters, mittens, gloves; even a few free patterns to whet your wish for more.

Indigodragonfly – Kim. Kim, Kim, Kim. When will you stop coming up with colours that make me drool and colour names that make me laugh? (Probably never.) Rich, multi-hued varigates along with beautiful semi-solids in a wide variety of bases. Patterns, other goodies, too. She also sells the amazingly lovely handcrafted Dyak needles.

Jellyfish Knits – Hillary produces hand-dyed yarns in geeky and pretty colourways. Rich semi-solids and sparkly yarns, too.

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    You are such a dork … not suck a dork (end of italicized paragraph) … not that either statement is true! See your fingers didn’t agree with the statement and made you type it oddly!


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