Six Steps To Proper Chocolate Gnawing

Dedicated to Gwen,
who is pretty high in the list of folks deserving a halo right about now.


Procure silk bag containing delicious Mexican chocolate bar.

gnawing step 1

Extract chocolate bar from bag, admiring weight, heft, and SMELL.

extracting choc bar step 2

Step 3
Unwrap one corner of captivatingly smelly bar. Now, open wide…

step 3 open wide

Step 4
That first blissful bite.

step 4 blissful first bite

Step 5
Time stops.

step 5 melting in mouth

Step 6
As the chocolate melts, the full flavour and bouquet
hit you like a train bound for glory.
You find that the only word you can remember right then is….

step 6 WOW v2

W O W!

3 Responses to Six Steps To Proper Chocolate Gnawing

  1. InJuneau says:

    LOL! I do that with the Mexican chocolate “tablets” that are supposed to be for hot chocolate that we can get here!


  2. laflaka says:


    Perfect chocolate gnawing technique!

    (and thank you for the silly – I had a quick minute to peek this morning during a too short break from jury duty, and the warm fuzzies were just what I needed!)


  3. laflaka says:

    That’s me, Gwen, moaning in a sideways way about my civic responsibility.


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