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the last straw

It’s been a rather nasty winter, to tell the truth. People have been people, for all values of “people”; I have been human (for ALL values of human, believe me); my body cramps up in the cold, and for some … Continue reading

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RIP Buddy Wiseheart

So much love, my three-legged companion; So brave, so joyful, so much happy devotion, You were truly much more than This woman’s best friend. Buddy “Dog Star” Wiseheart Fall 2004/Winter 2005  -to-  August 25, 2015 We loved you. You loved … Continue reading

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Progress Report: All the Things

We are The People of the Box these days. We unpack, and the pile does not get any smaller. We unpack yet again, and still the mountain looms large, even when the basement door is closed. We are Doomed. I … Continue reading

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peeking out, because of kindness

This post is dedicated to the kindness of LauraLyn, who along with a few others of you, have sent me several lovely emails out of the blue, expressing concern and support for me whilst depression has been eating my brainz. Thanks … Continue reading

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Taptaptap…is this thing live?

Hello, there. If I recall correctly, I’m Sandi, this here is My Blog Thang, and you are my kind and incredibly patient Lovely Readers. Nice to see you again. I have been playing catch-up with all my various inboxen, and … Continue reading

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sleeve-knitting and towel-eating

Which would you like to hear about first? Towel-eating or sleeve-knitting? Let’s go with Towel-Eating. Some of you have already heard this, but since it sucked away more than a week of our lives, well. Humour me, it will help … Continue reading

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TdF Day 7: Rolling more-or-less merrily along

Continuing the Saga of the Sweater Batts Once I spun up a three-ply sample from the Romney batts, I started having serious doubts. I wore the sample around my arm for a while, so I could see how we got … Continue reading

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