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in which wiseheart still knits

It’s true. Fortunately, I have proof: Hm. Not the best model, perhaps; she does tend to have An Attitude. Plus, methinks she is getting ready to shred that lovely yarn to pieces. Jen worked hard to dye that yarn. Shredded … Continue reading

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wonderful adventures

It’s a big day for me, because 30 minutes ago I handed over two months’ worth of work to a really nice Fed Ex employee with bright pink streaks in her hair. The two months’ of work is a Project … Continue reading

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sleeve-knitting and towel-eating

Which would you like to hear about first? Towel-eating or sleeve-knitting? Let’s go with Towel-Eating. Some of you have already heard this, but since it sucked away more than a week of our lives, well. Humour me, it will help … Continue reading

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are we there yet?

The last post ended with this: That same yarn has now been transformed into this: Woot! A sweater body for Sandrilene, or most of one, anyway. Even better: It appears to fit. Even better #2: That photo was taken a … Continue reading

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spring has sprong

I saw the First Robin of spring this morning in our backyard; I also found the First Flowers today! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Yesterday, it was sunny all day long, sunrise to sunset; I took … Continue reading

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walking on the keyboard

hi readers this is TIM and i’m telling you that mom had a laptop crash. i didn’t do it, though. i was napping. her laptop is at the VET or the STORE or somewhere outside where i am not allowed … Continue reading

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a weekend in the life

Funny how folks always ask you what you did over the weekend. Sometimes I wonder if we are all trying to get ideas for our own lives NEXT weekend… So here’s my weekend, condensed for your reading and viewing pleasure: … Continue reading

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