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the last straw

It’s been a rather nasty winter, to tell the truth. People have been people, for all values of “people”; I have been human (for ALL values of human, believe me); my body cramps up in the cold, and for some … Continue reading

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in which wiseheart still knits

It’s true. Fortunately, I have proof: Hm. Not the best model, perhaps; she does tend to have An Attitude. Plus, methinks she is getting ready to shred that lovely yarn to pieces. Jen worked hard to dye that yarn. Shredded … Continue reading

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Dear Flannery

Hi there, Flannery! I hope you still remember me; we met at SAFF in Asheville, NC, a few months back. I didn’t get much of a chance to chat back then, as it was a fibre festival and there were … Continue reading

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llamas and mittens and bunny fur (oh my)

It’s been a tough week here are Chez Wiseheart. Doctor appts, driving into the city three days in a row, dogs and cats living together…Oh wait. Sorry. That’s Ghostbusters, not Wisehearts. But never mind about that. There’s been plenty of … Continue reading

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Writer’s Socks

I have writer’s block. There, I’ve said it. Clearly, I still write, gobs and gobs each day–for my job, on forums, in letters to friends. But this special kind of writing, the kind that used to feed my soul, the … Continue reading

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whose story is this anyway?

I’m hitting a wall, as the saying goes. Ow! And while it’s not much fun, I kind of have a sense that this wall-hitting business has something important to tell me. Not sure just what yet. Is it time for … Continue reading

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a weekend in the life

Funny how folks always ask you what you did over the weekend. Sometimes I wonder if we are all trying to get ideas for our own lives NEXT weekend… So here’s my weekend, condensed for your reading and viewing pleasure: … Continue reading

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