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All the Wooly Things I’ve Been Up To

Note: The GiveAway Llama visited me early this AM. She has Stuff she wants to giveaway. I told her that this post was already a wee bit on the long side, so The GiveAway Gifts and How To Get Your … Continue reading

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the llama has her say

Good Golly, Miss Molly, if I do not let the Giveaway Llama have her say, and have it RIGHT NOW, I will not be able to live with her a minute longer. The fuss that creature makes when I do … Continue reading

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up to mischief, as usual

This post is for Renee, who wrote me such a lovely note last week…I need reminders like that one every now and then! Thanks, Renee. Up to lots of good There has been life on Planet Sandi. The sun is … Continue reading

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Crafty stuff I’ve been up to…

I promised a post with Actual Knitting and Spinning in it…so here ya be! This is some of the Fun Stuff; I’ll put the Work Stuff in another post. Knitting for love In January, I knit an entire Maia shawl, … Continue reading

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coming up for air

I’ve been working so hard that I forgot to blog. Now, for a blogger, that’s kind of pathetic. But I think it shows how off-balance life has been lately, so I’m setting aside all the To Dos for a bit … Continue reading

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Busy week

It is not my highest destiny to clean the house on a daily basis. I have come to this conclusion thoughtfully, with much meditation and careful consideration of my skills, talents, and abilities. Also much vaccuuming, floor sweeping, and rearranging … Continue reading

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