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growing things

People are always asking me how long it takes me to spin something. The past few days, I decided to actually spin with an eye on the clock to give an accurate answer to this burning question. clicking any photo … Continue reading

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and then there was yarn

The yarn ate my homework. (That’s my excuse for it being several days since my last post. Never be ashamed of having to resort to The Classics, I always say.) Houston, We Have Crocuses I think it is really interesting … Continue reading

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spring has sprong

I saw the First Robin of spring this morning in our backyard; I also found the First Flowers today! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Yesterday, it was sunny all day long, sunrise to sunset; I took … Continue reading

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welcome to march!

I’ve decided to start spring a bit early, just on principle. (We all need more Spring, right?) To signify my readiness for Things to Change and Grow, I’ve changed the theme of this blog so that the overall appearance is … Continue reading

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