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Rhinebeck: All the Everythings

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the eighth decade of the last century, shepherds in Duchess County, NY, gathered at the local fairgrounds to buy and sell ewes, with an eye towards enhancing their breeding lines. Three decades later, … Continue reading

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All My Stitches, 2011 Edition

I’ve been thinking about this post all week long, and I think I’ve delayed writing it, because this time of year is very loaded. We tend to evaluate what we did in the past year, and resolve to do better … Continue reading

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Giveaway Saturday

It’s Nicholas’ birthday today. Therefore, it’s time to give YOU a gift. So if the Giveaway Llama will kindly make her way over here… There she is! Alllll righty, then. Today, as my little way of saying “Thank you for … Continue reading

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coming up for air

I’ve been working so hard that I forgot to blog. Now, for a blogger, that’s kind of pathetic. But I think it shows how off-balance life has been lately, so I’m setting aside all the To Dos for a bit … Continue reading

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Big Number Seven

Here’s what Nicholas and I were doing seven years ago today: Getting married! Like all couples on their wedding day, we had a lot of hopes and dreams and plans. Like all couples…not all of those dreams have come to … Continue reading

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randomly yours

This is Not About Stringtopia…yet I keep trying to write about my Stringtopia adventure in Ohio, but every time I do, I just get sucked up into a whirlwind of Too Much To Put into Words Right Now. It was … Continue reading

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Happy Chocolate Egg Day

Dudes! The Peeps Rolled the Stone Away! Easter is one of those holidays that has been so mangled by the media and Hallmark that it is barely recognizable any more. I love this quote from Conan O’Brien, which was circulating … Continue reading

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