I seem to enjoy writing tutorials. Here’s a list of all the ones I have written over the years for KnittingDaily.com.

Most are written in a step-by-step style, with close-up colour photos to illustrate each step. There are some math tutorials, as for the Bust Darts, and so those do not have step-by-step photos.


– Sandi

Seaming, Stitching, and Sewing, Oh My!

Seven Tips For Seaming Mojo

Mattress Stitch Tutorial: Horizontal Seam

Mattress Stitch Tutorial: Vertical Seams

Seaming a Sleeve Cap Tutorial: Part One

Seaming a Sleeve Cap Tutorial: Part Two

The Bust Dart Series

The Return of the Bust Darts

Intro to Darts: Vertical and Short-Row

Bust Dart Placement

Getting Started With Your Own Bust Darts

Bust Dart Math

Bust Dart Worksheet (Excel file)

The Waist Shaping Series

Waist Shaping: An Overview

Waist Shaping: The Math, Hem to Hip

Waist Shaping: The Math, Hip to Waist

Waist Shaping: The Math, From Waist on Up!

Waist Shaping Calculator

Measuring, Ease, and Fit

Measuring Yourself: Tutorial, With Photos

Positive & Negative Ease: What Are They?

Using the Clothes You Already Own to Find Your Size

The Blocking Series

Blocking Tutorial: Part One

Blocking Tutorial: Part Two

On Blocking Boards

Using Blocking Wires To Block A Lace Shawl

Thrums: A Knitted-In Fleecy Lining

How To Insert Thrums In Your Knitting

How To Make a Thrum

Cast-On, Bind-Off, and Grafting Goodies

A Cast-on for Toe-Up Socks

A Stretchier Bind-Of

Grafting on the Needles

Picking Up Stitches

Picking Up Stitches: Cast-On or Bound-Off Edge

Picking Up Stitches: Slipped-Stitch Side (Row Edge)

Ripping Out & Re-Using Yarn

Ripping Back Without Ripping Your Hair Out

After the Frog Pond: Bringing Yarn Back From the Dead

Other Terrific Tips & Tricks

No-Fear Cabling Without A Cable Needle

Gauge Swatch Strategies Using the Schematic

Converting Stitch Patterns For Working in the Round

Adding a No-Roll Hem to a Stockinette Sweater

Sandi’s Lace Lifeline How-To

Cutting a Steek: Step-by-Step Photos

Swatching Checklist

Packing and Moving Your Stash

How-To: The Comfort Shawl Neckband

4 Responses to Tutorials

  1. Germaine says:

    Ever done entralac. would like to find a workshop on it.


  2. Francine says:

    Just what exactly seriously inspired u to write “Tutorials | wiseheart knits” tanseged ?
    I actuallyseriously adored the blog post! Thank you ,Percy


  3. Daniella says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to not only write these tutorials up but also to share them. Very helpful and appreciated.


  4. Cayla says:

    Hi, I’d like to read your burst darts series n waist shaping but non of those links works


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