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  1. Judi A. says:

    I don’t know where to go to get this question answered, so here I am asking you. I understand the copyright issues with purchased and free patterns regarding selling them, etc. But is it OK for a yarn shop to copy free patterns (from any website, ravelry, etc.) and have them available free in a display promoting the sale of the yarn to make the items? or would they have to refer the customer to the website to download their own free pattern? Don’t panic, I don’t know of any yarn shop that is doing that (and maybe that’s my answer – most prefer to sell patterns!) but am trying to think of new ideas for a little yarn shop that is kind of in the boonies with a new owner. I would appreciate your input on this. It’s an idea that popped into my head (there are soooo many wonderful free patterns out there!), but I do NOT want to suggest anything that is wrong! Hope your day has sunshine and laughter included in it……….Judi 🙂


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