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Happy Chocolate Egg Day

Dudes! The Peeps Rolled the Stone Away! Easter is one of those holidays that has been so mangled by the media and Hallmark that it is barely recognizable any more. I love this quote from Conan O’Brien, which was circulating … Continue reading

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making the tuning fork sing

I’ve been doing so much crafting lately that I’m a wee bit giddy. First of all, I seem to be nearly done with my Watershed: The yarn is such a lovely fuchsia colour, and soooo smooshy and rich-feeling. I’ve checked … Continue reading

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and then there was yarn

The yarn ate my homework. (That’s my excuse for it being several days since my last post. Never be ashamed of having to resort to The Classics, I always say.) Houston, We Have Crocuses I think it is really interesting … Continue reading

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