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mittens and the mysteries of process

I’ve been busy finishing things. No, I’m fine, thank you. No, no fever, and I don’t need to lie down right now. Thanks, I really am OK. I finished my newest pattern, Spring Has Sprung Mittens. The good news: It’s … Continue reading

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Four Things

It’s hard to believe we are three weeks into 2012 already. So much has been going on in my tiny little life that I haven’t had the mental space to blog, and now I’m in the enviable position of having … Continue reading

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sweater doctor, heal thyself

One of the classes that I teach is called Sweater Triage. The folks in the class bring in sweaters they’ve knit (along with the pattern and schematic), sweaters that don’t turn out to fit they way they expect, or sweaters … Continue reading

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randomly yours

This is Not About Stringtopia…yet I keep trying to write about my Stringtopia adventure in Ohio, but every time I do, I just get sucked up into a whirlwind of Too Much To Put into Words Right Now. It was … Continue reading

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monday hearts

This morning, the electric tea kettle broke. (Helllloooooooo, Monday!) Our microwave is perched above my head, so I don’t like to heat liquids in it for fear of spilling hot stuff all over myself. And let’s face it, a watched … Continue reading

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